Testosterone increases the desire of men toluxury

Update: February 2019

Such a conclusion was made by experts of the California Technological
Institute. As a result of a study conducted on volunteers,
It has been proven that men with high testosterone levels
subject to expensive purchases. Такое поведение  —
redirection of aggression supported by testosterone.

Each person has his own preferences: one is fairly simple,
quality things, others can not wear anything except brand
clothes. In the work of scientists it was shown that the level of testosterone
can affect the propensity to purchase expensive items (see also
how to increase testosterone).


In animals, testosterone is a stimulant to aggressive
поведению, а у человека это выражается в желании  повысить
your status and be better than others. One way to achieve this is
branded wealth that is used by man as
confirmation of their superiority over others. Similar behavior
scientists compared with the tail of the peacock, which has no functional
values ​​for the bird, moreover, inconvenience, but
used to attract females.

В исследовании участвовали 243 добровольца в возрасте
18-55 лет
, которым на кожу наносили гель с тестостероном
or placebo drug. After 4 hours (achievement period
maximum level of testosterone) they were asked to perform
several tasks, by the results of which it was found out who is prone to
buying branded items.

  • In the first case, there was a choice between a “status” product and
    a thing of a lesser known brand, equal in quality to the first.
  • The second experiment included viewing different versions of advertising.
    one product: in the commercials, quality was alternately praised
    then power and further luxury item.

Participants rated the product on a 10-point scale. The result of two
experiments: men with high levels of testosterone in the blood
предпочитали предметы luxury, качество и мощность изделий не
influenced the purchase decision.

The conclusion of scientists makes you think:

Similar behavior is observed in monkeys. To prove your
superior to their congeners, the males spend a lot of energy and time.
People do the same thing – they use clothes for their own purposes,
cars, real estate and other items that make them more
important and strong, but forget about life values.

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