The brain of the only children in the familyworks differently

Update: February 2019

Brain Imaging and Behaviour Magazine Announces Results
an entertaining study of Chinese neuroscientists. Scientists
interested in the question of the difference in brain activity between
children born only in the family, and children having
siblings. It turned out that the former have distinctive
both functional and structural features of the head
the brain.

For the experiment were selected 303 average
the student. Half of them had at least one brother or sister,
the rest were only parents. Scientists предложили молодым
people to pass a series of test tasks to assess their intellectual
abilities, creative thinking and determination of personality traits.
In addition, MRI diagnostics of brain structures was performed.


According to the results of the experiment, neuroscientists learned that
the intellectual sphere of the subjects is not much different. However in
other there are certain differences:

  • The volume of gray matter of the supra-edge gyrus (part of the parietal lobe,
    in which speech perception and analysis takes place) in single children was
    more than the second group. This explains their greater flexibility.
    thought process.
  • The mass of gray matter of the prefrontal cortex responsible for
    generation and analysis of emotions was less in children born
    the only ones in the family. This fact indicates that such
    guys are less peaceful and benevolent towards

While it is difficult for neuroscientists to give an accurate explanation of the results
conclusions. Perhaps the reason lies in the families themselves. Single children
Much more attention is paid from parents and relatives to
they have a lot of hope. At the same time, they are less social.
often prefer to do this or that matter individually.

The experiment covered only one region and only young
students that will not give reason to spread it
results for large populations. But still this is the first step in
unraveling the features of the work of such a complex body as the head
brain. It is already obvious that the anatomical structure of the brain structures
interconnected with the behavior and character of a person.

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