The child is afraid of doctors: the advice of psychologists andexperienced moms how to help children get rid of fear

Routine examination in the clinic and such medical
procedures like shots, vaccinations, instilling a drop in a spout – not
the most pleasant events in children’s life. No wonder many
children, seeing a snow-white robe, cry, scream, and in the medical room
The cabinet is satisfied with a real tantrum. What if baby
afraid of doctors? How to help your child overcome this fear? we
picked up for you simple, but proven moms and psychologists

The content of the article

  • 1 Fear of doctors – where does it come from?
    • 1.1 Видео ответ почему дети боятся doctors
  • 2 Recommendations of child psychologists
    • 2.1 If the baby is 1 year old: we warn fears
    • 2.2 If children are 2 years old: reduce nervousness
    • 2.3 If the child is 3 years old: get rid of fears
  • 3 The child is afraid of the dentist – what to do?
    • 3.1 Видео: how научить ребёнка не бояться
      a dentist?
  • 4 Tips from experienced parents
  • 5 Video story: how to make the child no longer afraid

ребенок боится doctors

Long corridors, many doors leading to the mysterious
rooms in which strict aunts in white, buzzing devices sit,
incomprehensible words exchanged between mom and doctor …
Agree, this atmosphere does not give the crumbs optimism.

Do not rush to get upset – if the baby is prepared and properly
to behave with him in the clinic, it will be possible to forget both anxiety and hysteria.
But first, let’s try to figure out where the “legs grow” from such
of fear.

Боязнь doctors – откуда она берется?

Children younger than one year face medical professionals
Constantly – monthly surveys, numerous analyzes and
routine vaccinations are a “mandatory program.” Thanks
to the peculiarities of their memory, unpleasant moments are quickly forgotten. Other
Deal – kids older than a year. Where does the similar phobia come from?

  1. Psychologists claim that the fear of doctors is quite natural.
    the reaction of the little man. By two years most children
    there is a fear of strangers, especially if earlier their circle of communication
    limited to households only. No wonder the pussy starts
    cry, if he is touched by someone else’s aunt-doctor.
  2. Often, children start to get scared of pediatricians and medical procedures.
    after being given an injection without warning or taken
    blood from the finger. Negative experience is the source of
  3. ребенок боится уколов

    Sometimes parents themselves intimidate their child: “You will
    act up – call the doctor with a huge syringe. He to you
    put a shot from harm. ” It is not surprising that after such
    threats, the baby will begin to shudder at the sight of a “villain” who, in his
    opinion, does not treat, but does “bo-bo.”
  4. Adults often try to deceive a child by telling that
    it won’t hurt. Some irresponsible moms don’t last
    explain where the crumbs go. And upon entering the hospital, they say that
    they came only for help, casually taking him to the procedural one.
    After such a “betrayal,” children are not only afraid of doctors, but also
    stop believing moms.
  5. The child has not yet formed his own attitude towards others.
    people, so he looks at parental behavior. Father is negative
    speaks about dentists? So, the crumbs should also be bypassed.
    dental offices side. Mother beware of injections? So, and to him
    also need to fear.
  6. Unfortunately, not every pediatrician cares about the mood
    the child will leave his office. And not every nurse is comforting.
    baby before the injection. Therefore, even the most innocuous manipulations
    sometimes end for kids stress.

Видео ответ почему дети боятся doctors

Recommendations of child psychologists

So, the reasons are revealed, it now remains to find out what to do,
если ваш карапуз боится doctors. According to experts, the choice
�”Medication” depends on the age of the young patient.

If the baby is 1 year old: we warn fears

One-year-old children are usually not afraid of medical examinations, but
sensitive to any physical inconvenience: unfamiliar
the situation, the hustle and bustle, the loud voice of a stranger, pain. how
relieve psychological stress and prevent

  • Do not lose composure

Thanks сильной эмоциональной связи малыш отлично понимает
mother’s condition, and any nervousness is transmitted to him instantly.
Keep calm, do not infect it with negative experiences,
and if excitement cannot be avoided, ask to be taken to the clinic
grandmother or father.

  • Plan a visit time

You must follow the usual schedule of the day. Hungry or sleepy
Children are unlikely to be delighted with the medical examination. Also not
try to pass all the specialists at once, otherwise the crumb will get tired
and capricious.

  • Let your baby get used to the room.

Try to come to the hospital in advance, walk along
the corridor, avoiding crying peers. Find something
fascinating (bright posters, flowers in pots), then time in
the queue will fly by.

  • Do not rush to treatment

Entering the office, introduce the child to the pediatrician: “Look, this
Aunt Katya. She is very kind and affectionate. You make friends with her! ”
Hold the baby in your arms, stroking the back and head – in so
Ages are important touch. Try to distract the rattle if
he is going to cry.

  • Call the doctor at home

If children are completely unwilling to attend the clinic,
use the services of a paid doctor. Invite home, ask
before examination, don’t wear scary clothes and a little
play with the baby in the nursery.

If children are 2 years old: we reduce nervousness

Older children need to explain why they visit the doctor.
If your child has a positive attitude
medical staff, he will not fear hospitals.

  • Be honest with children

You can not deceive the baby – speak only the truth, because his
it is not the pain itself that scares, but what he does not know. For example, not
claim that the doctor will only listen to him, if in fact
to be vaccinated. Otherwise, the next time the child refuses
leave the apartment even if you just need to take

  • Take a toy

Try to distract from unpleasant thoughts by buying a new baby
fascinating toy or book. You can move away from time strict
rules and allow play with a tablet or mobile phone.

  • Do not compare with others

In the queue in front of the door of the office often sounds the following phrase:
�”Look, that boy is brave, sits quietly and does not disgrace his mother.”
A crumb may think that he is bad and is not worthy of her mother’s love.
To reassure the little coward, tell me: “When you were a little bit younger,
you were not at all afraid of vaccinations. Even the aunt-nurse said that you
I am very brave. ”

  • Do not expect good behavior

Do not require your child to observe etiquette – to greet the doctor
and behave like an adult. Let him look around in the office,
will get used to a stranger. If the child gets scared and
cry, can not swear and slap on the pope. Hug and
Try to calm the roaring child.

If the child is 3 years old: get rid of fears

Unfortunately, it also happens that, despite all the efforts made
measures, three year olds still tremble at the sight of a medical
uniforms. What to do in such cases?

  • Explain why you need medical

It is necessary to tell what is waiting for the child in the office, for which
some kind of medical manipulation is needed. For example: “Vaccination
will help you not to get sick. A blood test will tell the doctor what you
you are sick Dentist will save you from toothache and make you
teeth healthy. ” Your explanation will help children be more tolerant.
to treatment.

  • Give a first aid kit
We help the child to prepare for the visit to врачу

We help the child to prepare for the visit to

Купите игрушечный набор с медицинскими инструментами: шприцами,
stethoscopes and heaters. For the role of the patient, take the doll and
teddy bear that need to feel the tummies, inspect
throat, take blood for tests. In the course of the game, tell me how
выполнять различные procedures, и вместе радуйтесь «поправившимся»

  • Use fairy tale therapy

Before visiting the hospital, watch cartoons about the doctor,
medications: “About a hippopotamus who was afraid of vaccinations”, “Tari Bird”.
Small children are especially fond of the tale of good Aibolit, which
helps sick animals. Be sure to answer all
arising questions.

  • Promise courage reward

Usually, psychologists strongly oppose the fact that
parents try to get their children to behave with the help of
�”Bribing”. Единственное исключения – это посещение doctors. Kid
must be sure that his courage will be rewarded – not
necessarily a toy or sweet, but, for example, going to the park

  • Let me cry

Strict taboo on tears can cause a backlash. Let be
the child will cry, it will be a good emotional discharge.
Tell us that you understand his fear very well, but you must
suffer a little. Never be ashamed of fear and anxiety –
phrases like “men don’t cry”, “you are already big” should
to exclude.

The child is afraid of the dentist – what to do?

Sometimes children are wary of a certain doctor – more often.
all, to the dentist. In this case, it is difficult to talk not only about
treatment of diseased teeth, but also about prophylactic observation. how
to make a baby with a dentist?

  1. Choose a doctor on the recommendation – find out from your friends and
    friends, in which specialized children’s clinic they treat
  2. Come to the first reception as an excursion. Ask a doctor
    show off your cabinet, tools, allow
    sit in the chair.
  3. Should not focus on the discomfort
    going with the child to the dentist. And at the same time, you can not say
    that the dentist will not do anything at all is not true.
  4. Do not try to cure several teeth in one visit – baby
    will not stand in the dental chair for more than 15 minutes and
  5. Tell me that you will always be with your child and always
    come to his aid if need be.


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Видео: how научить ребёнка не бояться a dentist?

Tips from experienced parents

Every mommy is a psychologist herself, so we decided to find out
what did those parents do in whose families the little ones grow up
panties categorically refusing to contact

Евгения, мама двухлетнего Данилы: «Моему
Son in exactly the same situation helped the following. we сменили
local doctor on a paid and brought to the examination is not a child
and favorite teddy bear. The doctor quickly realized what was happening
carefully “treated” the bear, and only then proceeded to Danka. Since
sincerely we go to a good aunt to heal
… bear.

Елизавета, мама 4-летней Кати: «У нас эта
The problem with age was not so acute. we часто читаем про
Aibolit, they bought a daughter’s doctor’s kit (shots, tubes,
thermometers). At the reception I try not to worry and calmly
talking to a medic. And when we are going to the clinic,
be sure to say what they will do there and what it will be
practically not painful. ”

Анна, мама трехлетней Дианы: «У нас была
a similar situation … My daughter just screamed when she saw a man in white
bathrobe. But once they came to a dentist who could with her
make friends, and Diana didn’t cry at all. And even at home
спросила: «Когда мы еще пойдем вырывать toothки?» Вот таких
great doctors can be found! “

We hope simple recommendations of experts and
parents will surely help you save your baby from fear
doctors и превратить неприятный поход в поликлинику в обычное
regular event. Be healthy!

Video story: how to make the child no longer afraid

Specialists of Children’s Multidisciplinary Hospital of Kemerovo
developed their methodology and successfully implement it:

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