The consequences of a child falling from the couch


  1. Prevention of falls – “we lay straws”
  2. The kid fell off the couch – is this serious?
  3. The child fell – what to do
    1. Abrasions and bruises
    2. Concussion
  4. Conclusion

If a child falls off the couch, the consequences may be most unpredictable. According to medical statistics, about 30% childhood injuries and developmental disabilities at an older age occurs due to falls in early childhood.

Babies fall from strollers, from walkers, from chairs and swaddling tables, but most often – from the sofa.

Comforting facts showing that usually babies get off small bruises, bumps, bruises and a short cry that caused not by pain, but by the fright of a sudden change in posture. If baby falls off the sofa regularly, you need to insure it with different devices and constantly monitor his behavior.

Prevention of falls – “we lay straws”

The child fell from the couch upside down consequencesKeep track of a child around the clock is unrealistic, therefore, the main thing is the creation safe conditions for his independent development of space. It is better to purchase a crib with low legs (up to 20cm) so that ease the fall. The severity of the fall depends on the height “flight” and places of “landing”, but there are cases when kids get a skull injury when falling from a half-meter height.

The sides of the crib protect the baby from falling. If they have type of lattice, at first it is better to cover them with a diaper.

Awakening interest in the world can push baby to the “exit”, and since in space he has not yet oriented, then an interesting little thing, remote 2-3 m, trying take your hand out of the crib. If you lay out around a sofa or bed pillows, the drop will cause the baby only a slight fright.

Pillows should be laid out everywhere: during feeding, playing, swaddling. It’s enough for mom to turn after the diaper, the baby can roll over and fall. On the sofa you also need to fold a thick blanket, lay out pillows and toys so that the baby behind them didn’t stretch.

The kid fell off the couch – is this serious?

Since in newborns, body weight is much less than weight heads, then this advantage contributes to the production of cranial injuries in the fall. If a child falls from the sofa upside down, the consequences may be in the form of headaches, cerebrovascular accidents blood circulation, edema, hemorrhage, hearing loss, impaired speech, and sometimes echoes of early injuries are manifested in older age. Since the baby’s skeleton has not yet matured, falls may lead to fractures, curvatures, bone displacement.

The child fell from the couch upside down consequencesIf child 5 months fell off the couch, the effects need to be controlled several days. The first day after such stress, you need to try provide the crumb complete peace without outdoor games, headstand and etc .. and constantly monitor his condition.

It is clear that a head injury can cause the main danger. Parents need to know all the symptoms when medical help required. Before the doctor arrives, it’s better to record all the observations, so that you don’t miss out on something important during excitement. read, when the baby begins to roll over.

Also useful is the material at what age a newborn is begins to crawl. The following are dangerous for children at any age symptoms:

  • Disorders of consciousness (even short-term);
  • Speech impairment;
  • Atypical behavior;
  • Incomprehensible drowsiness;
  • Dizziness;
  • Any cramps;
  • Vomiting (more than 1 episode);
  • Dizziness and impaired coordination that does not go away in within an hour after a fall;
  • Weakness of the limbs and the impossibility of free them move;
  • Pupils of different diameters;
  • Dark blue spots behind the ears and around the eyes;
  • Blood flowing from the nose and ears;
  • The appearance of transparent or red discharge from the nose and ears;
  • The slightest disturbance of the senses.

Opinion of Dr. E.O. Komarovsky about the consequences of the fall young children in this video

The child fell – what to do

A 4-month-old baby fell off the couch consequencesWhat you need monitor children constantly, everyone knows. But all the babies fall therefore, the main thing is an adequate attitude of parents to what is happening. When a 4-month-old baby falls off the couch, the consequences are not must be tragic.

Many modern children master coups as early as 3 months, and mothers should know about it. Instead of panic, you have to watch the baby – bruises and fear may be the only consequences.

If the cry was short, and after 10 minutes the baby forgot about it, carried away by “their” business, no need to worry. Crying from fright eliminate affection, games, songs, it is useful to take the child to hands.


Abrasions and bruises

If abrasions appear, you can apply to resolve the bruise cold object, which is better to wrap in a cloth so as not to catch a cold baby. You can use an ice pack or regular plastic bottle with cold water.

A compress is applied to the head area for 5 minutes intermittently in 5 minutes. On the joints and abdomen – for 15-20 minutes with at intervals of 30 minutes. The total blending time cannot exceed 2 hours.

Compress reduces pain and swelling. Do not put ice in pure form, as frostbite of problem areas only complicate the picture.

The child fell off the couch consequencesIf a bump appears, pet her and calm her baby. Lubricate with pharmacy ointments it is not It is worth not to spoil the clinical picture.

Among folk remedies for bruises, burdock leaves are known. and cabbage, grated raw potatoes. In no case should scolding and bullying the baby, as he may lose interest in knowledge of the world and the development of the ability to turn over. For complacency can show the child to the pediatrician.


If the baby quickly calms down, and there are no concussion symptoms, it is necessary examine the fontanel with your fingers. If there is a bump filled with liquid – these are signs of a brain injury, you need to call a doctor.

The kid may not cry or cry after some time after an injury, but if he has no appetite, there is weakness, drowsiness and temperature, pupils are different in diameter, you need to call in the ambulance.

Other signs of traumatic brain injury include periodic vomiting, nausea, cold sweat. All symptoms do not appear immediately, but within 1-2 days. The child constantly sleeps, and this is very dangerous: before the doctor arrives, do not let him fall asleep, entertain different games. You don’t need to feed the fidget, you can give some water to evaluate the condition of the stomach.

If there is a suspicion of a head injury, prescribe an ultrasound scan (in the early age – through the fontanel, later possibly MRI). By the way it’s useful to know how many months the fontanel overgrows.

It is useful to get a consultation and a neurologist to make sure that there are no effects of stress. Better safe and make sure that everything is perfect than hiding your mistakes and getting results in the form of long-term effects at 16 years.

All tips are conveniently summarized in a table.

Symptoms of Injury Help child
Bruises and abrasions. Cold compress (wet towel), pediatrician consultation during the day.
Bleeding. Stop bleeding with a cotton swab. A small wound washed with hydrogen peroxide if the blood does not stop in within 15 minutes, call an ambulance.
Loss of consciousness. Put the child on a flat surface, turn his head to the side. Urgently call an ambulance.
Nausea and vomiting of more than one attack. Call the local pediatrician.
Suspected fractures. To provide immobility of the injured arm or leg, call in the ambulance.
2 days after the fall, the baby’s behavior changed: he became very active or inhibited, sleepy. Call a local doctor.

Each child is individual, and recommendations are conditional, therefore an accurate assessment of what happened can only be given by a doctor after an examination. Councils of the Union of Pediatricians of Russia on first aid at home conditions when children fall on this video

It is difficult to find a baby who in the first year of life has never fell from some height. Most often, such falls do no harm infants, injuring only the nervous system of their parents. Hang yourself the label “I’m a bad mother” is not worth it, just put it for yourself “tick” to prevent this from happening again.


Nature has provided many means for young children. defenses protecting the brain. If the baby falls, the consequences of such “Flying” softens cerebrospinal fluid to absorb shock and fontanelles on the head.

But this does not mean that he can fall as much as he wants. Leaving a fidget alone, it is best to lay him on the floor. Take more attention to your baby, and then surprises will only enjoyable.

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