The consequences of a stroke can be eliminated with music,singing

Update: February 2019

With the help of music, you can treat the consequences of a stroke – to such
The conclusion came medical scientists. Namely that the consequences of the violation
речи после инсульта поддаются лечению singing и музыкой. To doctors
managed to restore speech to stroke patients, namely
благодаря активным занятиям singing.

The consequences of a stroke of the left side lead to a violation
speech reproduction, which is sometimes very difficult to restore. Was
developed a special musical technique, which is to
that the patient needs to sing the sentences that he has
it is impossible to pronounce, only in a certain rhythm and

Since it is known that speech impairment manifests itself only when
brain damage in the left hemisphere, and the active occupation
singing эффективно способствует развитию правого полушария, при
positive changes in which the opportunity to “sing”


The consequences of a stroke can be eliminated with music, singing

And when a person learns to sing those phrases that cause
difficulty with pronunciation, then he no longer loses these skills.
The only thing is that this process is very long, a course like this
method is at least 5 years, besides should be trained and
relatives of a sick person who care for
by the patient.

In the experiment, testing this technique turned out to be
that 70% of patients learned to express their thoughts, were able to communicate
singing the phrase. Medicine cannot yet clarify the exact mechanism
Such treatment, however, has long been proven that music decides
speech problems.

American scientists also proved to be a good
help in recovering patients pine cones from
stroke  Not many people know that in addition to strokes, man
may suffer subtle micro-strokes – signs, symptoms,
which are described in detail in our article.

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