The benefits of beets for nursing mothers with HB

свекла при грудном вскармливании

Nutrition nursing mom – a topic that always causes controversy.
Recommendations for nutrition during breastfeeding is so
contradictory that young moms are always in
confused whether it is possible to use this or that product. Opinions
On this issue you can meet completely different: from “all
allowed to strict lists with valid products. One of
�”Controversial” products is beets when breastfeeding.

Menu nursing mom: “yes” or “no” beets

Pediatricians and nursing mothers beet does not cause confidence in
a couple of reasons:

  1. ATо-первых, это овощ, богатый клетчаткой.
    The relaxing effect of beets is familiar to absolutely everyone, so moms
    they are afraid that, having eaten beets, they will provoke problems with a tummy
    at the kid.
  2. ATо-вторых, свекла красного цвета, а все
    products with such a characteristic are prohibited, which means eating beets
    во время кормления грудью не желательно.

Both of these arguments are ambiguous and doubts about beets
easy to dispel. As for the first, beets are really good.
laxative, but only for one who eats it. Through breast milk
this effect is not transmitted because the products already get into the milk
metabolism. Only in rare cases do babies have
problems with the tummy, but it is rather an individual reaction. AT
most mothers on the contrary note that after the “beet” milk
children suffer less from colic, gas and other problems with

On the second point, everything turns out to be even simpler: beets, you can
say is the exception to the rule. The bright pigment of this vegetable
is not an allergen, so beets can be safely deleted from
list of prohibited products.

The benefits of beets for young mothers

Употребление свеклы в период ГAT не просто
allowed, but also very welcome.

Beet, it is buryak, contains iron, vitamins C, E, PP,
folic acid, iodine. It is very rich in composition.
root crop that helps maintain the body during
lactation. Beet helps to eliminate from the body
harmful substances and helps to establish digestion. Laxative
The effect of red vegetable is very relevant for young mothers, because
hemorrhoids, cracks, stitches in the perineum – satellites of almost every
giving birth to a woman.
This topic is not always spoken, but all
these troubles make the process of bowel movement very painful
therefore, it is very important to establish a chair for a young mother.

How to eat a red root vegetable

Употреблять свеклу при ГAT стоит все же с соблюдением
some rules and taking into account the peculiarities of the situation.

AT этот период не рекомендуется есть сырую свеклу. The best thing
steam or bake in the oven, after wrapping
foil. Heat treatment kills all possible harmful
bacteria and makes beets safe. In addition, boiled beets
has a milder effect on the intestines than rough
raw root fiber.

You can eat beets as a separate dish or as part of others.
dishes. A cooked salad is a good option for nursing mothers.
grated beets, seasoned with a small amount of vegetable
oils. You can add beets to the soup, vegetable stew or stew.

The best thing, если свекла постоянно будет присутствовать в
the diet of a nursing mother. Daily small portions will help
regulate digestion and will replenish the needs of the body
and nutrients. Start better with a small amount and
Be sure to track the reaction of the baby. If no reaction
will follow, beets can be confidently introduced into the diet.

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