The cause of sinusitis is a violation of microflorasinus

Update: February 2019

One of the reasons for the development of sinusitis, sinusitis according to
американских ученых, может быть изменение микрофлоры носовых sinus,
characterized by a decrease in the number of those bacteria that
inhibit the multiplication of other opportunistic microorganisms,
present in the nasopharynx.

Sinusitis, sinusitis – are the most common
diseases, however, until now, doctors have no consensus about
причинах возникновения воспаления носовых sinus. By different
this disease affects about 15% of the population of developed countries
(see Symptoms of sinusitis in adults). Of course, the main
pathogens of inflammation are considered staphylococci and streptococci. These
bacteria affect any parts of the human respiratory system. But,
even in an absolutely healthy person these microorganisms are located in
слизистой и носовых sinus, и горла, не вызывая никаких
inflammatory processes. Therefore, scientists think that
reproduction of pathogenic flora is possibly caused by other

In San Francisco, researchers from the University of California
проводили анализ образцов слизистой оболочки носовых sinus у
patients with chronic sinusitis in comparison with samples of the mucous
in healthy people. The results showed that patients with severe
microflora forms are less diverse, and most of all
there are bacteria of the genus Corynebacterium tuberculostearicum,
existing on human skin. When analyzing mucous in healthy
humans, the largest number of flora are bacteria of the genus


The bacterium Corynebacterium tuberculostearicum is not
pathogenic, however, with its massive reproduction, it can also
provoke inflammatory processes. Proof of this
assumptions serves research when scientists introduced
высокие дозы этой бактерии в sinusи подопытным мышам- это вызывало
symptoms of sinusitis in animals. And with the introduction of lactobacilli
Lactobacillus sakei disease did not occur. At the same time
The introduction of these 2 types of bacteria also caused the disease.

According to the authors of the experiment, lactobacilli inhibit the growth
another kind of bacteria. With enough L. sakei, growth
pathogenic microbes cease, but the mechanism of such a process
experts can not yet explain. Maybe in the near future
treatment of antritis with antibiotics will not be relevant, but treatment
sinusitis will be to give the patient the right, correct
bacteria that inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.

Both in the intestine and in the mouth and nasopharynx for normal
the functioning of the organs is very important the correct ratio
various bacteria. In case of violation of ecological natural
microflora balance and there are various diseases. it
the study, of course, cannot yet give an exact conclusion
the results should be rechecked, spend extra weight
other studies to confirm this experiment.

If further trials lead to new proven discoveries,
then in the treatment of such chronic ENT diseases can
appear a major change. In our articles you can find out what
effective medication for antritis, which is better to use drops
в нос при гайморите, а также  как лечить гайморит в домашних

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