The children in the first month of their lives are important.developmental features and proper care

Almost all young mothers remember their return from the hospital
примерно так: «Я положила малыша в кроватку и с ужасом
осознала, что не знаю, что делать дальше…»
. The first
month of life ребенка — это, своего рода, «боевое крещение»
молодых родителей

Читать подробно: календарь развития с 1 — 12

The content of the article

  • 1 Mom and baby first day at home
    • 1.1 Do not be afraid if …
  • 2 Baby care
  • 3 Is the regime set for the child?
  • 4 When to hold the first swim
    • 4.1 Mandatory hygiene procedures
  • 5 Walking and hardening procedures are a guarantee of health
  • 6 Reflexes of a healthy baby in the first month of life
    • 6.1 Reactions and abilities of the child
    • 6.2 ATидео о первом monthе of life ребенка
  • 7 The first month of life. Child development calendar
The first month of life ребенка

The first month of life ребенка

Мама и малыш первый день дома

The stress of the first days, when parents were left alone with
child should be kept to a minimum. For этого:

  1. Set aside all other matters not related to the child’s adaptation and
    families to new living conditions. Other things will wait!
  2. AT первые дни сведите к минимуму посещение посторонних людей
    (colleagues, neighbors, friends). Staying in the maternity hospital, baby and mother
    were in a stressful situation: the baby – being born, adapted to
    новым жизненным условиям, а мама, испытывала сильнейшие эмоции
    – from incredible pain, fear, anxiety to peace and happiness.
    Therefore, being at home, both are extremely in need of care, comfort and
  3. AT первый день возвращения для мамы и для ребенка важно
    keep the feeding and sleep regime established in the maternity hospital
  4. Right now, mom will benefit from experience and skills in caring for
    a child received by her in the hospital.

Do not be afraid if …

развитие ребенка первый month of life

And the kid is at home, and the parents have the opportunity to be
constantly near and watch him. And then there may be anxiety:
On the nose and forehead there are many small spots, complexion
красный или желтоватый, появилась шелушащаяся leather, ручки и ножки
There are bluish color. Sometimes parents notice that eyes
the child “runs in different directions”, uncoordinated or
begin to “mow.” Anxiety causes periodic crying child
and without the appearance of tears.

Да, на самом деле, новорожденный ребенок в первый month может
to have all these signs, but in time they will pass. It happens
adaptation of the child to new conditions after intrauterine

Normal complexion will appear within a week, and tears
babies – in 3-4 weeks.

Do not be afraid if the head of the newborn has several
deformed shape. This is due to its passage through the generic
of the way. Over time, the head will take normal form, for which
it is enough to turn the baby from one
sides on the other.

Crying is not always a manifestation of a painful condition.
Crying child draws attention to itself, asks to eat, indicates
on discomfort and desire to sleep. Literally, in a week mom
perfectly learn to recognize the requirements of the baby, transmitted
through crying (why is the baby crying?).

Often a baby cries because of anxiety because of
called intestinal colic so highly recommend
ознакомиться со статьей Колики у грудничков что делать и как
to treat? Because of colic, many moms just go crazy and don’t understand
ну что же так сильно беспокоит их baby

Also, the baby can be bothered by gaziki: gaziki – how to help?

ATАЖНО! We have prepared an article for you about the most
распространенных недугах новорожденных детей — читать

Baby care

The first month of life ребенка — это адаптационный период, который
passes newborn and family. When this happens
redistribution of responsibilities between parents and changing rhythm
the life of the whole family.

The most important and important thing that the baby needs now is
care. It involves a number of procedures:

  • Feeding;
  • Sleep;
  • Wakefulness;
  • Bathing;
  • Hygiene;
  • Walking on the street;
  • Hardening and massage.

Читаем: Baby care 

ATидео: Уход за малышом в первые дни
of life

Is the mode set for the child?

The sleep-feeding-wake mode the healthy baby will set
independently depending on their physiology. Sleep (up to 2-3
hours), wakefulness (30-60 min.) and feeding is the main
�”Work” of the newborn. Do not worry if the baby did not fall asleep, as
it seems to you on time. The fact is that biorhythms in newborns
so well-established that parents can only
maintain this rhythm, and having studied the behavior of the baby, they are very easy
will be able to recognize the “requirements” of the child. К концу второго monthа
of life у крохи сформируется свой режим дня.

  • Breastfeed on demand or by the hour?
  • How much does a baby sleep?
  • How much to feed the baby?

When to spend the first swimming

Bathing a newborn can be held after the umbilical cord falls off and
healing of the umbilical wound. Up to this point, the child is better to wipe,
having prepared everything you need: warm water, новорожденный ребенок первый month

changing table, cotton balls, baby soap, diaper for
wrap, cream and powder.

Swimming mode at first months of life, parents choose
on their own. The condition of the skin of the child does not require
daily bathing. This is, in most cases, a pleasant procedure.
for a newborn. However, not all children love to swim. In such
case, do a daily wipe. Bathe enough 2-3 times
in Week. Herbs can be added to the water. Use soap
also determined individually based on skin sensitivity

  • In what water to bathe the baby?
  • Bathing baby in the water with herbs
  • The child is afraid to bathe in the bathroom

Video: first bathing a newborn baby –

Mandatory hygiene procedures

Hygiene procedures should be carried out daily.
This includes:

  • Washing;
  • Washing away;
  • Care for eyes, nose, ears;
  • Examination of the skin;
  • If necessary, the processing of the navel (How to process the umbilical
  • Combing;
  • Removal of seborrheic crusts on the head;
  • Cutting the nails on the fingers of the arms and legs;

Read on hygiene and care:

  • Proper hygiene of newborns
  • Baby skin care
  • Ear care
  • Nose Care
  • Eye care

Video: newborn hygiene – ears, eyes, nose,

Walking and hardening procedures are a guarantee of health

развитие ребенка в первый month

Important in the development of a healthy baby is a walk.
The first breath of air the newborn took at the exit of the hospital. AT
Further walks will depend on the season and temperature
by the window.

The system of regulation of heat transfer in newborns is imperfect,
therefore, parents need to seriously approach the issue of walks in
cold season. AT некоторых случаях, есть смысл выносить
baby on the balcony for a few minutes or arrange him to sleep when
open window.

Until the end of sleep, the room should be warmed to normal.
temperature (See optimal room temperature). Naturally,
a child for such “walks” should be appropriately dressed.
Dress and cover the child as if you were dressed and add more
one layer (for example, an additional blanket or blouse).

Полезная статья: Как одеть новорожденного на прогулку
(summer, autumn, winter) 

Со второй недели of life можно начинать воздушные
baths, hardening and massage, combining it in one procedure. For
the beginning of the baby can be left in the vest literally for 1 min.,
making light strokes around the calf. If the child does not
shows discontent, this should be a daily procedure.
Massage serves as a strengthening and developing tool for the muscles.

Watch the child, study his behavior and in the future you
will “feel” and be easy to understand.

ATидео: прогулки с новорожденным

Reflexes of a healthy baby in the first month of life

AT том, что развитие ребенка в первый month of life происходит в
according to the established norms, parents can check
at home yourself. The following are the main reflexes inherent in healthy
newborn babies.

  1. Grasping – the child reflexively grasps and holds
    as for his palm.
  2. Search and sucking – if you touch the baby’s cheek or
    hold the nipple around the lips, the baby turns the head and
    makes a sucking movement of the lips, looking for the chest.
  3. If you slightly press in the area of ​​the toes of the foot – fingers
    bent, and if you slightly press on the heel – fingers will diverge
    �”Fan” and the baby will move his foot.
  4. There is a reaction to a loud sound – the baby drives and breeds
    handles and legs.
  5. Swimming reflex – if the baby is put on the tummy, he
    makes movements similar to swimming.
  6. Imitation of walking – if the child is put upright and given
    support legs, he will make movements similar to walking.

Читаем о рефлексах — Рефлексы врожденные 

ATидео: Рефлексы новорожденного

Reactions and abilities of the child

Child development in the first month of life occurs as if
quietly, but constantly: when feeding, on walks, in moments
wakefulness, while bathing. And, first of all, when communicating with
Reactions and abilities of the child первого monthа of life

mother, which the baby is already beginning to learn. He hears her
voice, feels intonation, touch of hands and, most importantly,
very sensitive to all actions. And if you follow the development
baby of the first month, it is possible to determine the acquired reactions and
Newborn skills, namely:

  • Defines mom’s voice;
  • May lie on the stomach for a short time, lifting the head, and try
    keep her (See the article laying on the belly);
  • Learning to fix the view on the subject;
  • He listens when he hears a familiar voice (when he starts
  • Begins to follow the eyes of the movement of the rattle and
    turn the head behind it (when it begins to see);
  • ATо время бодрствования появляются первые звуки, сопение,
  • The child begins to scream (See the article starting to scream);
  • There is a reaction to a loud sound (shudders,

Read more: about skills in the first month

ATидео: Что умеет ребенок в 1 month

Anthropometric data of the child’s development parents should
check out at the reception in the children’s consultation.

2 month →

ATидео о первом monthе of life ребенка

The first month of life. Child development calendar


Full calendar of child development in one article
�”Development up to months ”

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