The doctor said that he can protect against infection coronavirus

Doctor Komarovsky talked about how to protect yourself from coronavirus infection

A person can avoid being infected with coronavirus, even while in close contact with the affected COVID-19, due to local immunity. According to RIA Novosti, such a statement on his The YouTube channel was made by a doctor and TV presenter Yevgeny Komarovsky.

He noted that local immunity in medicine means protective properties of the mucous membranes of the nose, nasopharynx, larynx and bronchi. They are attended by the so-called secretory immunoglobulins – they are able to neutralize viruses when they trying to invade the body, notes RIA FAN.


At the same time, Komarovsky stressed that an important point is in that the mucous membranes of the body should not dry out. IN Otherwise, their protective function is disabled.

Earlier, SNS wrote that the doctor and TV presenter Yevgeny Komarovsky suggested – in case of absence Soaps – Disinfect hands with a dishwashing detergent. The doctor noted that it is able to “wash everything and dissolve.” Besides Moreover, it is convenient to take on the road or to the country in case there isn’t confidence that there is soap.

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