The doctor spoke about a dangerous immune reaction organism on COVID-19

The Russian doctor said that the danger of coronavirus lies in the immune response

Some patients with coronavirus may experience complications due to the fact that their immune system is too violent reacts to the penetration of a pathogen into the body. About this “” said the oncologist surgeon of the hospital Management affairs of the president of Russia Andrey Atroshchenko.

The physician said that such an excessive immune response is the name “cytokine storm” and is fraught with dangerous consequences.


So, at first the patient COVID-19 can do quite well feel, and even his computed tomogram does not give lungs cause for concern. And after three to four days, the patient’s condition sharply worsens, up to resuscitation, said Atroshchenko. “The aggression of this disease lies in the reaction of the immune system,” – warned he.

The day before, a professor at the School of Systems Biology at George University Mason Ancha Baranovara said that in patients having had severe coronavirus, changes are observed in brain function and a decrease in lung volume, sometimes by 20-30 percent.

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