The child constantly rubs his eyes and nose


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  3. Treatment
  4. Conclusion

From birth, parents constantly monitor behavior his baby, so his actions, habits, grimaces can do a lot tell them about his state of health, mood, level development. One of these behavioral reactions is a child constantly rubs his eyes.

The causes of this phenomenon are very different, and not necessarily serious, but it’s good for young parents to know about them.

If after sleep or at the time of falling asleep the baby is drawn to eyes fists, nothing to worry about. But when is this gesture You can observe regularly, you need to understand the reasons.


An obsessive desire to regularly rub your eyes suggests that they cause discomfort to the baby. Among the possible reasons for this behavior:

  1. Foreign body. To make the baby feel discomfort, Enough cilia, hair, specks of dust, which lingered on the ocular membrane. Foreign body is not necessary should be in the eye itself ─ even a slight touch of the mucous membrane will be cause irritation, causing the baby to hold his fists to to the eyes.
  2. Inflammatory process. Conjunctivitis or other infection often accompanied by itching.
  3. Poor eyesight. Children, like adults, often rub their eyes if no clear visibility.
  4. Allergy. With allergic reactions in the eyes dryness, irritation, provoking the baby to suspicious behavior.

The child often rubs his eyes if he wants to sleep. Breasts the first year of life do not always control their movements. it the body’s usual reaction to fatigue when these gestures are associated with sleep ─ this is the norm. The main thing is to monitor the length of the baby’s nails, so that he does not damage the delicate skin around the eyes, you can wear before bedtime special mittens.

The child constantly rubs his eyes and noseMany mothers notice this. behavior in infants during teething.

This is one of the signs that a carefree life leaves home for a long time. For this reason, the child rubs his eyes and nose, in which appears transparent snot.

Sometimes the temperature rises, saliva, crumbs are liberated naughty. If there are no other additional symptoms, you can not worry.

Redness of the mucous membrane and the desire of the baby to wipe the eyes can mean that when bathing, water or soap got into the eye. See consequences may not always be, but such injuries always cause adequate response.

You don’t need to panic, but you can consult an optometrist at the following cases:

  • Redness of the eyes;
  • Swelling, redness of the eyelids;
  • Lacrimation or other discharge from the lacrimal canals;
  • Eyelids sticking together after a night’s rest.

These signs may indicate the development of the disease or an allergic reaction.

If the baby constantly pays attention to his eyes, his something worries. It can be pollen from indoor plants, dust from filler of his pillows, mold, pet hair, detergents funds, children’s cosmetics, medicines, new food (if the baby is already getting lure).

To clarify the list of stimuli, you must go special tests. If a baby’s complete blood count indicates the presence of allergies, the main thing is to identify the irritant and the problem with rubbing the eye will go away by itself. Before experimenting with other methods, consult an allergist.


If there is a foreign body in the eyeball, rinse your eyes with cold water. If you can’t eliminate the cause yourself, will have to visit traumatology.

The child constantly rubs his eyes and noseEye wash baby is not particularly difficult, you just need to be careful and be patient.

Prepare a pipette and water at a temperature comfortable for the baby (better boiled).

For maximum effect, you can take a weak brew of ordinary black tea or herbal (chamomile or eyebright), suitable and infusion of the marshmallow root. Children are laid on their backs. Using a pipette dripping medicine into the inner corner of the eye.

After this, the head must be rotated so that the contents of the pipette leaked from the outer edge of the eye. The second eye is washed similarly. At the end of the procedure, the child needs to rest ─ lie down calmly half an hour with my eyes closed.


If the crumbs have tears flowing hail for no particular reason, or from the eyes incomprehensible discharge constantly appears and the child rubs his eyes, the reasons may be more serious. With such symptoms, you can think about infection with conjunctivitis. There are several types of disease: viral type, allergic, bacterial.

Bacterial variety develops after contact with the mucous membrane of different microbes ─ chlamydia, gonococcus, streptococcus, pneumococci, staphylococci. Infection is possible by contact with virus carrier.

One of the symptoms of this type of conjunctivitis is discharge from the eyes with purulent components. Infection treated with antibiotic ointment or eye drops.

Viral conjunctivitis is caused by enteroviruses, adenoviruses, herpes, penetrating the baby’s body with flu or other infectious diseases. There is no discharge in this case, and nevertheless, the specialist should clarify the diagnosis, since it is not always the use of antibiotics is justified.

In order not to cause an allergy with untested medications, it is necessary visit an ophthalmologist who will select a course of treatment in accordance with general condition of the baby, age, weight.

Another option is a demodectic tick, which multiplies in pockets of cilia.

If scratching your eyes is just a bad habit due to neurotic reaction, we must unobtrusively, but persistently wean child, while strengthening his immunity. To reduce the risk infection, an older child should be taught to use clean handkerchief and do not rub eyes with dirty hands.

A common reason why a child rubs his eyes, ─ barley: inflammation of the eyelid, accompanied by purulent discharge. To put such a diagnosis can be at home, as the symptoms are pronounced. to take if the child has rotten eyes.

Read about what you need to do when your child is scratching. ears and eyes.

An interesting publication about pupils of different sizes in infants.


Young children are not always able to explain what is bothering them. But attentive parents are sure to notice such signals, discuss them with a doctor to rule out unfavorable options development of events. Eye problems ─ it’s always Really. In order not to spoil the baby’s eyesight for life, do not self-medicate if the child often rubs his eyes.

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