The brain consumes more energy thanmuscles

Update: February 2019

Scientific Reports magazine published news about the new
a phenomenon clarified by scientists at the University of Cambridge
(Great Britain). It turned out that the human body performing
at the same time hard physical and mental work,
redistributes energy to the brain.

Of course, the activity of the nervous system requires mass
energy reserves. According to doctors and scientists, evolutionary
The fact is that the brain is in priority over the rest
authorities in this matter. If the body does not have excess
the amount of glucose (the main source of energy), it is the nervous
the tissue will experience less of its deficiency, rather than muscle or
other systems. Apparently more active brain activity was
more effective in difficult and even dangerous situations. This was built on
the survival of people in ancient times, when they had to actively
fight for the right to life with environmental factors, animals and

For the sake of study, the British allocated 62 students to them.
University age 21 (on average). They were all engaged
rowing on a professional level. Young people were asked
passing three “tests”:

  1. To control the physical work offered rowing for
    three minutes at the highest possible speed (the results were fixed
    in watts).
  2. To control the memory of students, they were shown 75 words for
    three minutes, and then the guys tried to remember the maximum seen
    words in the next five minutes.
  3. The third experience combined the previous two. Words of course
    replaced with new ones.

As a result, it turned out that during the third assignment all
students showed a deterioration in physical performance
activity and ability to memorize. However the functioning
nervous tissue suffered to a lesser extent than muscle work.
The strength of young people decreased by 12.6%, and the memory only by 9.7%.
The average difference was 29.8%.

Similar unequal distribution of energy and nutrient
substances in favor of the brain shows that it helps people
overcome difficult situations. So to ensure full work
brain and spinal cord in babies are more pronounced
adipose tissue reserves. And if a person has lost muscle mass
due to low intake of nutrients from food, its
the brain still retains the original volume.

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