The body itself regulates its weight

Update: February 2019

The latest research by Professor John-Tin Janson and his
Assistant Claa Olsson marked the beginning of a new round in the study of
metabolic processes in the body. University of Gothenburg and
Salgrenska Academy (Sweden), whose representatives are
the researchers were able to find out: rodents have an internal system,
controlling body weight. Anyone could get acquainted with
results of work from December 26 on the official page of the Academy

Obesity is the most urgent problem at this stage of life.
of humanity. It is based on an increase in the proportion of adipose tissue in
body and its deposition both in the subcutaneous tissue and around
many organs. The cause of the disease can act as
genetically caused violations and non-compliance
Rational diet on the background of low physical activity. Now all
more often talk about the predominant role of a sedentary lifestyle.
A huge number of young people who are dictated by nature to lead
active life, on the contrary, prefer to sit at the computer in
free time.


Obesity leads to significant changes in metabolism,
increases the risk of many diseases, including dangerous
for life. That is why researchers are closely involved in the problem.
fight overweight. About 23 years ago, science learned about
the existence of a hormone called leptin. He is able to lower
appetite, in general, controls the energy processes in our
tele. With a decrease in the concentration of leptin naturally develops
obesity is the most important discovery of doctors.

Now Swedish researchers were able to find a new system,
along with leptin regulating the amount of adipose tissue. For
the experiment, laboratory rodents were taken, artificially
obesity. To their same hind legs was
an extra load is attached for even greater weight gain. WITH
over time, it was noticed that rodents became thinner, and
the difference in weight was the mass of the additional load.

This allowed researchers to think about the existence of
the central nervous system of animals is a special system that regulates
mass of In the case of increasing the weight of the rodent on the nerve impulse from
lower extremity information enters the brain. Next, the brain
�”Commands” to reduce food intake to maintain constant
weight figures. Such a discovery gave scientists the ground for new
experiments and reflections on the treatment of obesity in humans.

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