The best ointment for herpes on the lips

Update: October 2018

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Herpes on the lips – this problem is often faced by a huge
number of women and men. After hypothermia, long
taking antibiotics, colds, or severe stress,
when the body is weakened – herpes Simplex, does not sleep, he immediately
makes you think about yourself. Virtually the entire population is infected.
different types of herpes infection, only they do not manifest
everyone has. Strong immune system does not give chances for reproduction
virus, and if the body defenses weaken, then herpes can
recur several times a year. What is especially unexpected and
it is unpleasant for women who always want to be beautiful,
irresistible, not blistering, swollen mouth and herpes ointment
on the lips.

Medicine is still not able to permanently withdraw any
one virus from the body, and special effective prevention
herpetic eruptions also do not exist. Only with
various gels, sprays, herpes ointments on the lips can be on what
it is time to forget about itching and burning, because the treatment of herpes in
mostly symptomatic.

Irrational food, stress, depressive mood,
lack of vitamins, abundance of chemical food products,
bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle affect
immunity, therefore, the fight against recurrence of herpes should begin with
strengthen the overall condition of the body – vitamin therapy, healthy
food, sound sleep and frequent rest, hardening and strengthening
psychological health.


Among the remedies for herpes on the lips can be divided into several groups.
лекарственных препаратов – противогерпетические пероральные
– Ацикловир и его аналоги, а также Валацикловир –
Valtrex, Vayrova, Virdel, etc., Famciclovir – Famvir. These
medicines should be prescribed only by a doctor in case
frequent recurrences or very large areas of skin rash.

If your doctor prescribes treatment with these antiherpetic
drugs, try to get the remedies for herpes on the lips
European manufacturers or Russian because
The use of Indian drugs has recently been increasing.
cases of various allergic reactions to them. In one of
of our articles you can read about How to quickly cure herpes on
lips The main treatment is a small manifestation of herpes on the lips,
produced by local means, which we will tell
more details:

The best creams, herpes ointment on the lips

To the question – how to smear herpes on the lips for speedy
recovery? In the table we list the ointments, gels, the most
effective in this disease.

Виру Мерц Серол против герпеса на губахViru Merz
– эффективный противовирусный гель, действующее
substance which is tromantadine. It is active against viruses.
Herpeszoster (chickenpox and herpes zoster) and Herpessimplex I and
II types. There is no addiction of the virus to this drug,
contact dermatitis may be the only side effect. is he
very well relieves pain, itching and burning, characteristic of the manifestation
herpes infection significantly shortens the duration
disease, prolongs the period of remission.
Применение: Гель, мазь  против герпеса
applied to skin areas up to 5 times a day, gently rubbing over
5 days. If after 2 days of improvement is not observed, should cancel
use of this tool.
Бонафтон от герпеса на губахBonafton –
antiviral ointment, active against adenoviruses and Herpes virus
simplex, active ingredient bromnaftoquinone. Application: on
the rash area is applied 4 times a day for 10 minutes. With simple
herpes can be treated as prescribed by a doctor in 3 cycles with 2
дневным перерывом, курс по 5 days.
Теброфеновая мазь от герпеса на губах также
can be used because it is antiviral
means, which includes Tetrabromtetrahydroxydiphenyl.
Application: process sites of rashes 3 times a day during
5-7 days.
панавир против герпесаПанавир
antiviral and immunomodulatory gel, which includes
the purified extract of the shoots of the plant Solanum tuberosum, in which
The main active ingredient is hexose glycoside. Panavir boosts
immunity in the inflammation, so this ointment is widely used
from herpes on the lips, with genital herpes, shingles
(herpes zoster) and ophthalmic herpes. Application: The gel is applied to
mucous membranes or skin areas with a thin layer of 5 p / day, a course
4-5 days sometimes up to 10 days.
ДепантенолDexpanthenol, Panthenol, Depantenol,
– вспомогательные средства от герпеса на губах,
as they stimulate tissue regeneration. They can
use as an additional means to accelerate
healing of vesicles and crusts.
Hyporamine ointment, rectal and vaginal suppositories, and
также пастилки рассасывающие Гипорамин – это
herbal medicine consists of sea buckthorn leaves
–  dry purified extract, you can use regular oil
sea ​​buckthorn It has antiviral effect, is used when
acute and chronic forms of herpes simplex of any localization, with
shingles or chickenpox in adults, chickenpox in children.
Алпизариновая мазьАлпизариновая мазь – это
tetrahydroxy glucopyranosylxanten, which is obtained from
medicinal plant kopeechnik alpine yellowing, from
mango leaves, sumach, legumes, is produced as
as an ointment, and tablets. It has antiviral activity by
against dermatotropic strains of the herpes simplex virus and
herpes zoster.

Excellent effect has a cream “Dawn” as
adjuvant therapy. Do not be afraid that he is a veterinary, he
possesses powerful regenerating, anti-inflammatory properties,
heals any cracks, wounds, eliminates dryness and peeling
skin, it can be used for herpes and psoriasis,
eczema, dermatitis and other skin diseases.

Ointment from herpes on the lips with the active ingredient Acyclovir

For the treatment of herpes on the lips with ointments and other local
means, so far nothing better than acyclovir, pharmaceutical
the industry can not offer the question, than to anoint
герпес, в любой аптеке вам ответят – Ацикловиром, аналогов которого

АцикловирАцикловир – активен в отношении вирусов
Epstein-Barr, Herpes simplex 1 and 2, Varicella zoster virus,
cytomegalovirus. Available in the form of creams and ointments Russia,
India, Croatia (Acyclovir Belupo), Germany (Acyclostad).
АцигерпинАцигерпин – выпускается в виде крема и
ointment manufacturer India. With treatment, it is important to start on time.
therapy, the sooner the better, apply ointment on the rash every 4
or even 3 hours. Among the side effects are often burning,
soreness, skin rash, allergic reactions or swelling in the area
ВивораксВиворакс – выпускается в виде крема,
manufacturer india. In the treatment of herpes, the enhancement of therapeutic
The effect is observed with the joint appointment of immunostimulants.
When used during pregnancy and breastfeeding are adequate and
no rigorous research has been done, therefore the use of any
Acyclovir means during pregnancy is associated with a possible risk for
fetus and is used in extremely rare cases.
Зовиракс Зовиракс – наиболее
advertised remedy for herpes on the lips, manufacturer
Great Britain. The drug Zovirax put 5 p / day in a thin layer on
rashes and bordering skin. Among the side effects
possible temporary redness, tingling on the treated
plots. Sometimes allergic dermatitis occurs on the ingredients.
ГервираксГервиракс – производитель Россия,
Gervirax cream should be applied either with clean hands or cotton
with a tampon, in order to avoid additional infection of skin
and mucous membranes. Treatment continues until it occurs.
crust on the bubbles or until the rash heals completely, then
There are 5-10 days, but not more.
ГерпераксГерперакс – производитель Индия,
with herpes helps to prevent the formation of new lesions,
reduces the development of visceral complications, contributes to the rapid
the formation of crusts, relieves and relieves itching. It also applies
as other drugs with the active substance Acyclovir.

Автор: Мельникова Светлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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