�”The epidemic of lack of sleep” has spread to the wholeworld

Update: February 2019

This news came after the statement of Matthew Walker, director
California Center for the Study of Sleep (Berkeley, Californian
university). The doctor claims that mass lack of sleep for this
момент не только разросся до worldового уровня, но и составляет
real threat to human health.


If you sleep less than seven hours a day, then
likely to occur a number of diseases. Wherein
diseases threatening humanity are the most serious
pathology. For example, it is diabetes, dementia, disease
Alzheimer’s, obesity of varying severity, cancer

Of course, there are reasons why we lose precious
minutes of night rest:

  1. �”Electrification” at night, that is, attempts to sleep with
    the included light (wall lamps, night lamps, etc.).
  2. The time spent on the way to work and to home, because the farther
    there is a workplace, the person sleeps less in the morning.
  3. Trying to spend more time with your family in the evenings.
  4. The desire to show others how much you have
    Affairs and how little you have to spend on your own vacation. So people
    try to appear as active and interested as possible
    life, because sleep always correlates with laziness.

In the name of the prevention of the above diseases, according to
Dr. Walker, the problem of chronic lack of sleep should pay
attention and legislative bodies. Thanks to the development perspective
laws putting night rest in a priority position, we can
to overcome the “epidemic.” Matthew Walker himself always sleeps eight
hours a day and considers it an inexorable rule in his

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