The baby has a tummy ache, what to do and howto help

болит животик у грудничка

Ситуация, когда болит животик у грудничка, стара, как
world. All mothers and all babies pass through it. Different children
painful gas formation occurs differently, more often or less. With
this child screams, cannot fall asleep, and cannot sleep with him
the whole family. The pain of the baby is significantly weakened in
age of 3 months, and, as a rule, do not bother at all after
half a year.

It is possible and necessary to take some measures that will allow
prevent the appearance of severe pain in the abdomen in an infant. it
necessary and mom and child. The baby requires the maximum possible
comfort, and mom preferably get enough sleep. it скажется на количестве
milk and increased mom’s irritability.

Withчина болей в животике у грудного ребенка

Why does the baby have a tummy ache? Exist
several reasons, one of which is intestinal colic and gaziki, and
What can cause colic and gaziki?

Во-первых, питание мамы. Gaziki in the intestines
the baby is formed in the same way as in an adult. Some products
cause strong flatulence when consumed by others
the formation of gases is practically absent. Remember from what food
you have before, before pregnancy, there was a “fart”. This food
exclude immediately. Further carefully track, after what your
eating a baby begins to hurt the tummy. For this over
a few days separate meals, eat soup separately, through
some time separately porridge or meat to know exactly what
product to both of you is not suitable.

What you can eat nursing mother – a list of allowed

It may be that the set of dishes remaining after all
exceptions is not rich. Do not worry, this is a temporary measure. Through
a few months your baby will grow up, become larger, and gaziki
will easily go out of his body.

Вторая причина того, что болит животик у
 – психическое состояние кормящей женщины.
It is very important not to be nervous. Mom’s experiences are transmitted to the child, with
nervous excitement his muscles tighten, contract and make it difficult
the exit of the anus from the anus.

The third possible cause of abdominal pain
– повышенная жирность молока. With этом густое
fatty milk in the digestive system of the baby is poorly absorbed and
causes pain. In such cases, the mother is enough
water the baby with some water before feeding.

What to do when a baby has a tummy ache?

  1. Когда у грудничка болит животик нужно иногда для отвода
    gazikov baby in the ass to use a small flexible tube.
    — Газики у грудничка — как to help?
  2. It also helps light heating of the tummy, for example, warm
    diaper (ironed beforehand) or warm mother’s
    belly (mother takes the baby in her arms and presses her belly to her).
    — Помощь грудничкам при коликах
  3. To prevent the appearance of intestinal colic baby do
    tummy massage (light stroking around the navel in the direction of
    clockwise) and gymnastics (bending and unbending legs to
    tummy). It is also necessary to lay out the baby on the tummy before
    by feeding.

An excellent remedy for abdominal pain is weak
chamomile decoction.

The amount of chamomile is taken at the rate of one tablespoon per
litere of water. On the day, the kid enough to brew one glass (200 g
water and 1/5 of a teaspoon of chamomile). Broth must be drained
налить в бутылочку и давать малышу пить перед by feeding.
A hungry baby will first take this water for food and will
actively suck it out. Fifteen minutes later, the camomile decoction will take place.
from the stomach to the intestines, the child will feel hunger again and give you
know about it. Now feed him milk. 

From ready-made pharmacy tools to facilitate and prevent
intestinal colic use medications based on
simethicone (for example, Bobotik).

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