The energy saving light bulb crashed: whatdo how dangerous to health

Update: October 2018

Energy-saving light bulbs almost completely replaced
�”Lamp of Ilyich” from use, they are used as an economical
light source and at work, and in living conditions. TO
Unfortunately, with all the advantages of this type of lamp there is a minus – with
random fall, it is broken just as usual
light bulb, but the danger is much greater.

Often you hear the question: if a light bulb breaks at home –
it is dangerous? Of course, it is dangerous, but not to such an extent that
need to call the Ministry of Emergency Situations or panic. But if the crashed 20
bulbs at the same time – this is serious!

The fact is that inside the energy-saving lamp are pairs
mercury or mercury almagam, substances of the first class of danger: they
are inside the tube and leave it only in case of violation
lamp integrity.

Many confuse the mercury filling of the lamp and the internal
luminescent glass tube coating which during
operation or at a non-working bulb can fall off and
be inside. This situation is absolutely not dangerous to health,
the lamp becomes a source of evaporation of mercury only when


Mercury vapors are hazardous to health as they can cause
chronic poisoning, which is manifested by shaking hands,
gingivitis, disorders of the central nervous system. With a high concentration
vapors (mass splitting of energy-saving light bulbs) possible
acute mercury poisoning, which is manifested by weakness, pain in
stomach, vomiting and bleeding gums (see symptoms of poisoning

The vapor in the vapor state is most dangerous for children and
pregnant women, it is therefore important to know how to act in such a situation.
A broken lamp will not do much harm, but this does not mean that
precautions can be ignored.


How much mercury is contained in 1 light bulb?

In each energy-saving lamp is from 1 to 400 mg (in
industrial lamps) of mercury, the real threat to
health is created when the concentration of mercury vapor from 0.25 mg / cube
premises. For comparison, in 1 mercury thermometer contains 2 g
mercury Domestic and Chinese light bulbs contain
mercury vapor in lamps from European manufacturers mainly
less dangerous almagam of mercury is used, i.e. alloy with another
by metal.

It is clear that the danger of one broken energy-saving lamp
greatly exaggerated in the media. But clear sequential actions on
elimination of the consequences of an “accident” should become the rule so that
children and people around understood that it is necessary to have lamps of this type
treat carefully and carefully.

What is more dangerous – a broken mercury thermometer or beaten
energy saving lamp

In this case, the thermometer brings more harm, because
metallic mercury in the form of tiny balls can roll under
plinth, in the gap, under the furniture, etc., for a long time poisoning the air
premises (see what to do if the thermometer broke at home). AT
energy-saving lamps mercury is in the form of steam, i.e. no
balls on the floor is not necessary to search.

What to do when the light bulb broke or broke?

  • Close the room in which the incident occurred, bring out
    people and animals.
  • Open a window by closing windows in other rooms to exclude
    draft. This is the main event, which is the most important of all
    action algorithm. Vaporous mercury should leave the room.
    It is necessary to air for at least 2 hours, and preferably 12-24 hours.
  • AT банку подходящего размера налить холодной воды, если есть,
    add potassium permanganate to the water.
  • Wear rubber gloves or plastic bags on
  • Collect visible lamp residues in a jar, including the base.
  • Small pieces of glass and fluorescent coating are collected at
    the help of a wet cloth or cotton swab
    surface. A rag and cotton wool should also be put in a jar with
  • Close the jar lid and put in a dark non-residential premises.
    Later call the Ministry of Emergency Situations and find out where you can pass the waste.
  • Once again carefully examine all the places where they could get
    pieces of glass from the lamp (niches under the furniture, slots, etc.).
  • ATымыть пол с хлорсодержащим моющим средством или мыльно-содовым
  • To take a shower.

Dispose of clothes and shoes that cleaned up, no
necessary, it is enough to wash everything in a separate basin.

Если разбилась на ковре – it is dangerous?

Разбитая energy saving lamp в данном случае более опасна
small pieces of glass that can get stuck in the pile. ATсе
visible pieces of glass must be assembled as described above. TOовер
twist gently into the tube and bring to a place where there are no people
(forest, wasteland), properly shake it or knock it out. Possible for
reliability leave the carpet in the open air for a day.

What not to do?

  • ATключать кондиционер, если он есть – пары ртути осядут внутри
  • Vacuum the rest of the lamp – again, the mercury will settle
  • Do not use a whisk – sloppy movements can
    Scatter small pieces of glass around the room.
  • Pour a jar of water and glass residue down the drain.
  • ATыбрасывать a broken lamp, a jar with the remains of a lamp in the trash
    or in the garbage disposal.

Do not dispose of it with household waste.
(burned out), whole energy-saving lamps – they should pass
in special points of reception.

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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