The benefits and harm of olive oil, how to chooseхорошее butter

Update: December 2018

С древних времен оливковое butter считается одним из самых
beneficial vegetable oils in the world, it is called a cure for
nature, the gift of the gods. Is it really? Residents of countries where
produce this magical food product and use it every day
they keep beauty, youth and strong in their diet for a long time

The chemical composition of olive oil

Оливковое butter производится путем выжимки измельченной мякоти
fresh olives. In the period from November to March there is a collection and
заготовление olives. Очень важно для receiving чистого
quality oil as quickly as possible to harvest and
recycle it, since after harvesting the oxidation of olives occurs
very fast. When oxidized, the quality of the resulting product may
to deteriorate. Оливковое butter высшего качества, то есть первого
cold pressed состоит из моно-ненасыщенных жирных кислот:

  • 60-80% of all fatty acids belong to oleic acid,
    omega 9
  • 4-14% linoleic acid, omega 6
  • 15% palmitic and other saturated fatty acids
    (steatico, palmitlaic)
  • 0.01-1% omega 3
  • 0.0-0.8% peanut and fragrant

In addition, the composition of olive oil includes a number of compounds:

  • polyphenols, phenols and phenolic acids
  • squalifications (they prevent the development of oncology, especially cancer
  • terpene alcohols
  • sterols and β sitesterol (available only in olive oil and they
    prevent the formation of cholesterol)
  • tocopherols
  • Оливковое butter экстра класса содержит витамин Е, А, D, К.

Только butter первого cold pressed считается натуральным,
useful and high quality. To preserve the useful properties of this
product should only be used during the first months.
after production and it can not be subjected to heat treatment, then
eat stew, fry on it. Many professional chefs around
The world, of course, makes extensive use of it for toasting products,
it is more stable when frying, but with all the beneficial properties
even 100% high quality oils are lost. If it is about
пользе и вреде оливкового масла — то только свежее butter первого
cold pressed для распаренных овощей и холодных блюд обладает
inherent useful properties.

Useful properties of olive oil

All the beneficial properties of the oil are determined by its constituent
substances. Since olive is mainly composed of unsaturated
fat (oleic fatty acid), when using vegetable
oils instead of animal fats in a person’s daily diet,
the level of bad cholesterol in the blood is significantly reduced (see
normal cholesterol in women and men). As well as his moderate
use is the prevention of diabetes, obesity,
cardiovascular disease.

  • Vitamin E, which is part of it, is highly active.
    antioxidant that helps the body in the fight against skin aging,
    improves hair growth and condition of the nails, is a prevention
    development of cancer.
  • Vitamin A, K, D in combination with vitamin E contribute
    to strengthen tissues, muscles of the intestine, bone system. Therefore, it
    very useful for children.
  • Phenols that are present in the composition of the oil, strengthen
    immunity and slow down the aging process.
  • Linoleic acid has a very positive effect on vision,
    helps to improve the coordination of movements, tissue regeneration,
    rapid healing of wounds, burns.
  • Scientists have proven that oleic acid is capable of stimulating
    a gene that inhibits the active growth of cancer cells, which reduces
    risk of cancer.
  • Оливковое butter очень хорошо, практически на 100%, усваивается
    by the human body.

Оливковое butter для пищеварительной системы весьма полезно — оно
has a mild laxative effect that allows many people
fight constipation (see laxatives for constipation, candles from
constipation) and hemorrhoids. Also possessing a moderate healing
has a positive effect on the stomach, helping to soften
gastritis or healing of gastric and duodenal ulcers.
При соблюдении диеты с целью снижения веса, такое butter идеально
подходит для похудения, заменяя насыщенные fats, оно способствует
speeding up the metabolism and reduces appetite.

One dessert spoon of butter, taken in the morning on an empty stomach, helps
cure gastritis or gastric ulcer in the healing stage, consisting of
complex therapy.

Оливковое butter обладает слабым желчегонным действием, поэтому
it is useful for the prevention of biliary dysfunction
ways. Its use contributes to the normalization of arterial
pressure in hypertensive patients, so many of the means of pressure
are made from olive leaves. В народной медицине butter из оливок
used for back pain, if you add it to the molten
wax and apply on painful areas (see pain relief

The benefits of olive oil for pregnant women and children are also
indisputable. During pregnancy for perfect fetal growth, it
nervous and bone system, the baby’s brain is very necessary fatty acids.
In addition, fatty acid oils from olives are similar to fats
breast milk (8% linoleic acid) and when transferring baby
on the common table and adult food, you must add it to
mashed potatoes, porridge. One of the causes of various skin diseases in babies
является дефицит в организме линолевой кислоты — употребление
olive oil can replenish it.

Оливковое butter - польза и вред

Also, this product is very useful for the skin – it does not cause
allergic reactions, easily absorbed, but does not clog pores,
has a rejuvenating effect due to vitamin E, very good
suitable for dry, inflamed skin, helps in combating
stretch marks and cellulite, relieves pain after excessive physical
loads, favorably affects the hair, gives them shine,
prevents fallout and dandruff, normalizes
condition of brittle and thin nails. However, for cosmetic purposes
it is better to use natural olive oil, stirring it with
cream, because not high-quality oil is added to cosmetics.

Perhaps the benefits of olive oil for residents of Russia are several

Russian is better to use mustard, flaxseed and sunflower

It has long been known that it is best absorbed and bring more
benefits those products that grow in an area where a person
born where his ancestors grew up. In Russia, the olive tree is not
произрастает, и россиянину больше полезно butter из льна,
sunflower, mustard. К тому же оливковое butter практически не
contains omega-3 fats, when both in flaxseed, mustard and
sunflower oil a lot of them, they are useful for sharing
substances, and for the cardiovascular system.

Vitamin E in sunflower oil is more than in olive

Without exception, vegetable oils contain vitamin E (powerful
antioxidant), as well as vitamins A, K and D. Moreover, in sunflower
vitamin E is more than olive. However, the benefits of sunflower
high provided that it is unrefined, and on our shelves
supermarkets it is mostly refined. It is better to purchase
качественное неrefined подсолнечное butter.

Также важно, какое оливковое butter вы приобретаете, ведь его
The quality and quantity of vitamins depends on many factors – on
the place of origin of olives, production technology, and most importantly
In addition, it will be enriched with artificial additives, mixed with
низкосортным, некачественным butterм или нет. And surely that
дешевое butter из оливок не может быть натуральным, соответственно,
it contains less vitamins than native is not expensive

In unrefined sunflower oil of oleic acid

Doctors explain the easy digestibility of olive oil by the fact that
it is more than oleic acid, 70%, it is very useful and has
positive effect on metabolism, however, in sunflower
its unrefined is also a large amount – about 45%

Contraindications and harm to olive oil

  • The most significant negative effect, harm from olive oil
    may be in its use by people with gallstone disease.
    The pronounced choleretic effect of olive oil is dangerous in the presence of
    gallstones, and people with cholecystitis should be consumed
    take care of it (do not use in large quantities,
    on an empty stomach).
  • Russians can not completely abandon native plant
    масел и лучше употреблять оливковое butter первого отжима в
    combined with native traditional unrefined oils –
    linen, mustard, sunflower.
  • При злоупотреблении любым растительным butterм увеличивается
    load on the digestive system and excess consumption
    olive oil is fraught with obesity, the risk increases
    the occurrence of diabetes or fatty liver
    (see treatment of fatty hepatosis). Therefore should not be consumed
    more than 2 tbsp. tablespoons of olive oil per day.
  • Оливковое butter, несмотря на все его полезные свойства, очень
    high-calorie – per 100g. 900 kcal (1 tbsp. 120 kcal) is
    should consider those who are on a diet.
  • Не зависимо от того, какое butter используется для жарки, если
    you strive to lead a healthy lifestyle, you should give up
    fried foods. При жарке любое растительное butter теряет свои
    beneficial properties produce harmful carcinogens and
    eating any fried foods overloads the whole
    digestive system.

The quality of olive oil depends on the variety and the way it is used.

Its use depends on the mode of industrial production.

The first cold spin – on the label is Extra virgin olive

Такое butter производится из свежих оливок без применения
chemicals and heat treatment so all healing
its properties are preserved. First cold pressed oil cannot
стоить дешево, это самый дорогой способ receiving продукта и
the main indicator of its quality is the content of fatty acids
no more than 1%

Second cold spin – Virgin olive oil

Это butter получается при втором холодном отжиме, также без
chemicals, it is significantly inferior in quality, flavor, useful
properties of the first spin.

Chemical extraction is Olive oil, Pure olive oil, Pomace

  • Olive oil is oilcake butter, полученное из субстрата
    (otzhimok) with the use of hexane, gasoline and other chemical
    solvents, under the influence of heat treatment, therefore
    food, nor useful value is not. Это butter идет на
    the manufacture of mayonnaise and sauces (and this “unappetizing
    technology “on the labels of mayonnaise do not write). To give more
    values ​​manufacturers add to it a small percentage of oil first
    and the second spin, however, it almost does not affect the taste and
    healing properties.
  • Pure olive oil — это такое же не натуральное butter, с
    the use of chemicals (gasoline, quastic soda, etc.), this
    marking only indicates that no such product has been added
    ни рапсовое, ни подсолнечное butter, и изготовлено оно из субстрата,
    pushed from the pulp after the first or second spin. Also not
    has beneficial properties and is significantly cheaper.
  • Pomace oil is also a chemical extraction, unlike
    Olive oil, в него никогда не добавляют качественное butter и
    used only in technical industries, for the production of soap,
    cosmetics, creams, hair balms, lamp lighting and

Как правильно выбрать качественное оливковое butter?

In terms of oil consumption from olives, Russia is already included in 12 large
its buyers in the world. Today, the majority of the population is good
информированы о том, что неrefined оливковое butter — это
healthy food product whose consumption is positive
affects the digestive tract and is the prevention of cardiovascular
diseases and even oncology. However, due to the high cost of it
not accessible to everyone, and there is an opinion that it’s better
приобретать традиционное подсолнечное butter, чем дешевое
low quality and not healthy olive.

Не приобретайте refined оливковое butter для заправки

Refining is the process of bleaching, neutralizing and
deodorization, after such purification from the beneficial properties of olive
there will be no oil left, no smell, no color, no taste,
no good. But it is better to fry it in refined oil (see below
about the temperature of smoking oils)

Cheap olive oils in our stores – mixes
refined and unrefined

Качественное butter не может быть не дорогим, оливки собираются
in the winter, manually, from 1 tree the harvest is only 8 kg, and for the production of 1
liter of oil requires 5 kg. olives. Should read well
the label on the label, sometimes in very small print indicates that
оливковое butter является смесью с прочим и не указано, в каком
Value is a marketing ploy and a real consumer fraud.
If, opening the bottle, there is no intense natural aroma of olives
– This is not a quality product.

What can be learned by marking

Обычно butter фильтруют перед розливом, но более ценно
unfiltered Acidity is also considered an important
quality indicators, the lower it is, the higher the quality of the oil,
acidity is determined by the content of 100 grams. oleic acid.
Extra virgin product must have no acidity.
above 0.8% Оливковое butter считается лечебным при кислотности 0,5

If the label is marked BIO or Organic – this means
organic product that is produced according to strict requirements
without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, GMOs or growth regulators.
There may also be a special PDO marking, which indicates that
that olives are produced in a specific area, and confirms
that both the harvest and the production of olive oil were in one place,
therefore olives of a certain variety with their inherent aroma and
unique bouquet.

Какое butter самое лучшее, Испанское, Греческое,

In the world there are over 700 varieties of olives grown from
Australia to America, the aroma, color and taste of which affects
nature of the soil, dryness, sun, stone, solitude, silence,
climatic conditions. The strongest, with a strong taste are considered
греческие оливки и butter.

World leaders-producers of olive oil:

  • Spain – 540,000 tons / year, but offers only 20% of the first oil
    cold pressed
  • Italy – 420,000 tons / year
  • Greece – 280,000 tons / year, offers 80% of Extra Virgin Oil with
    best price and best quality
  • Tunisia – 180,000 tons / year
  • Turkey and Syria – 90,000 tons / year
  • Morocco and Portugal – 50,000 tons / year
  • Algeria – 20,000 tons / year
  • Libya – 10,000 tons / year

Если Вы все же используете butter для жарки, лучше приобретать
Italian refined varieties, because when frying on
unrefined products acquire a specific taste and aroma
оливкового масла, а refined butter обладает менее выраженным
aroma, for example, Gracia del Oro or Del Cecco. Для salads,
Of course, the best Greek unrefined Extra Virgin.

Which oil is better to fry?

Fried food is harmful to health – everyone knows about it. But if
really want to … Here it is important to know about such a characteristic of oils,
like smoke temperature. Чем выше температура, при которой butter
“smoking”, the later begins the process of formation of carcinogens and
токсинов при жарке, значит –  тем оно менее вредное.

After refining this oil temperature rises, therefore
recommended fry it in refined oil.

Oils with a high temperature of smoke, when frying is formed
less carcinogens
Oils with a low temperature of smoke, which is not fry
  • 254 ° C – Mustard
  • 240°C – Оливковое refined, Рапсовое
  • 232°C – Подсолнечное refined, Соевое
    refined, Кукурузное refined, Пальмовое
  • 230 ° C – Peanut, Sesame
  • 221°C – Фундука butter
  • 220 ° C – Rice
  • 216 ° C – Grape Seed
  • 191-215°C  – Оливковое extra virgin
  • до 190°C – Оливковое неrefined
  • 180 ° C – Pork fat
  • 160 ° C – Creamy
  • 150°C – Грецкого ореха butter
  •  107°C – Подсолнечное неrefined, Льняное

Советы как хранить и как выбрать хорошее оливковое butter

  • Black ripe olives give it a yellowish color, and unripe –
    Yellow-green shade, the smell should be pleasant,
    grassy-fruity, moderately thick with a slight consistency
    sediment. Если butter не однородное, расслаивается – это смесь с
    low grade
  • If you try and hold it in your mouth, you should
    feel the taste of olives, spicy, bitter, fruity
    smack If you feel stuffy, wooden taste or
    прогорклость – это не лучшее оливковое butter, а несвежий или
    poor quality product.
  • On the label of natural olive oil first cold
    отжима всегда есть 2 подписи Naturel и 100% оливковое butter.
  • Не приобретайте слишком большой объем, butter очень быстро
    it is oxidized, it is better to buy it more often, to store in a well corked
    dark glass bottle up to + 12C, in a dry dark place.
  • If the label says “no cholesterol,” these are marketing.
    tricks in olive oil and there can not be any
  • You can check the manufacturer for good faith.
    way, put the bottle in the fridge, the contents should
    grow cloudy and be transparent at room temperature
    золотисто-желтого цвета – это хорошее butter.

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