The child has a scar: what to do

Childhood can not do without broken knees, scratches, abrasions, and even
more serious injuries. How to remove a scar so that it does not stay on
long years?

All parents have to go through unpleasant moments when
their baby falls. As soon as the baby starts walking and running,
various dangers await him everywhere. The main thing is not
prevent the formation of a scar at the site of injury or correctly
get rid of scar formation on the skin, if it does

у ребенка шрам

What wounds are left scars

Most scratches, abrasions and shallow surface wounds in
The children drag themselves out and leave no marks. The most important thing
process damage with hydrogen peroxide or
chlorhexidine to prevent infection. At home
first aid kit must be present these disinfectants

If the wound is deep, with torn edges, then in its place
may remain a scar. It is easier to prevent scars than later
get rid of, so immediately after getting injured
take the necessary measures.

How to remove scars

If the child received a deep wound, it is necessary in the first
minutes after the incident, pull off with a special patch
steri-strip. This remedy is used as less aggressive.
alternative to seams. Periodically moisten the patch to wound
tightened evenly.

steri-strip plaster

steri-strip plaster

If time is lost and a child has a scar at the injury site,
You can get rid of it in the following ways:

  1. Медицинские препараты местного действия: мази,
    creams, gels containing extracts of plants and vitamin E. These funds
    cope in cases where the child has received small
    damage and it happened recently. Before use
    Regenerating drug is recommended to test, spread
    a small patch of skin at the elbow. If not followed by allergic
    reactions, the agent can be applied.
  2. Surgical intervention. He will have to
    to resort if a rough scar with ragged contours was formed.
  3. Laser grinding. This is the removal of the top layer.
    skin using a laser.
  4. Dermabrasion. Represents deletion
    convex surface scars using special equipment.
    This procedure is not suitable for children under 14 years old.

All remedies for scars and scars are effective for
eight weeks after their formation. Before any procedures
the child should be shown to a specialist who chooses
The best way to get rid of the memorial mark.

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Video question: how to remove a scar from a child

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