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The birth of a child is an important event in the life of any family. In that a responsible and joyful period in inexperienced parents can sometimes various difficulties and developmental problems arise a child.

Some of these problems can be confusing and cause feeling of fear and confusion. Many young mothers can to frighten such a phenomenon when the baby’s hands are shaking. What are the reasons for this and whether it is worth fearing – we will tell in this article.


Trembling of the upper extremities in newborns is very common occurrence. In most cases, it’s completely safe and does not cause any harm to the baby’s health. However, one cannot absolutely clearly and unequivocally answer the question: why babies are shaking hands? Limb tremors can be caused several different reasons, and in each case individual approach to the child to identify these causes. a common (and safest) case is when a baby slight tremor is observed in the first three months of his life. Trembling It is especially pronounced when screaming or crying. Many young mothers immediately raise a panic, believing that there is something with their child not this way.

In fact, the causes of this phenomenon in the first weeks of life the baby is most often quite harmless.

The fact is that the special centers and systems of the brain, responsible for the function of coordination of movements in the newborn so far still underdeveloped.

Why do babies shake handsMany babies after birth is not immediately stabilized system responsible for the production hormones. Excess of certain hormonal substances in the body may also cause slight shaking of the handles. It’s completely normal, after three months of age, all these warning signs disappear without a trace.

If your baby is already older than ninety days, and the tremor of the hands does not still leaves him, this is an occasion to see a doctor. In this case limb tremor may be a symptom of a more serious diseases and abnormalities, among which are:

  • All sorts of neurological disorders. Such violations quite often can cause uncontrolled movements of the handles. AT in this case, treatment of the child in the child is mandatory neurologist who will identify the causes of deviations and appoint the right therapy.
  • Hypoxia (i.e., impaired normal and systematic access oxygen to the brain of the baby). Most often hypoxia is a consequence of improper intrauterine development, generic injuries or heavy labor.

More dangerous abnormalities: pressure disorders, hyperglycemia and so on. One thing is absolutely clear: if after reaching your baby is still three months old tremor, you should immediately consult a doctor who will identify the diagnosis and prescribe the necessary treatment for the baby.



Many famous experts tried to answer the question why the hands of the baby are shaking. Dr. Komarovsky devoted this special attention to the phenomenon. He noted that such a feature may to be not a symptom of any disease, but simply an indicator high sensitivity baby.

A baby with a high degree of sensitivity, more sharply than other children, reacts to any external manifestations. Trembling hands and involuntary trembling anything can cause such a baby: sudden movements when a change in body position, too loud music, lively adult conversation, fear of bathing in the bathroom, etc.

Dr. Komarovsky advises parents with special attention treat such sensitive children and try to protect them from all annoying and frightening factors. Try in presence baby speak in a calm low voice, move him and pick up as carefully as possible while swimming tightly hold the baby, holding it to your hands so that the baby felt your support and did not worry. The hands of the baby are shaking - Komarovsky gives adviceAcross for several months, such an increased sensitivity disappears without trace.

In some cases, tremor can also be observed in the lower limbs. This happens during the most intense stress, when muscle twitches affect not only the handles, but also other parts of the body. The causes of tremor in the baby’s legs are usually the same as the causes of hand tremor: deviations of the nervous system, excessive muscle tone, an excess of certain types of hormones, hypoxia during intrauterine formation of the fetus, etc.

If the child is shaking not only his hands, but also his legs or others parts of the body, this is usually a rather alarming indicator. Especially dangerous when jerking is observed not only during crying or screaming, but also when the baby is in absolutely calm condition.

If a child begins to tremble involuntarily for no apparent reason, this is an indicator of a disease. Don’t go right there panic and sound the alarm. But you need to be very careful watch your baby to identify under what conditions tremor appears and what are its features. Along the way, read because of which the baby appears muscle hypertonicity.

Information about how convulsions occur in babies.

Take note – why the child walks on toes.


If you notice frequent muscular manifestations in your child tremor, it’s better not to wonder why the hands of the baby are shaking and legs, and make an appointment with your pediatrician and go through a number standard for such cases surveys.

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