The effectiveness of antibacterial wipes andliquids questioned

Update: February 2019

Domestic antimicrobial sprays, fluids and wipes are ineffective in
fight against bacteria in the kitchen. This conclusion was made by Dr. Claire.
Lannion from Northumbria University in Newcastle upon Tyne
(University of Northumbria).

It is practically impossible to protect kitchen utensils from microorganisms –
they fall on dishes and accessories from products, leather, air,
as well as from other premises – toilet, bath. In pursuit of
sterility responsible housewives buy money with
antibacterial effect.


But Dr. Lannion noted that it was useless:

  • Many microbes multiply to the original amount already
    20 minutes after treatment, if at least one bacterial cell
    stayed alive.
  • And the usual soap was no worse than antibacterial agents.
    on efficiency, while wipes-antiseptics almost
    powerless before microbes: restoration of the original
    abundance occurs in just 6-12 hours.

Such a “war” with bacteria is not only useless, but not needed:
habitual surface treatment and utensils are not necessary for
creating total sterility, and to maintain normal
the number of microflora with which the human immune system
does an excellent job. Special handling should be removed.
after cutting raw meat, fish, poultry. It is important to carefully remove
leftover food that is a breeding ground for
reproduction of microorganisms.

So that the kitchen is safe for health,

  • carry out the usual daily cleaning;
  • allocate separate boards for meat, vegetables and finished products,
    to eliminate cross-insemination by microbes;
  • wash dishes and accessories thoroughly;
  • change sponges and rags often, do not leave them wet in
  • follow the rules of personal hygiene.

As for the expensive detergents and disinfectants,
ordinary soap solution is not inferior to them!

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