�The “Elixir of Youth” may soon appear onthe market

Update: February 2019

The Daily Mail reported sensational news: made another
step to victory over aging. Thanks to the efforts of experts
The Mayo Clinic has created a new anti-aging drug and
tested on laboratory animals.

In the course of research, scientists applied the drug to older mice.
The results exceeded all expectations: the mice not only became more
active, but also lived for a longer time. Means
researchers removed cells that had accumulated in the skin of rodents for their entire
a life. The embodiment of this was the fact that the mouse got a new


As you know, cells that stop dividing are also in
the human body. Science claims that such cells secrete
special proteins. These molecules are able to immerse the neighboring
functioning cells in the “numbness.” Because of these processes, organs
our bodies are gradually getting old.

Mayo Clinics have removed aging cells in their experiments.
rodents. As a consequence, the survival rate of mice increased by

Judging by the experience of specialists, the pills will now become
�”Elixir of youth” and for man. However, still unknown, will save
whether they are population from such senile diseases as dementia or

Peter de Kaiser (doctor from Erasmus University) shared his
thoughts on this: to get the perfect “elixir of youth”
need to explore drugs and more. In addition to removing old cells
you need to sit down young. According to the doctor, this will increase the division
adjacent stem cells of the body. And maybe this
a comprehensive study of the problem can lead to disclosure
the secret of eternal youth.

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