The child has grown up: what to do with the unnecessary nurseryclothes?

In anticipation of his miracle, many moms collect
given, sometimes not respecting the sense of proportion. As a result, in
the child’s locker increases with each month
clothes, many of which become small, not having been on
body karapuz never. Old unnecessary things take up too much
space on the shelves without bringing absolutely no
of interest. What to do with these cute items, if you simply
throw such an “inheritance” is a pity? There are a few
options: sell, donate, exchange, donate, distribute
friends and acquaintances who are waiting for a baby or
to redo

The content of the article

  • 1 Freeing children’s wardrobe: what to do with unnecessary clothes
    • 1.1 Selling unwanted baby clothes
    • 1.2 Pass on to charity
    • 1.3 Exchange of unnecessary children’s things
    • 1.4 Option for craftswomen needlewomen
    • 1.5 Recycle
  • 2 Where to take unnecessary things, or how to get rid of trash


Freeing children’s wardrobe: what to do with unwanted clothes

In order not to create large heaps of unnecessary things, it is worth periodically
view children’s clothing and shoes in the wardrobe. If you don’t have
friends or relatives with children of suitable age who are
pleasure will be given as a gift these surpluses, then below you can
consider in more detail how to get rid of useless children

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how to clean up the closet

Selling unwanted baby clothes

New clothes and one that was practically not in use can be
try to implement. Many moms can not sell only
a new children’s clothing, but also one that was quite often in
wearing Clothing markets and flea markets are a very rare phenomenon in our
days, but still continue to exist. If you have time for
patient waiting for the buyer, you can go with your goods
there. The demand for such products is always available for the needy.
segments of the population. If you are a rather diligent person,
have a lot of free time and the opportunity to leave your
baby, you can try to realize your product so
in a way.

For less patient and assiduous parents, there is an option
putting unnecessary children’s things in thrift stores and
second-hand. But under the terms of the stores, the money for your goods you
can only get after the sale of things.


For more adventurous and modern parents exist
sites for posting ads to sell unnecessary things in
the internet. These services help to sell goods remotely, not
leaving home and at the right time for both concerned
parties. Post offers to sell unnecessary things can be
local newspaper or here:

  • From hand to hand;
  • City forums;
  • Social networks, etc (molotok, aukro, olx).

Also, do not forget to offer to buy used baby clothes
neighbors or friends in kindergarten.

Usually the first thing sold outerwear for children, and especially
if it is branded or just high quality. Also huge
New things are in demand or those that have been in use
repeatedly. Torn or too polluted things are not worth it.
offer to potential buyers. Usually used items
average condition is estimated at 50% of their full value. If
a thing looks like a new one, its price can be raised up to 80%.
Placing an advertisement for the sale of children’s clothing that has visited
When using, be sure to include the following information:

  1. Reason for sale.
  2. Disadvantages and merits of the goods.
  3. Adequate value that you think is appropriate
    appearance and general condition of worn goods.
  4. Specify the size, material and manufacturer name.
  5. Attach high-quality photos (make a note if the picture
    distorted color). If there are any defects on the clothes,
    Be sure to include this in the description.

In this way, you will not only get rid of unnecessary junk, but also
Earn some amount of money for which you can buy a new one,
more suitable clothes or a favorite toy of the kid. Before as
place an ad in one or another resource, offer your product
neighbors, colleagues or friends moms in kindergarten.
Remember that by selling clothes you make profitable
manipulation not only for himself but for the person buying
clothes for a price much lower than the market.

Donate to charity

If you are not an avid merchant and do not possess
entrepreneurial mindset try yourself in
charity. This version of getting rid of worn baby
apparel much more generous. Детские вещи можно отдать тем,
who really needs them. Before you dispose
clothes in this way, pay attention to the fact that
the thing had a decent appearance: it was clean, without the presence of difficult
displayed spots and holes, had no signs of moth involvement, included all
necessary accessories and other (sew the torn off buttons and
replace broken lightning).


After you have prepared things you need, contact
societies involved in the good work professionally, namely:

  • Детские дома, приюты и интернаты: для
    successful self-search for a suitable institution
    use the services of online resources. remember, that
    many houses only accept new ones as a sign of charity
    unworn items to avoid all kinds of infections, therefore before
    what to go there ask about this aspect
  • Orthodox Church. At all times the church
    she accepted the gifts of charity, including clothing for
    needing Synodal Church Department
    благотворительности и социальному служению – или просто
    ask the nearest church if they accept things;
  • Charity organisations. In Moscow and
    There are many charity foundations in the area.
    help for the poor. Например: «Милосердие», «ATолонтеры в
    помощь детям-сиротам», «Сердце есть»;
  • Различные реабилитационные центры.
  • Humanitarian assistance. Reception of used clothes in
    As humanitarian assistance is carried out, in the case of:
    disasters, man-made disasters, accidents and the like
    происшествий  когда люди теряют жилье, здоровье и остаются
    one on one with their grief.

In addition to these methods, you can also put them in a separate
box or package, close tightly, write on it, for example
�“Clothes for a boy of 2-3 years old”, and leave them near the entrance or on
shop In any case, there are people who are interested.
the contents of this package. In addition, in any city there are
dormitories and small families where people in need live
additional financial assistance. You can collect unnecessary things and
take them to such places.

Exchange of unnecessary children’s things

Recently, the practice of sharing has been quite common.
children’s unnecessary things to more useful in everyday life. In the Internet
такие сайты называются фримаркетами — это своеобразные,
mom-organized fairs where you can easily share
all sorts of gizmos among themselves. Sometimes on children’s things
barter is absolutely non-children’s items. On the Internet such
information can be found in specialized groups and communities
for example:

  • I will give a gift;
  • Community Babyblog;
  • Daru-dar;
  • Community;
  • Children @, etc.

On these sites you can find the addresses of the exchange and numbers.
phone numbers of people willing to exchange with you.

Option for craftswomen needlewomen


If you have any gift of needlework, then any unnecessary
a thing can open up vast spaces for you to fantasy. AT
professional hands creative personality ordinary old
children’s pajamas can turn into a set of original kitchen
tacks, a terry sock – in a funny toy on hand, and a pair
old sweaters – in one, but more. In the presence of sewing
cars and uncommon imagination, the things of her baby any mommy
can remake on clothes for her beloved pupa. But hardly
this way you can get rid of all unnecessary things, because if
accumulated a lot, it is worth taking advantage of other options
getting rid of them.


One option for getting rid of unnecessary children’s things
is sending them for recycling. This method is more suitable.
for old and decrepit things, but expressing a desire to get rid of new
– no one can prevent you. In order to get rid of
unnecessary junk and make room for new things, look for points
Recycling in your city.

  • Проект продавца одежды H&M: в магазинах H&M по
    The world around the box office installed boxes for receiving unnecessary things.
    For two standard packages of things you can even get a coupon for
    15 percent discount on any subsequent purchase;
  • The project of the international environmental organization Greenpeace
    separate collection of garbage in each yard.

    На карте можно найти отдельно пункты приема старой

We recommend to watch a video on the topic:

Where to put unnecessary things, or how to get rid of trash

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