The child is a month old and he sleeps badly in the afternoon(the reasons)

Since the birth of the child, the life of the mother is cardinally
is changing. All her time will now take care of the baby, his
education and development. But the new mother at the same time is not
ceases to be a wife, mistress, and a woman in principle – in addition to
caring for a baby she has many more things to do
which no one released her. Therefore, one of the most frequent
вопросов, задаваемых педиатрам еще в роддоме: сколько часов
sleeping (must sleep) newborn baby during the day, what
норма его сна, и что делать, если новорожденный ребенок,
которому нет и месяца, не спит или очень мало спит
in the afternoon?

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  • 1 Sleep младенца — длительность дневного сна
    • 1.1 Causes of sleep disorders in a newborn baby
  • 2 Factors affecting lack of sleep
    • 2.1 Что делать, если младенец не спит днем
  • 3 Video gallery about sleeping newborns:

новорожденный ребенок не спит днем

Sleep младенца — длительность дневного сна

Newborn baby from birth and during the first three months
жизни должен спать в сутки в среднем 18-20 часов.
But since each child is individual, the norm can be considered
количество сна в диапазоне 16-20 часов в сутки.
(См статью сколько часов в сутки спит новорожденный)

Since there is no regime for an infant yet, this number
hours evenly distributed over day and night. Here a lot depends
from well-being is the main indicator of the norm, or
temperament baby. If the child feels good, he is not
suffer from unpleasant symptoms that occur in the first months of life,
such as increased intracranial pressure, abdominal cramps,
his sleep can go on for a couple of hours continuously. Then
followed by a period of wakefulness, and sleep again.

сон ребенка таблица

During sleep, the baby can wake up for feeding, and maybe
skip the next intake of milk. If the child does not
просыпается покушать в течение четырех часов — это тревожный
Famine hunger in the first months of life can
compensated by sleep. Therefore, after 3-4 hours of sleep, if the baby is not
asked for food, wake him up and feed him. Feeding
it is preferable to offer the baby on demand rather than by the hour.
Then the duration of sleep will be longer, the child will sleep


Useful article: what feeding method to choose –
requirement or clock (pros and cons)

But mom can face the phenomenon of sleep disturbance.
baby If you notice that a newborn baby is not sleeping all
day, you should pay special attention to this and try
see if there is really a sleep disorder

Causes of sleep disorders in a newborn baby

новорожденный ребенок не спит весь день

Let’s say right away – the view that the newborn should sleep
the first weeks of life constantly, interrupted only for feeding and
bathing is wrong. From the first days of life, the baby will know the world, and
periods of wakefulness he looks around with curiosity,
although it’s not all colors and perception of objects
not like an adult. But these periods are, and they should be,
so don’t be surprised if the baby wakes up every half hour or hour and
groans, tossing and turning, opens his eyes. Sleep problems
speak in cases where:

  • The total amount of sleep per day in a newborn baby
    составляет менее 15 часов;
  • Ребенок бодрствует 4-5 часов подряд без дремы
    and sleep;
  • The kid is clearly overexcited, restless, falls asleep with difficulty and
    просыпается каждые 5-7 минут.

Why the newborn sleeps badly:

Factors affecting lack of sleep

  1. Ребенок чувствует дискомфорт. Check fed
    Does the baby have a clean diaper? Wet diapers and hunger –
    the first cause of sleep disturbance. There are patient kids, but most
    feels very uncomfortable and let know about it.
  2. Температура помещения отклонена от нормы.
    20-23 degrees Celsius – this is the temperature considered
    оптимальной в помещении для новорожденного ребенка (См статью
    по теме температуры в комнате новорожденного
    ). Dress baby
    should also be accordingly – not to interchange, but not to keep
    completely naked. Active movement of the baby legs and arms,
    sneezing will tell you that the baby is cold. A boost
    body temperature, rosy cheeks – that the room is too
  3. Звуковой фон. Generally, baby in the first weeks
    life doesn’t react too emotionally to sounds (when a child
    starts to hear?). But when you fall asleep sharp knocks, noise, loud
    music can prevent falling asleep.
  4. Слишком светло в помещении. Bright daylight
    annoys the baby and prevents him from falling asleep. Use
    blinds or shutters to darken the room.
  5. Боли в животике (кишечнике) ребенка. Colic and
    a large accumulation of gas in the abdomen of a child gives him pain and
    discomfort. To make it easier for your baby, put him on
    tummy warm ironed diaper, baby warmer, or make
    light massage (how to help with colic?).
  6. Одиночество. Baby after birth is experiencing
    first emotional shock. He no longer hears Mom knocking
    hearts, he is not cradled by her steps, movements. And of course he is very
    needs affection and love. On hands the baby will sleep comfortably
    and cozy, but there is also an excellent device – sling. It
    allows the baby to feel calmer, and this miracle thing
    frees your hands and gives you the opportunity to do things, while
    favorite baby remains under the strict supervision.

Что делать, если младенец не спит днем

  • If you really feel wrong, then
    seek advice from your pediatrician.
    Better once again
    play it safe because sometimes a sleep disorder is
    a symptom of serious illness. These include diseases of the central nervous system
    (central nervous system), respiratory disorders, elevated HPV and
  • Provide your child with regular walks and sleep in the fresh
    the air.
    The lungs are filled with oxygen, the baby is easy
    falls asleep under the noise of foliage, rocking the stroller. Turn into a habit
    constant walks twice a day, avoiding only cold days and
    bad weather;
  • Create at home all the conditions for a comfortable sleep.
    No nervousness in the family, calm and conducive to rest
    the situation will help the baby to fall asleep;
  • Healing can be added to the bathing water.
    отвары трав
    — череды и ромашки. They will be relaxing
    action, providing the baby a good sleep;
  • Sew yourself a small pad sachet with filler –
    herb valerian.
    Put the sachet in the baby’s crib. Sleep
    will be more calm and strong;
  • After sunset, exclude all active games
    loud music.
    Preparing for bed should start in
    a few hours so the child was ready to fall asleep and was not
    emotionally overwhelmed.

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