The child scratches ears and eyes.


  1. Behavior
  2. Causes
  3. Advice
  4. Prevention and treatment
  5. Conclusion

Ear pain is one of the most common chest problems. children. The child experiences pain or discomfort and tries to all ways to get rid of it – rubs against pillows, scratches ears, picking a finger.

Almost always, itching in the ears is a signal of an illness. Most often, children with such a disease are otitis media, but there are others diseases that are very important to detect at an early stage and cure on time.


Tinnitus is always sensitive, not even an adult can always endure it. The baby is not at all familiar with such sensations, so its behavior is easy to interpret ear pain attacks:

  • The kid suddenly burst into tears or even screamed;
  • Behaves uneasily;
  • Becomes naughty or nervous;
  • Rubs or combes the ears;
  • Noticeable discharge from the ears, increased body temperature.

If you notice yellowish-green discharge, take it immediately child to the doctor! This is a violation of the eardrum.


The human mucosa responds very quickly to the wrong or bad processes in the body. Pain in the ears children up to a year are especially susceptible – due to the special structure nasopharynx, bacteria easily enter the ear. If the baby constantly scratching ears, this may be a sign of various complications: The child scratches the back of the head and ears

  • Otitis is an inflammation of any area of ​​the auditory canal. It usually occurs when a foreign body enters the channel or from strong blow. With otitis, pus leakage is visible.
  • The so-called eczema of the auricle is less common (a type of otitis) – tissue compaction, followed by mucosal inflammation. In this case, the ear hardly hurts, but if pull the earlobe; the child may scream in pain.
  • Fungal infection – it occurs due to insufficient hygiene and can be treated medically only by order a doctor.
  • An allergic reaction – in this case, the child scratches his ears and eyes, he may begin to sneeze. Everyone suffers from allergies mucous membranes.
  • Insect bite, which also needs to be checked with specialist.
  • Psoriasis – redness of the skin with the appearance of characteristic plaques. Plaques usually “move on” and a child can scratch not only his ears, but also the head, neck.
  • Sore throat and other colds trigger an inflammatory a process that in many cases affects the ears a child.

Do not immediately think about the worst, especially if your baby just started to itch. He is still small and can thus just explore your own body parts. Half-year-old children (in 6-8 months) scratch the ears because they start to cut teeth.


First of all, check for foreign matter in the ear canal items. A child can scratch his ears and because of a small piece cotton wool left after the last hygiene procedures.

Carefully observe all the rules of personal hygiene of the baby, do not leave a cotton swab in the child’s ear and do not push it too deep. Do not overdo it when processing the channel, otherwise you can scratch the walls of the ear canal and even “wash” all the important bacteria.

If in doubt, contact a specialist and ask for a smear to determine the microflora of the mucosa shell.

It is strictly forbidden to bury it yourself medicine in the ears – if the eardrum is damaged, it can lead to inevitable consequences!

Prevention and treatment

The child scratches his head and earsTo rule out ear pain due to insufficient hygiene, just stick to several rules:

  • Once a week, clean the baby’s ears, checking that the villi are not stuck in the ear canal.
  • If possible, try to remove blooming animals from children’s plants, dust more often – these are the main allergens for baby.
  • Analyze your diet if you are breast-feeding a baby: maybe some product gets into the digestive system with milk and launched an allergic reaction.
  • If you are breast-feeding, ask your doctor to give you vitamins, they will strengthen the immunity of the child.
  • Set the mode so as not to disturb the baby once again – most skin diseases occur amid abnormalities in nervous system.
  • Bathe your baby regularly – he can scratch his ears, nape, neck due to the feeling of dirty skin.

Parents note – what to do when the child is watery eye.

Read and remember how to help your child with ear pain.

Full information on the prevention of otitis media in a child. an existing disease is prescribed by a doctor. From allergies he will prescribe an antihistamine, for infections – a special antifungal drug. Also, the doctor will recommend a suitable disinfectant solution that will help avoid earplugs in the future diseases.


Do not start the disease and do not think that everything will pass by itself if the child itches very much and often. The ears of the child are responsible for hearing and future speech, and ignoring the problem can lead to serious complications up to hearing loss.

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