The baby should not annoy!

All of us adults understand “with the mind” that a child is
a bunch of energy, so he seeks to climb everywhere, learn everything and
to study. Everyone also knows about age crises and difficult periods.
However, emotions are complex, and with all understanding of what is happening
It is sometimes very difficult for parents to restrain themselves and not get annoyed
baby Situations when parents lose their nerves, mainly
typical. Let’s try to figure out why we are breaking into a child, and
how to avoid it. rebenok-ne-doljen-razdrajat'

Accumulated fatigue

Most often mothers of babies suffer from this. Mom did not have time
to come home from the maternity hospital, how the whirl of care was spinning and
care for the baby: change the diaper and wash it 20 times a day, and
feed, and rock, and walk, and bathe. All the usual life
just flipped upside down. The child does not have a regimen
therefore, planning business and recreation is simply impossible. From all this
mom is under intense stress and a sudden cry or refusal
baby from sleep may be the last straw. Known solution
problems – rest.

  • Use your baby’s daytime sleep for your own relaxation, not
    for exploits in the kitchen. Even an hour of sleep during the day will help restore
  • Drink vitamins and eat right, because even on
    at the physiological level you must have the strength to cope with
    stress and fatigue.
  • Do not strive to “pull” the whole house. Part of home
    duties must be delegated to the husband or other assistants.
  • At least one night a week, appoint dad “duty” so that he
    I got up to the baby. You can sleep well at this time.
  • Regularly make time for yourself. This time you need to devote
    Only for yourself: go for a haircut or manicure, do needlework,
    read a book, but just sit at the computer or see
    television. Such activities or recreation fills the parent resource.
    forces, and the opportunity to allocate time for them always “warms the soul.”

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�”He climbs everywhere”

If the child crawled – it means that he begins a period of active
exploring space. First he crawls, grabbing the wires and
thrusting everything in his mouth, then he starts to stand at the support and reach out
up things on the tables and side tables. Parents head spin, because
that the child’s hands and mouth are constantly “forbidden”
items, and he also opens the doors of the cabinets, opens the drawers
chest, trying cat food … Mom does not leave the feeling that it is worth
to turn her back for a second – an emergency happens, and it doesn’t matter at home
or on the street. Instead of being nervous, it’s better to adapt.
space and yourself to the needs of the child.


  • Highlight a play zone for your baby. For this you can spread
    put a blanket on the floor, put toys in there and shield with improvised
    �”Fence” of pillows. In any case, as a temporary measure is
    the playing field will be useful: you can carve out 20 minutes and get distracted and
    continuous monitoring.
  • Make sure that everything that should not fall into the hands of a child,
    it was safely hidden from him: the wires can be removed in
    cable channels, all fragile, sharp, heavy objects – lift
    higher, cabinets and drawers lock locks. At that age
    “do not touch” and “do not touch” verbal prohibitions simply do not work
    (читаем о том, как правильно говорить ребенку «нельзя»),
    therefore it is better not to create reasons for irritation and
    обезопасить дом для ребенка (см статью о том, как правильно
    secure a home for a child / how to secure a kitchen (what to do
    ребенка на кухне))
  • Going for a walk, take care of comfortable clothes not only
    for the crumbs, but also for themselves. On the playground, mom has to
    run and step in the mud (it happens like that :)) and bend over
    many times. For a child a walk is an opportunity to actively spend
    time, and mom because of her uncomfortable clothes will be constantly
    get annoyed. That is why heels and skirts are not the best option.
    clothes for walking with the baby.

�”He does everything across”

After 1.5 years, children begin to show their own desires and
aspirations. It becomes important for a child at this age to insist on
his, therefore, all, that say and want parents, meets
resistance and intention to do the opposite. Such disobedience
can manifest itself absolutely in any situations from food and fees to
walk (the categorical “no” to try to bring a spoon to his mouth,
hats, dressing up) to walk on the nursery
site (mother forbids to throw sand, and the baby with delight makes
this time and again, or runs away when he is told that from mom
can not depart).



  • Do not try to influence the word, because the child has not yet
    perceives verbal commands. Without screaming and irritations just
    do what you need: wear a hat, stop the hand
    child so that he does not commit an undesirable action, take in
    armful and carry away from a dangerous place, hold the hand so as not to
    ran away.
  • If you go on business (to the store, to the post office, to the bank
    pay for receipts) – put the child in the stroller. It will relieve from
    the need to constantly monitor his actions and



Closer to three years on any restrictions and prohibitions kids
begin to react with hysterics. The magnitude of the reaction can be the most
different: from short crying to rolling on the floor. So
happens because the child is not able to control his
emotions, and with prohibitions and failures, he feels strong
frustration and anger. Our task is to teach a child to express his
emotions in an adequate way.

  • Keep calm yourself and do not focus on
    hysterical. No matter how it looked from the outside, for a small
    child such behavior is the age norm.
  • Together, orders immediately calm down Speak feelings
    ребенка: «Я вижу, что ты сильно злишься, тебе обидно, что я
    тебе не разрешила…»
    и т.д.
  • Try to retire: no viewers – no play. More
    In addition, some “viewers” ​​love to give their comments about
    what is happening, and it only inflames the child.
  • If you are in a public place and do not want to attract attention to yourself –
    try to switch the child to something. In this case, you can
    carry an interesting toy in your bag and use it to
    distractions, or include a favorite cartoon on the phone, or
    look around – suddenly something interesting is happening nearby
    (animators walk in life-size puppets, somebody trains a dog and
    etc.). In general, if the situation allows, it is better to give the baby
    live your feelings completely and not block them – just like that
    learn to understand and manage them.

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When the crisis of 3 years is in full swing, the child protests
literally every word of an adult. It seems that the baby has become
completely uncontrollable: the interests of the child conflict with the interests
adult at every turn. This is also a normal process, and since
in such a situation there really is a conflict of interest, no need
try to “break” the will of the child and insist on his in any
situations. Our task is to teach the child different ways to solve

  • In some situations, you can give up the child. For example, a child
    does not want to swim, because he started playing his favorite designer,
    screaming and scandalous, not agreeing on a trip to the bathroom. Can
    сказать: «Хорошо, в порядке исключения сегодня отменим купание,
    since you have such an interesting game. But let’s only today, and tomorrow
    снова будем соблюдать режим»
    . From one missed swim
    nothing bad will happen, but the child will receive an important experience
    upholding their interests. Or another option is to tell the child that
    first swim, and then finish the game in your constructor.
  • In some situations it is important to compromise. For example,
    the child wants to watch cartoons, and you do not want to be late for a visit.
    Then you need to negotiate: the child will see one cartoon instead of
    three, and then you can leave the house on time.
  • In certain situations, you need to stand firm.
    For example, переходить дорогу можно только с мамой за ручку, в
    windy weather you can only walk in the cap. And when you
    introduce some kind of rigid rule, the child must understand that
    you do this out of a desire to take care of him: so that he does not fall under
    car, no cold, etc. Therefore, to pronounce all the rules
    need calm and confident, with an explanation of the reasons.

Any situation where a child is angry and annoying can be settled.
in peaceful way. Be patient and advice, and then irritation
and discontent will be replaced by constructive communication with the child.

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