The child says NO all the time! Like momkeep your nerves?

Hello to all! I am Marina Romanenko, and today we are
talk about what parents do when their child suddenly
starts to say everything NO.

The child says “No” to everything: what to do about it?

The situation is just banal. Он очень любит какое-то
dish, and suddenly begins to say NO even when hungry, suddenly
отказывается надевать любимую одежду, отказывается вообще
go out – all says: “No!”

So how to do the right thing as quickly as possible
to pass

Why does a child say no to everything?

For many reasons. Thus, they defend their opinion,
its territory, its right to be what it is. Time
Training of this quality comes in 2.5-3 years.

What should parents do?

1. Be calm, this is temporary.

You need to be as calm as possible and understand that this is a temporary
period and it will pass. Here is your favorite baby. Just such
the nature button pressed in it, which makes it say: “No,
no no no at all to make up for the rest of my life this,
and learn to be with your opinion. And this is very important.

Therefore, respond calmly.

2. Wake up early

There is a moment when children start saying NO or with something not
agree, and it delays the kindergarten, to school.
Accordingly, you may be late for work, and this turns into
battles at the exit of the house.

What should be done? – It is necessary to wake up your child earlier.
You know, many parents feel sorry – he sleeps so sweetly, he is so late
I went to bed yesterday, and wake him up as usual.

As a result, as usual, everything is delayed, with all these NO,
with our nerves, their nerves, aggravated, and we are all late.
Tearing off, we can start screaming or be upset, or offended by
your child.

Please wake him up earlier. If you wake him up earlier,
and you will have plenty of time, you will be calmer to respond to it
numerous NO.

He may be glad to say YES, but during this period he cannot
time can not!

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3. Use humor

The next point, which is very important for parents to understand. C NO
good fight humor. Humor smooths out any conflict situations
and, so you just need to joke.

When your child does not want to dress, or sits on the floor and
says: “I’m not going anywhere!”, for example, tell him:

– And do not forget that you do not dress today!

– How do I not dress? Getting dressed!


– Just do not eat this mess!

And he will start to eat it.

Or, there are situations when they start crying. You already know,
how events will unfold. Warn them by saying
to kid:


– So, today I woke you up early. Now only
argue with me not to go brush your teeth, turn out all your clothes
from the closet, then to choose a dress!

You will be surprised – they may turn the clothes out of the closet, but quickly
pick 1-2 t-shirts, get dressed, and go instead
endlessly measure one outfit after another.

Therefore, humor, humor, as much as possible – it will smooth
conflict. You will react differently to the child, the sharpness
the moment will go away. And, in general, you will cope much faster
by the situation.

4. Offer alternatives

Another point parents need to know is how gorgeous
simple tool. In children at this age from 2.5 to 3-3.5 years
mainly subject-manipulative way of thinking.

What does this mean? That they cannot think out anything, they can
just repeat. And that means you need something right.

When you say, “Will you eat?”, He says: “No!” – this is not
right. How correct? You lead him to the kitchen and say:

– Will you make porridge or soup?

His brain is so arranged that he will have to choose one thing:
banana or yogurt? You show him, he chooses one thing. And y
you have no conflict.

Clothes is the same story. When they protest, shout, not
want to put on a jacket – sometimes going out into a street turns into a nightmare
– из детского gardenа или из дома, не важно! He simply refuses
put your hands somewhere or dress, and says: “No, that’s all!”

Then you ask him:

“What hand will you put into the jacket first in the sleeves — this one or this one?”
touching his hand.

He is such a:

– This …

And you once, and quickly, as a magician, put this hand. And then
wear this one.

– What is the first shoe to wear – on the right foot (touching
right), or on the left foot (touching the left foot)?

And while he is thinking what to answer, and one thing nods to something,
you need to immediately put on this shoe and then immediately put on the second one

And you will see that dressing or gathering will turn into
second event, very fast and very effective.

Be prepared that he will get you quickly enough, so in
Next time, offer to get into some pocket, or
something, joke. And while he will think about what, quickly him
put it on.

Be patient!

This acute period in which your child is literally everything
says NO, actually almost always ends closer to
3.5 years. And if it started at 2.5, and you gently passed it,
Believe me, in 2.7 it can sometimes end, in 3 years it can
to end. So have patience, a supply of humor, and just
survive it. Then it will shrink.

I also want to say that, you know, the world will not collapse if your child
would be strangely dressed alone among the rest. True, he does not
collapse but collapse maybe his inner self-esteem if you
break it at some point, dress it the way you need it, and
shove it where it is expected that it should look like this.

Survive somehow when you walk is very pretty and very
elegant, and next to you is a child who chose quite
inappropriate clothing.

If it’s cold outside and he is lightly dressed, just inform
its that you took with you a warm jacket. As soon as he decides that
he is cold, you will be ready to give it instead of crying,
screaming and annoying trying to put it on right away.

And when you support them 1, 2, 3 or 5, you will lay durable
the foundation of that he grew up very stress steady, confident in
himself, liberated, perhaps a very creative person, found
himself and realized, and was happy in life. That’s all!

See you again!

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