The child does not let go of his mother a single step: whatdo

Of course, every mother is pleased to feel the most
important person for your baby. But joy quickly disappears,
когда ребенок начинает ходить за вами хвостиком. Agree
if you keep it constantly on hand (article on how to wean
child’s hands) there’s absolutely no time for home
work and rest. You have to literally run around the house, trying
убраться и приготовить ужин, пока кроха спит. What follows
take if the child doesn’t let you go
give me a sec?

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  • 1 Why is this happening?
    • 1.1 overcome excessive attachment
    • 1.2 Tips moms from the forums
  • 2 Видео: Ребенок не отпускает маму ни на шаг: что do?
  • 3 How to behave with the “baby-tail”? “Children’s Council
    psychologist “

ребенок не отпускает ни на шаг

Why it happens?

It would seem that Mommy had already left and returned many times. It’s time
get used to and understand that in the short-term separation there is nothing
terrible, but all the same – screams and a loud roar. Reasons for this
Behavior is not easy to determine, but by installing them, you can
rectify the situation.

  • Single whole

In the first years of his life, the baby actively studies the world that seems to him.
huge, unknown and sometimes frightening. New knowledge he gets
under the supervision of his beloved mommy, who is constantly near:
day and night. No wonder that only with her baby
begins to feel completely safe, and if she
disappears, anxiety appears.

  • Trouble signal

Children’s tears are not always caused by whims, bad mood and
wanting to be with your mother. Just kids up to two years old express everything
worries and discomforts cry. Look carefully, maybe
the child has a cold, his teeth are hurt, or his stomach hurts.
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  • Fear of being alone

The baby begins to fear that his mother will not return from the store if
parents use the threat as educational methods:
�”Do not stop pinching and biting – go away from you!”
After hearing this phrase several times, he thinks that he is being abandoned because of
bad behavior.

  • Mother’s anxiety

Since the bond between the child and the mother is strong,
малыш чувствует ее тревогу даже на расстоянии и сам становится
restless. Let him not understand the reason for your stress (scandal in
family, financial turmoil), but firmly convinced – he needs to be with

  • Lack of attention

It seems you spend the whole day with a crumb, do not go out
child, but he still tugs at his hand and constantly reminds about
to myself. This is because you are near, but not together: communicate
on social networks, chatting with a friend on the phone or watching
endless series. To attract attention,
ребенок начинает капризничать.

�”Mother’s daughter. Baby is very attached to mom

Overcome excess attachment

So, with possible sources of unwillingness of children to let go of mom, we
sorted out. How to help yourself and your baby?

  1. Most importantly, be patient. If
    вас не получается ребенка отвлечь, займитесь домашней работой
    together. Learn to comment and show everything you do on
    kitchen (of course, observing safety) or in the living room.
    Через несколько лет ваш ребенок станет настоящим
    an assistant.
  2. Conventional hide-and-seek is a useful development for small
    children independence, the ability to stay alone and wait for you.
    Hide close to the child, let him find his mother and rejoice.
    And he will understand that nothing terrible happened until you
    It was.
  3. Старайтесь почаще оставлять ребенка с родственниками:
    father, grandmother or grandfather. The more children contact with
    other adults, it is easier for them to let go of their moms.
  4. Hug, kiss, caress the baby, play his favorite
    games. Put aside the phone and laptop, and when the child receives
    the necessary portion of your attention, he will not need to seek
    its “forbidden” ways.
  5. Выберите момент, когда кроха занят игрой и объясните, что
    leave the room for a while. К примеру: «Дима, мне нужно
    приготовить чашку чая, я скоро вернусь»
    . Soon
    малыш привыкнет, что вы держите обещание и возвращаетесь, а
    so you can try to leave the house.
  6. Never go outside in secret, even if you need to
    to leave for a couple of minutes. Imagine the condition of the crumbs when
    he will find that you are missing. He will search for you, sob in his voice,
    and when you return, it will not go a step.
  7. Do not forget that the child is acutely responsive to all parental
    feelings and your sadness before parting can frighten him. Go away and
    come back with a smile on your face. This will facilitate the resolution of this

Tips moms from the forums

My 2.4 is also crying when I leave … I explain to him all the time
where I am and why, for example – I need to go to the store, I will come in 10
minutes and bring you the juice, and calmly leave, like cheto understands, he
runs to the window and waves to me on the way, I come – I say, well
crying? he says – yes, he lost …

Teach the baby gradually to your absence. And,
try not to slip away unnoticed, but to leave, waving to her
with this hand kiss on the cheek (if not grabbed
stranglehold). Then leave immediately, without talking, right on
her eyes …. you can even leave without a special reason: just stand by
entrance 10-15 min. and come back. Gradual intervals
absence need to increase. But you must always observe the ritual.
goodbyes: waved “bye-bye, I will come soon” and leave, not
looking around. When you leave, then with a daughter, of course, someone must
stay. She will certainly cry hard, maybe even beat
in hysterics. Nothing. Never mind. Let the one with her
Remains, will explain, that mother will come soon. And after 10 minutes.
you look, and you again at home! ))) The child should be in the head
stereotype: mom leaves, but she always returns. Baby will
cry after your cares a few days. maybe weeks
2-3 crying, whining. And then stop. This process
getting used to the absence of mom is very hard and not easy given as
mother and child. But you need to go this way, because the child is not
can be constantly with mom (and vice versa). Start to train already
Today, and you will see – everything will work out for you! Good luck!

Hello! This is an age feature such a norm.
Baby starts to think that mom is gone
forever and will not return, hence such impetuous crying.

There is another opinion that the baby is afraid of crawling away and
get lost.
I don’t want to scare you, but fear mom
the so-called, takes place in all children at different ages. At my
daughter only two years ended it. Someone before.

The main thing is to continue to explain that mom will return, mom is near, everything
well, every soothe.


In order for the child to stop following your heels,
crying, just when you got out of the car or out of the house, you need
establish a strong attachment with him, it is necessary that the child
I calmed down, stopped being afraid of losing my mother. And for this first
it is necessary to remove the line from the child’s life wherever
it is only possible.

When can a child feel

Раздельный сон с рождения Раннее переселение в свою
Страх «приучить к ручкам» Частые
Мамина отстраненность, задумчивость, «витание в
clouds “(physically near the child, but in thoughts – far)

Нежелание разговаривать, игнорирование Тайм-ауты (в
комнату, в угол)
Физические наказания Обида на
ребенка, мама «дуется»
Манипулирование любовью
Запреты плакать Запрет быть собой, непринятие
Ребенок начинает ходить в садик Рождение
Ребенок потерялся и испугался Страх
смерти родителей
Угрозы расставания («мама уйдет без
тебя», «ну и оставайся тут один»)
Угрозы отдать кому-то,
если будет плохо себя вести
Проведенное лето у
Развод родителей Чрезмерная строгость
parents authoritarian

This, of course, is not a complete list. Look, analyze.
Try to eliminate what is possible: for example, stop
use separating discipline when bringing up if you
are using. It’s great that a child sleeps with you from birth, but this,
Of course, not a panacea. Although it helps a lot to make contact,
which was missing during the day. Especially if you are at bedtime
spend time together, chatting, reading or something else, but
the main thing is for it to bring both of you positive


  • Why the baby does not accept any of the relatives and communicates
    only with mom
  • How to leave the child alone at home and not worry. Training
    children and safety regulations

Do not compare different children, each of them is separate.
personality with a unique character. But they have a common feature:
equally need parental caress and care, only one
less and others more. Do not be upset if the baby is now too much
attached to you and does not let go of yourself. Soon он подрастет, станет
independent, and you finally have free

Видео: Ребенок не отпускает маму ни на шаг: что do?

Marina Romanenko – psychologist, creator of the “Academy
Professional Parenthood “, a business coach and a mother of four (at
two with a husband) children, tells why children do not let mom
Not one step and how to teach a child to be alone!

How to behave with the “baby-tail”? “Children’s Council
psychologist “

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