The doctor said that wearing a mask on the street is not makes sense

Wearing a mask on the street

The mask should be worn when in contact with people, presumably infected with a new coronavirus, the professor said hospital therapy Sechenovskiy University medical doctor Sciences Sergey Yakovlev.

According to the doctor, the mask does not give one hundred percent protection, since the virus is smaller than the pores of the mask. On the street wearing a mask does not have sense, since dust is clogged into it, and viruses in the air do not soar.

Wear personal protective equipment for 2-3 hours, then correctly remove and discard in a tied bag, reports RIA News.

It was previously reported that by the end of April it is planned to complete tests of Russian vaccines against coronavirus infection. After will be to develop technologies for obtaining substances of a series of vaccines for conducting preclinical and clinical studies. According to Director General of the State Scientific Center “Vector” Rinat Maksyutova, preclinical studies of coronavirus vaccines COVID-19 is scheduled to begin May 11.

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