The best apple juices from 33 brands

Update: February 2019

Experts Roskoschestvo checked 33 trademarks packaged
apple juice from Russian stores. Most of them
meets higher quality requirements, and the best apple
Juice is made in the Krasnodar Territory and the Lipetsk region.

The study involved the most popular domestic
manufacturers, as well as major brands from Belarus, Armenia, Serbia
and france. None of the studied juices found
microorganisms, hazardous substances and molds. Also the most
famous consumer myth about juice quality that’s
a mixture of water, dyes and sweeteners: none of
the above was also not found.

Experts checked the quality of the water that is added to
reconstituted juice obtained from concentrated apple
mashed potatoes (in the production process, return the original amount
water). Increased sodium salts indirectly indicate
несколько худшую степень обработки воды. It was
recorded in 7 brands:

  • �”Useful”,
  • �”Lucky day”,
  • 7 Heaven
  • O’KEY
  • Life Premium and Swell.

These juices can not qualify for the Russian Quality Mark.
Estimation of the concentration of sodium showed whether the reduced
juice as a product of direct extraction. No such samples were found.
It was.


To determine if manufacturers are diluting juice, it was evaluated
content of malic acid, sorbitol, potassium, magnesium and mass fraction
soluble solids.

4 products have been identified that are

  • �”A person”,
  • �”JuS Tim”,
  • �”Useful” and
  • �”Lucky day”.

The content of nutrients in them was less than in others.

Overall, the results of the research were encouraging: 21
марка из 33 проверенных соответствует повышенным
требованиям Роскачества

  • �”Gardens of Pridonya”;
  • �”Theme”;
  • �”Kind”;
  • �”4 seasons”;
  • �”Agusha”;
  • �Vico;
  • �Volzhsky Posad;
  • �”ABOUT!”;
  • �”I”;
  • �”Frutennya”;
  • Rich;
  • �”Gifts of Kuban”;
  • �”Ivanovich”;
  • �”Golden Russia”;
  • �”Orchard”;
  • Fine life;
  • Global Village;
  • J7;
  • Santal;
  • �“Simply ABC” (Armenia);
  • Villa Dini (Belarus).

The best juice is produced in the Krasnodar Territory (5 brands)
and Lipetsk region (4 trademarks). High quality juices
doing in the Volgograd region, Samara, Moscow and Moscow
region, St. Petersburg, the Republic of Adygea and Belgorod.


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