The effectiveness of nolycin in cystitis

Update: October 2018

According to statistics, every third woman at least once faces
symptoms of cystitis, and only six men out of a thousand know about his
the existence of. This disease can be both acute and

The modern pharmaceutical industry offers a mass
drugs for the treatment of cystitis: Furadonin, Furagin, Nolitsin,
Monural, herbal preparations Cyston and Canephron, among the means
traditional medicine secrete cranberries. Uncomplicated
Цистит может протекать как самостоятельное,
isolated, uncomplicated disease when called
microorganisms that are present in the human body:
streptococcus, E. coli, staphylococcus. In the event of
favorable conditions for the reproduction of these bacteria, the body is not
copes with them, with their reproduction in the bladder. Intestinal
the stick causes cystitis in 95% of cases, the remaining 5% are caused
saprophytic staphylococcus and other microorganisms. Provocative
factors contributing to the onset of such cystitis are
hypovitaminosis, hypothermia, stress, impaired hygiene, change
sexual partner, a general decrease in immunity.

Осложненный цистит: Однако, цистит может
act in conjunction with gynecological inflammatory
diseases, with hidden infections – transmitted diseases
sexually (by chemidiosis, mycoplasma, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis and
etc.), with pyelonephritis, with urolithiasis, can be
complication of sinusitis, chronic tonsillitis, tuberculosis.
For example, patients with chlamydial urethritis often do not appear.
only cystitis, but also pyelonephritis. And also sometimes cystitis accompanies
diabetes, it happens with injuries, developmental abnormalities
urinary system.

The cunning of this disease lies in the fact that when not
full examination, in the absence of finding out the exact cause
cystitis in a woman, and inadequate treatment, he will acquire
chronic, with constant relapses, exacerbations with
the onset of provoking factors. If persistent, chronic
cystitis in a woman, how she can figure out what he is called and how his
cure effectively? Only after consulting a gynecologist,
urologist, if necessary, and the infectious diseases
examination and complex treatment.

Tablets for cystitis Nolitsin:

Consider how appropriate it is to use Nolitsin when
cystitis The active ingredient in the composition of Nolitsin – norfloxacin,
This is an antibiotic 2 generation fluoroquinolones. It has a pronounced
antimicrobial activity because it is antimicrobial
a broad-spectrum drug.

2nd generation fluoroquinolones have been approved for use since the 80s
good pharmacokinetics, high bactericidal
activity, which allows their use in the treatment of infections
various localization.


Taking into account the features of distribution in the body, absorption,
metabolism and excretion Nolitsin is used exclusively when
urinary tract infections, intestinal infections and
prostate However, any strong antimicrobials like
правило,  имеют ряд противопоказаний и широкий перечень
serious side effects.

Нолицин при циститеPositive feedback on effective
treatment with Nolicine for cystitis in women is quite a lot. This and
naturally, since most strains of microorganisms to
fluoroquinolones have not yet developed resilience, and this is a very powerful

With chronic cystitis, when most traditional
drugs do not give a positive effect for the treatment of cystitis
it is advisable to use fluoroquinolones: abactal – pefloxacin,
Ciprolet – ciprofloxacin, Nolitsin – norfloxacin and others.
The ideal combination of efficiency and cost is pills from
cystitis nolicin.

Contraindications Nolitsin

Never use Nolitsin:

  • Children under 18, as it is not recommended to use it in
    the period of formation of the osteo-articular system.
  • Pregnant and lactating women
  • With a lack of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase.

Use caution in case of diseases:

  • With atherosclerosis of the brain vessels (symptoms, treatment)
  • Hypersensitivity to norfloxacin and other
    fluoroquinolone antibiotics
  • In violation of the circulation of the brain
  • When liver and kidney failure
  • In epileptic syndrome and epilepsy (see epilepsy –
    symptoms, treatment, epilepsy (causes)

How to take Nolitsin for cystitis

Since the drug has many serious side effects,
has a toxic effect on the liver, kidneys, is
антибиотиком широкого спектра действия,  принимать его
самостоятельно,  без консультации врача, опасно. Him
Use is desirable in cases where other, less toxic
drugs do not give a positive effect.

  • При остром неосложненном цистите:  При таком течении
    Cystitis doctors recommend taking 1 tablet 2 p / d exactly through
    12 часов курсом 3 дня. Short course can
    apply only in the case of mild cystitis, which
    Determined only by a doctor. At the same time, the effectiveness of therapy is not
    decreases as well side effects are much less common.
  • Complicated, storage cystitis: A short course does not fit
    women protected spermicides women elderly
    возраста, при рецидивирующем, хроническом, осложненном cystitis AT
    таких случаях курс терапии должен быть не менее
    также по одной таблетке утром и вечером.

Features in the treatment of cystitis Nolitsinom

  • When ingesting fluoroquinolones, they should be taken with
    a whole glass of water. Reception to carry out separately from drugs
    zinc, iron, bismuth 2 hours or 6 hours later.
  • Strictly observe equal intervals between doses.
  • Do not skip the dose, in the case of a pass do not double the next
  • Observe the duration of therapy.
  • Do not use expired medication.
  • AT период терапии выпивать достаточно жидкости, не менее 1,5
    liters per day
  • Do not be exposed to direct sunlight or
    ultraviolet rays with nolycin treatment and for three days
    after graduation
  • In case of pain in the tendons, ensure the rest of the joint and
    see a doctor
  • Also consult a specialist if additional
    new symptoms and on day 2 does not come relief.

Side Effects of Nolitsin

  • Пищеварительная система: боли в животе,
    loss of appetite, dyspepsia, dry mouth, nausea, vomiting,
    bitterness in the mouth, with prolonged use may develop
    cholestatic jaundice, hepatitis, pseudomembranous
  • Мочевыделительная система: полиурия,
    crystalluria, albuminuria, glomerulonephritis, urethral
    bleeding, dysuria, increased plasma creatinine.
  • Опорно-двигательный аппарат: разрыв сухожилий,
    arthralgia, arthropathy, myalgia, tendovaginitis, tendonitis.
  • Нервная система: головокружение, головная
    pain, fainting, hallucinations, insomnia. Have weakened
    and elderly patients are also possible – drowsiness, fatigue,
    anxiety, fear, irritability, depression, noise in
  • Сердечно-сосудистая система: снижение
    pressure, arrhythmia, tachycardia, vasculitis
  • Аллергические реакции: крапивница, кожный зуд,
    swelling, Stevens-Johnson syndrome
  • Система кроветворения: лейкопения,
    eosinophilia, hematocrit reduction
  • Другие: очень часто — кандидоз слизистой рта и
    vaginal candidiasis – thrush, rarely pseudomembranous

Цена: в аптеках средняя цена за 10 тбл.
120 руб., за 20 тбл. 240 руб.

Nolitsin with cystitis – reviews:

Please leave your feedback if you took the medicine for
cystitis Nolitsin, share with readers your experience, the effect of
treatment, side effects of the drug.

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