The baby has a hot head and her forehead cold


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Sometimes parents have a symptom like a hot head in a baby without temperature are quite alarmed – this naturally causes them anxiety. Although usually there is no cause for concern. When a hot head is in the baby, but there is no temperature, then in most options, the situation remains normal due to weak features children’s thermoregulation.


Most of the time the baby is in a recumbent, inactive position. Such a thermal effect for infants is provided by young mothers, rarely understanding the basics of thermodynamics, therefore creating babies powerful thermal insulation. Such parental care is enough often harmful, leading to overheating of the head.

Heat production in newborns occurs as a result of oxidative processes in the brown tissue of the fatty layer. Such a layer available only to the newborn. It is located between the shoulder blades, for the sternum on the neck. Under the influence of the thyroid gland, maximum amount of energy. Also at lower temperatures the baby spontaneously arises muscle contractions, which picks her up. Having frozen, the baby cries, begins actively move.

Also, the baby has a hot head and sweats when it goes teething process.

One of the dangerous situations causing the effect of baby is a hot head, and a cold forehead is a development hydrocephalus. Any skull has a small volume. intracranial fluid.

She washes the brain, constantly updated. If the amount of it due to something increases, brain impregnation begins, causing violation of its functioning – this is what is called hydrocephalus.


A hot head in a baby - no temperatureSymptoms The hypertensive syndrome is as follows:

  • Hot head, often wet;
  • The veins are dilated on the temples and forehead;
  • Tense fontanel;
  • Rapid increase in the volume of the skull;
  • Throwing back the head, especially in a dream;
  • Profuse regurgitation;
  • Violations of muscle tone;
  • “Causeless” crying.

Another cause of head sweating in infants becomes the development of rickets. The disease appears amid insufficient Vitamin D intake during pregnancy mother, it often develops in twins, with pathological pregnancy problems, malabsorption of vitamins, inflammation Gastrointestinal tract.

Do not use vitamin D on your own recommended – a pediatrician, having studied the characteristics of the child’s body, will prescribe the correct treatment. Also the answer to the question why hot head in the baby, there may be the presence of viral, all kinds of colds, even when there are no major clinical symptoms – high fever, cough and runny nose.

Such sweating in the baby and constantly hot head accompanied by poor appetite, lethargy, regurgitation, concern. Also, a similar condition is present when infections inside the womb:

  • Toxoplasmosis;
  • Chlamydia
  • Cytomegalovirus infection;
  • With endocrinopathies, anemia, as well as other diseases blood

In case of impaired kidney or liver function the first signs are sweating of the head, severe lethargy. The appearance of negative signs or changes in behavior the baby should force the parents to seek help from to the doctor.


With this symptom, when the baby is constantly hot, and the cause is not a specific disease, should stabilize the heat transfer of the baby. The child should be so to dress so that he does not sweat. Clothing crumbs must certainly consist only of natural materials. When the baby is hot in indoors, it is allowed to wipe the body with a damp towel. A stuffy room must be aired.

The baby has a hot head and sweatsSlightly older children it is necessary to transfer to a mode of sedentary fascinating game that will allow to establish a normal thermal regime. Excessive activity provokes heating of the head.

It is advisable to have more time walking with the baby on the street. Summer put on light clothes, leave your legs free, let the body the baby is breathing. Pampers should also not be worn, as in hot the baby will not feel comfortable in the weather.

If the baby is always hot head, the main reason for which is rickets, then the measures to improve the crumbs are such procedures:

  • Therapeutic actions begin with the normalization of the regimen;
  • An important point is the maximum frequent stay of the baby in the open air;
  • It should always be in a well-lit, carefully ventilated room;
  • The best nutrition for the baby is breast milk, containing the optimal balance of elements;
  • In the absence of breastfeeding, it is replaced adapted formulations.

When a baby is diagnosed with progressive hydrocephalus, consultation of a neurosurgeon is required. May need a shunt operation. When the disease is in the stage of compensation – perform conservative therapy, monitoring with the help of ultrasound brain.

Therapeutic exercise is shown, which normalizes muscle tone, helps to develop motor skills. Maximum the effect is provided by a massage performed by a well-trained specialist.

Normalization of formation, as well as acceleration of fluid absorption a procedure such as microcurrent contributes to the brain reflexology. In infants, sleep improves after treatment physical activity is observed, significantly reduced excitability. The kid is gradually catching up with his peers in development. The most effective is a comprehensive treatment. there are first signs that the child is overheated in the sun.

Do you know why a child’s head sweats in a dream and how to deal with it fight.

Workshop for young mothers – a note on what to do if baby’s fever.


From early childhood, many clearly remember the unshakable truth – if a hot head, then this is the main sign of high temperature or that it will rise soon. However children the body is “wound up” a little differently. Even a symptom when the baby is too hot a head, does not mean the presence of temperature and the onset of the disease.

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