The development of children according to the method of Glen Doman (video andcards)

The early development technique of Glenn Doman is a great opportunity.
for parents who care about the development of their children from birth.
The proposed exercises and activities can be carried out with
3-месячного возраста
. Moreover, there is no need
приобретать задания за баснословную стоимость – карточки
можно изготовить самостоятельно. Technique
used in teaching children abroad and in Russia and completely
proved its effectiveness.

How was this technique created? What is the essence
techniques and its uniqueness? How to apply it? You will find the answers in
our article!

The content of the article

  • 1 History of creation
  • 2 We are engaged in the method of Glenn Doman
  • 3 How is the training?
    • 3.1 Tips for learning
  • 4 What else is important to know about the Doman method?
  • 5 Where can I get Glen Doman cards?
    • 5.1 Videos: Glen Doman Cards

Развитие детей по методике Глена Домана

History of creation

Talented American neurosurgeon Glen Doman along with his
colleagues engaged in improving the methods of treatment and
rehabilitation of children with impaired brain activity. Devoting 15
years of activity studying the mental processes of healthy and
sick children, Glen Doman did some wonderful

  1. Во-первых, он заметил, что здоровые клетки
    the brain under the influence of exercise actively participated in
    the process of mental activity. This allowed the scientist to take
    the decision to use the technique in the development is absolutely
    healthy children.
  2. Во-вторых, Доман выявил, что при зрительном,
    auditory and tactile irritation of the affected cells of the head
    brain are able to rehabilitate at a faster rate than when
    lack of required training. Thanks to this, it was possible to justify
    application of the technique in working with sick children.

So the developed exercises gained recognition among scientists.
different countries and began to be used by educators, psychologists,
pediatricians, neurosurgeons. For several dozen
years they have been used effectively in various preschool and
rehabilitation facilities, developmental centers. In the last
time increasingly began to pay attention to this well-known technique and

We are engaged in the method of Glenn Doman

методика глена домана


Ориентируясь на то, что малыши, прежде всего, начинают
perceive information through visual and auditory
analyzers, Doman based it on his development

The neurosurgeon offers to demonstrate to children written in
single word cards. Words must be specific and having
for a preschooler, a special meaning: MOM, DAD, POTTER, CAT (these are the most
simple words that are recommended to start learning). Then
Exercise is a bit more complicated because the words shown are
divided into different categories (food, animals,
vegetables, fruits, etc.) and are not aimed at an emotional response
child, but on the development of his logical thinking. Worth noting
that words must be written in large red letters. On one
card – one word.

In the future, as the child grows and develops, he
Show cards with images of various animals, fruits and
etc. The cards are accompanied by the corresponding inscriptions –
names of the displayed images. So the baby is formed
the relationship between visual and word. This is according to
Domana, provides a smooth transition to reading. Child learns
perceive not single letters, but whole words. By this moment he
already mastering some sounds, syllables and their combination.

(This is how Doman’s cards look like.

карточки домана 1
карточки домана 2

With numbers, the situation is a little different. Doman believes that children
it is easier to perceive not abstract patterns, but a specific amount.
Therefore, according to his method, it is necessary to demonstrate a certain
amount of points. They should also be shown in red.

Watch a video like this


With an emphasis on mental development, it is important to remember
физическом развитии
. For this, the scientist recommends
conduct gymnastics, dynamic exercise, music
warm up The larger and more diverse the child moves, the better.
its physical development proceeds. And this is to a certain extent
affects the mental abilities of a preschooler, as these processes

How is the training?

Classes should be held at the moment when the child is in
calm state. It is important that nothing be disturbed and not

Toddler must be placed or placed in a comfortable position.
(if he has already learned to sit). Draw his attention to himself and
begin to show him a card with words or numbers
(we begin by the principle “from simple to complex”). One card
демонстрируется в течение 2-3 секунд на расстоянии не более
50-60 cm from the face, while pronouncing the word clearly or
Characters. The first series consists of five cards. Need to
consistently demonstrate them without being distracted by explanations.
Classes should be held about 3 times a day for 5
days After that one card from the series needs to be removed by adding

Cards from the same series each time
be shown in new order!

Tips for learning

  1. The first lesson is the most important thing. It is at this stage that it is important.
    to cause the trust of the child, to interest him. Therefore choose
    the most suitable moment for the class and start! Cards first
    the series must be demonstrated, accompanied by comments. For example:
    �“This is a train. The train travels by rail “,” This is a cow. Cow
    Gives milk”. (After displaying the card with the written word or
    picture for clarity, you can demonstrate the appropriate
    a toy Subsequently, we can limit ourselves only to the demonstration and
    названием («Поезд», «Cow», «Жук»). During the first few
    classes pick up cards from one series.)
  2. Training according to the Doman method should arouse interest in the child,
    motivate him. It’s easy to understand by observing the behavior.
    preschooler. If it is actively included in the proposed game (and
    It is in the form of a game and you need to conduct classes!), if everything
    what is happening causes his excitement and desire to get new
    information – you are on the right track.
  3. As your child learns and develops, you can do a bit
    to modify. For example, after displaying a card with the word or
    With the image, have the child find the item (if possible).
    Children 3-4 years can make a short story by
    demonstrated words or draw pictures by words.
  4. Some parents attach cards with words and
    images near the baby’s crib. It makes sense, however not
    we must forget that it is much more interesting for a child to learn new things
    together with close people. Therefore, do not be lazy to participate in
    occupations. Your reaction to the process itself is also important for the baby. If you
    smile, praise him, he will quickly figure out how you can
    please and surprise.
  5. Starting to engage in this technique with children of the first year
    life, do not overdo it. For classes with newborns enough
    show pictures and word pronunciations. Baby must
    learn to establish the relationship between the image and the word.
    In addition, the attention of infants is still unstable and scattered.
    Therefore, do not overly strain the baby.
  6. After the child turns 9-12 months, classes can be
    carry out as follows: mom calls the word or demonstrates
    picture with the written word, and the baby should among several
    cards to find the correct image. You can also show
    a picture of a child with a written word (for example, “eyes”) and
    ask him to show this part of the body.
  7. Showing cards, it is desirable to pre-group them by
    categories (“animals”, “fruit”, etc.). You can demonstrate in
    different sequence. For your convenience it is advisable
    sign cards on the back so as not to drop in
    constantly on the pictures. This may prevent the child from perceiving.
    information and distract him from the process.
  8. No need to show the same cards more than 3 times per
    day. Do not be afraid to introduce new material if you do not observe
    the expected reaction of the baby. Perhaps a new series of pictures like
    him more!

Thus, lessons on the method of Glenn Doman do not have
specific and strict rules. The main thing is the mother’s desire to develop
your kid and his interest in learning.

What else is important to know about the Doman method?

The main idea, reflected in the development of Glenn Doman, –
это то, что главными воспитателями ребёнка являются его parents.
They should make it clear to their child that they accept it in such a way
what he is, and do everything to make it better. Not necessary
impose preschooler classes if he does not want this or quickly
устаёт от них
. Everything has its time. Perhaps he later himself
show interest in the learning process.

If you started classes with the baby, then you need to hold them
regularly with gradual complication. In most cases, children
perceive it as a kind of game and are actively involved in
process. Your task is to motivate them to learn, but to do so in
easy and unobtrusive form so that preschool children do not lose

The important point is that there is no need to check
how the kid learned the material (of course, we are talking about children 2-4 years old).
If the child expresses a desire to share his successes, he
will certainly do it!

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Where to get cards Glen Doman?

Doman’s ready cards can be purchased in bookstores or nurseries.
stores. Such kits are usually in demand, so by no means
not cheap

However, do not despair. We collected cards for you
поэтому можете скачать их у нас на сайте совершенно
is free. All you have to do is print them on thick paper.
color printer – download Doman cards

You can also engage with the child at the computer (tablet)
watching videos with Glen Doman cards. We made a rubric for you
�”Video”, where we constantly add new development videos in
Doman card number as well – go to the VIDEO heading

Video example:

Video: Glen Doman Cards

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