The cost of treating hepatitis C = price of foreign cars inOf Russia

Update: February 2019

In our country, according to average estimates, the cost of treating hepatitis C in
платных частных клиниках достигает в среднем 17000-18000
At a press conference held in Moscow 24
July 2013, these figures were voiced by Sergey Golovin, an employee of the publication
�The Treatment Preparedness Coalition and the Consultative Coordinator
patient advice in Europe and Asia.

В Of Russia до сих пор не ведется никакой официальной статистики по
The incidence and treatment of hepatitis C – this insidious disease.
Sergei Golovin said that according to some experts
Today, about 6 million people are infected. Of course,
approximate data, moreover, the majority of infected-young
people. Hepatitis C is an infectious disease that in our country
most common type of virus – the first
genotype that is worse treatable.Стоимость лечения гепатита с


The effectiveness of the treatment of known antiviral
drugs is only 50%.
More often
after infection, and hepatitis C is transmitted only through blood and
sexually, the development of hepatitis is asymptomatic, passing
in chronic form. The disease lasts for decades, destroying
an organism.

This disease is considered a curable disease, only the cost
treatment of hepatitis C in our country is unrealistic road. Хотя в Of Russia и
there are federal programs to cover the sick
Hepatitis C treatment costs, but this is clearly not enough.

В прошлом году Минздрав Of Russia оплачивал лечение, один
the drug which the course cost 419,000 rubles, the second
drug costs for a course of treatment of 292 thousand
If a person independently begins treatment in
a commercial medical center, then the cost of treating hepatitis C
доходит до стоимости иномарки, не каждый житель Of Russia может
afford such a therapy, and how much live with hepatitis C without

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