The benefits of “good” cholesterol revised

Update: February 2019

Scientists from the University of Maryland as a result of research
concluded that if you abuse fatty foods
nutrition, the “good” cholesterol significantly loses its beneficial
properties. They shared these results in a special
the magazine.

It has long been known that “beneficial” cholesterol contributes to
health promotion and prevention of various cardiovascular
diseases (stroke, heart attack, atherosclerosis of the brain and


It was argued that the more such cholesterol
consumed, the better for the body. Researchers decided
find out what happens in the human body if it along with
With a large amount of “useful” cholesterol, it consumes excessively and
�“Harmful” and how does cholesterol affect different
heart disease.

Until recently, no such studies
was engaged. A close event was held 25 years ago.
It was taken as a basis. For the experiment, the researchers selected
volunteers who had different levels of cholesterol and different
the ratio of “bad” and “good” cholesterol. As a result
research has been established:

  • that the risk of heart disease is almost impossible
    determine the level of cholesterol in the blood. At the same time a large
    the amount of “good” cholesterol increases the likelihood of developing
    cardiovascular diseases regardless of cholesterol levels in
    blood by about 30-60%.
  • the benefits of “good” cholesterol depend on other ingredients,
    которые влияют на heart disease. If the amount of these
    components exceeds the allowable rate, then the “useful”
    cholesterol works to harm.

The result of this experiment is the following: when
composing a proper diet, you need to try not only
eat a large number of healthy foods, but also reduce
the amount of harmful.

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