The benefits of massage for the child from birth toyears: the basics of massage (6 video instructions)

For a harmonious and healthy development, massage for
baby plays an important role. And teachers are completely sure of this.
physiologists, and pediatricians. He is healing and auspicious.
образом влияет не только на  физическое развитие ребенка , но
and on his neuropsychological status. Если массаж  делает
малышу сама мама, то между обоими, благодаря  регулярному и
тактильному контакту, устанавливается  тесное, эмоциональное
rapprochement Pediatricians and psychologists say that babies who are
проводит массаж  мама, растут чрезвычайно любящими людьми,
more responsive, kind and confident.


The skin of a baby up to a year has many receptors, in a split second
reacting to touch
среды, на давление,  на механическое воздействие. During
проведения массажа  ребенку до годика, на самые разнообразные
the structure of the central nervous system (central nervous system) occurs mild
influence, increases the tone of the central nervous system, improves the ability of the system
control the processes that occur in children
the body.

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(features and skin care)

The benefits of massage

Massage to a child under one year helps to correct
arising orthopedic and nervous disorders: hypo – and hypertonus
muscles, feet, turned outward and inward, poor dilution in
hip joint foot, club foot.

Infants from birth have “residual reflexes”
(см статью о рефлексах) — при которых сильно
Overexcited child constantly throws pens to the side. Their
also called “Moro reflexes”. There is also a reflex
Babinsky, in which, with the irritation of the soles, the baby begins
reflexively unbend fingers. Normally, all these reflexes pass to
4-5 months old. But there are cases of “delay.”
Своевременный массаж как раз  устраняет «остаточные рефлексы»:
in infants disappear completely – trembling of the chin, hands, and others
parts of the body.

Positively affects the massage and the lymphatic system of the infant and
on the healthy development of the musculoskeletal system.

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When to start

A healthy child is advised to do a massage starting from the 1st
a month, half an hour before meals or forty minutes after eating.
You can not massage the baby before going to bed, too much overexcitement
child to anything.

Все это общие рекомендации:  мамам следует показать своего
child three doctors – specialists – pediatrician, orthopedist and
a neurologist before starting a massage treatment. Let your
baby grows healthy!

1-3 month baby massage

How to massage the baby at home

PLAYLIST: firming baby massage for 3 months. Full version
(massage for infants, up to one year old)

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