The benefits and harm of hematogen, instructions forapplication, for children, pregnant women

Update: October 2018

Многим из нас знаком неповторимый вкус hematogen. AT советские
times it was a popular and inexpensive “dessert” requested
children from their parents. Then the hematogen was released exclusively in
pharmacies, and everything, from young to old, knew that this tasty tile
made on the basis of animal blood.

  • AT годы второй мировой войны в рацион раненых и здоровых солдат
    entered hematogen.
  • He was prescribed to children in inpatient treatment.
  • Recommended for older people.

Modern hematogen has changed its appearance, is made with
various additives and flavors, is implemented both in pharmacies and in
the so-called health stores. But hematogen properties remain
unchanged – as before, it helps stimulate
blood formation and should not be used for no reason and in large

What is hematogen

Instructions for use of hematogen states that this
drug (not dessert, not sweet), stimulating
blood formation. It belongs to the group of micro and macro elements and
light of modern pharmaceutical classification is
biologically active additive (BAA). ATкус у гематогена особый,
pleasant and memorable. ATнешне гематоген напоминает шоколад, но
has a softer texture and a different taste.

What is hematogen made of

  • Hematogen is made of defibrated and purified from
    microorganisms blood of cattle.
  • AT современном производстве, для уменьшения аллергических
    reactions instead of dry blood using purified hemoglobin.
  • To impart taste, hematogen is enriched in other
    foods: molasses, sugar, chocolate, sesame
    seed, honey, nuts, condensed milk, coconut flakes,
    candied fruit, etc.

Many people do not believe that the hematogen is made from blood, because
do not find this component in the composition. And hiding blood in
a component called food albumin, i.e. blood protein.

Hematogen composition

AT составе гематогена присутствуют нутриенты, микроэлементы и
macronutrients that have a beneficial effect on the blood formation process and on
general health:

  • Carbohydrates
AT гематогене содержатся следующие сахара: глюкоза, сахароза,
maltose and dextrin.
  • Proteins (amino acids)
Hematogen possesses irreplaceable and replaceable AK, partially
covers the daily need for them.
  • Fat
Fat животного происхождения и жирорастворимые витамины.
  • Iron
Bivalent iron, easily absorbed and absorbed in
intestine, corrects iron deficiency.
  • ATитамины
Presented by vitamin A and C.
  • Minerals
In addition to iron, potassium, sodium, chlorine are present in the hematogen,
  • ATспомогательные вещества
Responsible for the taste and nutritional value of the hematogen (sugar,
condensed milk and others).

 The mechanism of action of hematogen

Hematogen boosts hemoglobin by ingestion
additional source of iron. Iron, всосавшись через кишечную
wall, enters the bloodstream and is involved in the formation of protein
hemoglobin, thus stimulating the blood formation process. Iron
helps to increase the amount of ferritin protein that binds
excess iron and preventing its toxic effects on
the body, while creating an important depot of iron.

Benefit of hematogen

Hematogen is prescribed as in transient conditions.
(prior disease), and with existing diseases. More often
best recommended for children to normalize the process of blood formation,
and also because of good nutritional value.

Indications for hematogen:

  • Ironдефицитная анемия, возникающая на фоне снижения
    hemoglobin blood.
  • General depletion of the body. ATозникает при неполноценном питании,
    prolonged mental or physical stress, stress,
    staying in an unfavorable environmental situation (see symptoms
    and treatment of low hemoglobin in the blood)
  • Ulcerative pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract occurring with
    overt or covert bleeding.
  • Visual impairment due to vitamin A deficiency.
  • Hypovitaminosis.
  • Conditions after illness.
  • The lag of children in height and weight (see hypotrophy in children).

ATред гематогена

Excessive addiction to hematogen and its use in
unlimited quantities, often replacing food with them, can lead to
excess iron in the body. This leads to the development of free
radicals that can damage cell walls and completely
destroy them.

  • Excess iron contributes to the deposition of cholesterol in the blood vessels,
    those. is a provoking factor in the development of atherosclerosis.
  • Excessive absorption of hematogen leads to diarrhea, nausea and
    dizziness, since fermentation begins in the intestines
    with excessive admission supplements.

Hematogen during pregnancy

ATо время беременности значительно возрастает потребность в
gland, necessary for the full development of the placenta and fetus,
so for mother. Moreover, iron must come from the outside, and not
used from depot ferritin (see iron supplementation for anemia).
Often, a woman loses a large amount of iron during childbirth
blood loss and also during lactation.

During pregnancy, almost half the volume increases
freely circulating blood, which in itself leads to
increase the need for iron. 2 and 3 trimesters
беременности потребление железа должно быть наибольшее
. AT
these periods iron stores are reduced, and a number of factors
contributing to the increased need for iron, lead to the development of
dangerous iron deficiency anemia (see pregnancy with low

Prevention of iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women is
daily intake of about 27 mg of digestible iron.
Therefore, the hematogen is able to prevent iron deficiency and increase
trace element in the body of a pregnant. However act
hematogen cannot and should not be the main source of iron – this
the function is fulfilled by nutrition, including fish, meat, egg,
liver, green vegetables and cereals.

It is definitely not necessary to abuse the hematogen during pregnancy:
since the bar is made on the basis of natural blood,
possible deviations in the development of the fetus. Blood coagulation in reception
hematogen is a risk of thrombophlebitis.

How to apply hematogen

Hematogen is available in the form of tiles, bars or chewable
records. Bars are available in different dosages of 20, 30 and
50 grams with the division into plates or cubes.

Dosage for children

Adult Dosage

Dosage for pregnant women

  • 3-6 years: 5 g three times a day;
  • 6-12 years: 10 grams twice a day;
  • 12-18 years: 10 grams three times a day.
1-3 records or 5-15 grams twice or thrice a day Up to 50 grams per day (no more)
  • The duration of admission for all categories of persons is
    14-21 день.
  • Hematogen is taken between meals, which provides
    best assimilation.
  • You can drink it with water, but do not drink at the same time
    dairy products that impair the absorption of beneficial

ATо время приема гематогена не следует одновременно принимать
multivitamin complexes. If necessary, the simultaneous reception
other drugs should be discussed with your doctor

Contraindications for the use of the drug

  • Diabetes. Hematogen contains easily digestible carbohydrates,
    blood sugar boosters
  • Obesity
  • Increased sensitivity to components in the composition, which
    can lead to angioedema, urticaria and other reactions
  • Non-iron deficiency anemia. Excess iron
    has a toxic effect on the body
  • Metabolic disorders
  • ATарикозная болезнь
  • Thrombophlebitis. Hematogen somewhat thickens the blood
  • Children’s age up to 3 years

ATозможные побочные эффекты

Most often, side effects relate to the gastrointestinal tract, because iron ions
have a slight irritating effect on the mucous
the intestines and stomach, activate the vagus nerve supplying
nerve endings abdominal organs. They appear
nausea, vomiting, abdominal discomfort.

How to choose hematogen

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous manufacturers under
with the promoted trade name Hematogen, the product is released,
has nothing to do with it.

  • AT составе гематогена на первом месте должен стоять компонент
    food albumin (black food albumin, dry bovine blood).
  • AT процентом содержании оптимальное количество альбумина: 4-5 %
    from the total mass.

Various flavoring agents do not give special benefit to hematogen,
but they allow it to be used for children who perceive
medicine like sweetness.

Hematogen cost

The average price for hematogen in Moscow is 20 rubles.

 Honey  Honey  With pine nuts  Child
 With vitamin C  Appetizing  Enriched with vitamins  With coconut

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