The child is tired of toys – why are they tired and whatdo

Many parents face the fact that a child once
declares: all the toys are fed up, we need new ones. How to respond to
such statements, we will tell you in this article.

ребенку надоели игрушки

Often it seems to parents that if a child is begging for a new
toy, spoiled him. That happens. We live in abundance,
Now any things and information are available, so it’s difficult to make
baby value toys that he already has. Far from it
it is always about pampered. There are several
The reasons why kids are bored with toys.

Maybe the child just grew up, so now he
really not fun to play with old toys.
In this case, you need to replace them with age-appropriate ones.

Children rejoice in their old forgotten toys, sometimes even
stronger than new. ATедь плюшевые друзья, машинки и куклы
become especially close and valuable if associated with them
memories. Remove the annoying toys, then after some
time they will be “new.” A kid should not see where they are hiding,
otherwise he himself will get them. The effect of novelty will disappear. Only
no need to hide toys that the child does not part with.

More interest in toys is lost when they are too
They bother, and the kid wants new impressions.
ATыход простой: не давайте ребенку все игрушки сразу, припрячьте
some of them until the moment when the baby wants something

More difficult situations – if the kid is more attracted
компьютерные игры.
It happens when parents
allow the baby to the gadgets from a very young age, and those
replace the child with ordinary toys (and they replaced the need for him
develop in the process of this game). Do not let the baby long
sit at a computer or tablet. There are also hard times when
the child has a very excitable nervous system, he is hysterical,
becomes aggressive or surly when parents turn off the game.
It is difficult to agree and come to a compromise with such a child, therefore
The best solution is to completely disable the computer. First time
It will be difficult, but try to captivate the kid with something else: games
in the courtyard with peers, classes in children’s clubs.

Parents нужно запомнить одну вещь: те, у кого в
childhood was not a game as such, grow infantile
by people.
The person will not become mentally handicapped, but he
will not be able to use life and experience gained, as well as
to make decisions independently, he will be irresponsible, will
not serious about others, left without friends, because
will not be able to communicate with people, will not be able to find
mutual understanding with relatives, colleagues … It is also dangerous that
an addicted child can develop gambling. it
painful addiction, which is treated for a long time and with difficulty, while
not always successful.

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зависимость ребенка к компьютеру

Children under 3 years old do not know how to play alone due to age
features. They need to learn this. Sometimes the baby himself understands
что do с теми или иными игрушками, но так происходит не всегда.
You need to show the crumbs, why you need each toy, that you can
do. Do not insist that the baby play exactly as
showed you. If he came up with another game, let him have fun –
Of course, if it does not harm itself and does not spoil things.

Even at 4 years old, a child cannot always think of how
to play Show the boy that the plane is flying and landing in
airport for disembarking passengers, goes to sleep in the hangar, then
refuel. Explain to the girl that the doll needs to be fed and rocked.
on hands, put to bed, comb and dress, swaddle, if
This baby doll.

Periodically, you need to buy new toys, because the child grows,
and his developmental needs are also increasing. Great toy –
universal constructor, because of its parts you can create
a variety of things. Therefore, he is unlikely to quickly get bored
especially if the set is large or two. Teach your baby
to design, show him that you can create a man, a house,
a car, a plane – and all this from the same parts. Parents
will have to connect the imagination and think of what else can be collected, but
it’s worth it. ATскоре малыш уже сам будет повторять показанные
figures. Be sure to praise the crumbs when he demonstrates his
progress. So you motivate the child to continue to design and
invent your options. First, help the baby – surely
it will be difficult to connect and disconnect parts.

Do not buy the child all that he will point a finger! Let be
toys will be welcome – so the child will appreciate them more and
take care Do not be afraid to explain to the child that it is impossible to buy everything.
(even if the family budget does not suffer much from this).

Sometimes the baby says that he is tired of toys, but
in fact, he lacks parental attention and care. None
Toys can not replace the pastime with mom and dad.
Therefore, play with the baby, show that you can invent
different games with the same cars or dolls. Read
tales, talk, sculpt together from plasticine, draw.
Do whatever you want, and the child will just be happy that you
participate in his games.

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