The composition and beneficial properties of breast milk


Breast milk is a unique baby food product.
Today, they have not yet invented a single analogue corresponding to it in
fully, because its composition was approved by nature itself. Only this
food meets the needs of infants 100%.
The composition of the natural product has up to 500 necessary for the baby.
substances, many of them create artificially impossible. Organism
mother begins to work on the creation of a food product even before
coming into this world of a new man.

The content of the article

  • 1 Composition of breast milk
    • 1.1 Types of milk by age
  • 2 Benefits of Breast Milk
    • 2.1 Perfect color and taste
      • 2.1.1 References

Meet – breast milk. Presentation:


The appearance of milk in the mammary glands of women are bound to the hormone
prolactin, which is responsible for its selection. The basis of the chest
milk – lymph and blood, where nutrients get from the body
substances modified in the process of digestion.

The composition of breast milk

the percentage of the chest молока

the percentage of the chest

Молоко у каждой женщины уникально, как и она сама, но набор
components of this product for all nursing mothers are the same. Composition
breast milk:

  • Биологически активная вода (88%)
    the main component, perfectly digestible baby. If baby
    fully breastfed, then give extra water
    it is not necessary;
  • Углеводы (7%) представлены в виде
    lactose (milk sugar), accelerating the development of the brain and nervous
    systems that promote the full absorption of iron and calcium and
    bifidum factor with antifungal and antibacterial effect,
    normalizing the work of the intestine;
  • Жиры (4%) – источник силы малыша:
    thanks to them, immunity is strengthened and a full-fledged central nervous system is formed. AT
    the composition of fats – cholesterol (for the production of vitamin D), bile and
    main hormones. The balance of fats and carbohydrates in breast milk
    ideal for growing babies;
  • Белки (1%) – основа роста грудничка,
    quickly gaining weight. AT их составе сывороточный белок, таурин
    (for the development of the central nervous system and brain), lactoferrin (source of iron),
    nucleotides (building material for DNA), lactase (for cleavage
    lactose), lipase (for complete absorption of fat);
  • Оставшиеся компоненты (0,2%)
    iron, vitamins, minerals, 20 types of hormones (growth factors),
    antibodies, leukocytes (protection of the immune system).

Качество грудного молока у кормящей мамы непостоянно, его
The composition may change under the influence of many factors:

  1. ATремени суток – днем более густое, чем ночью.
  2. Weather – in the heat milk, liquid, in the cold – thickens.
  3. Mom’s health – with a weakened immunity, taking
    drug composition of the product is different.
  4. Baby activity – first liquid milk (instead of water), with
    intense sucking it thickens and gets fat.

Mothers who feed twins can have dairy foods.
different in composition, because it must be adapted to the needs of each
baby Объем и качество молока во многом зависит от здоровья
nursing mother, good nutrition, sleep and rest, reception
drugs, bad habits (nicotine, alcohol).

ATажно знать: чем чаще прикладываете ребенка к груди,
the more priceless product it produces. His will
exactly as much as the baby needs, so feed it
first requirement!
We read about what
способ кормления выбрать
— по часам или по требованию.

ATиды молока по возрасту

Молозиво, переднее и заднее молоко

Молозиво, переднее и заднее молоко
  • Молозиво – густая клейкая желтоватая
    liquid is produced in small quantities in the first 4 days. Him
    the composition is close to the serum of the infant – a significant amount
    proteins, leukocytes, vitamins, immunoglobulin, salts. Promotes
    quick adaptation of the newborn to a new way of nutrition. therefore
    It is so important to apply the baby to the breast in the first hours after birth.
    If baby родился недоношенным, мамино молоко в течение 2-х недель
    close in composition to colostrum, since this is the food that the crumbs need
    in this period. По теме: AT чем важность
    early application of the newborn to the breast;
  • Переходное молоко вырабатывается в
    first 2-3 weeks. In composition, it is more nutritious and less
    protein adapted to the growing body and new
  • Зрелое молоко появляется с третьей
    of the week. It is more fatty and watery. Squirrel with age
    less and less produced, in the composition of mature milk – mainly
    fatty acids, which are responsible for the normal functioning of the brain. AT
    the norm in a woman produces mature breast milk up to 1.5 liters per
    There are front and back mature milk:

    • Переднее — синеватое и жидкое –
      released in the first minutes of feeding, it contains carbohydrates, salt
      and water serves to quench your thirst.
    • Заднее – желтоватое и густое – полноценная
      baby food.

Breast Milk Benefits

польза грудного молока

Breast milk is unique not only in its composition, but
and by their properties. For a baby, food from her mother’s breast is
active mental development, normal digestion, strengthening
immunity, prevention of pneumonia, diabetes, obesity,
allergies, atherosclerosis, diarrhea and many other dangerous

Mother’s milk – great antidepressant and for most
wet nurse This is not about the food product, but about the benefits
processes of its education and feeding, developing maternal
instinct and tender feelings for the child.

According to Swedish scientists, alpha-lactalbumin is composed of
Breast milk is able to successfully fight 40 types of cancer.

Breast-feeding способно повышать ответ иммунной
vaccination systems.

Milk forms the baby’s defenses, protecting against allergies,
infections. The presence of stem cells in it provides regeneration and
protection, as a source of antibodies, resistant even to diseases that
baby could get from mother.

The antibacterial properties of milk can be used to treat
насморка у малыша, закапывании глаз при конъюнктивите или
healing of nipple cracks in a nursing mother.

For an infant, breast milk is not just food, it is important to him.
ritual of communication with mom: the opportunity to calm down, get rid of
ailments, fears, sweet sleep

AT грудном кормлении можно увидеть и экономическую выгоду:
mother’s milk is always usable, it is not necessary
cook, he has no expiration date. Priceless milk is free,
for the family budget young family savings on mixtures

Консультант диетолог NUK Петра Фрикке: Почему
mother’s milk – the best food for my baby in the first
months of his life?

Perfect color and taste

Many young mothers are concerned about the color and taste of their milk.
Color, as already mentioned, depends on the fat content and feeding time:
front (liquid) is a bluish tint, back (thick and
fat) – white or yellow.

ATкус молока будет меняться в зависимости от питания мамы.
Especially it is influenced by salty, spicy, smoked products,
use of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs. A certain taste
appears depending on emotional and physical condition
nursing women.

According to the observations of scientists babies, which from the first days of life
breastfeeding, grow strong, sociable,
kind AT старшем возрасте у них вырабатывается
stress resistance. From the first days of the future mother need to tune in
that she must breastfeed her baby. Then
the baby will always be full and healthy, and mother – calm and happy.


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