Temperature 37 in infants: normal or not

Often parents are worried about finding that their breast
ребенка температура 37 градусов или даже выше. Elevated
temperature is perceived as a sign of disease, it seems that
baby requires mandatory and immediate treatment.

У грудного ребенка температура 37

Increasing the temperature of a very young child
is a sign of viral disease and, along with other
symptoms, can warn parents that their baby
need medical care, but there are other reasons for raising
temperature Slightly elevated compared to adults
температура 37 градусов или чуть выше: 37,1 —
37,5 — не считается педиатрами чем-то серьезным
, если нет
other signs of the disease: the child is active, has a good appetite,
not restless and eats well.

This body temperature is due to the fact that the mechanisms
теплообмена у грудничков еще несовершенны и продолжают
be formed up to a year after the birth of the child.

37 ºC – norm or not

У крох до 6 месяцев температура тела изменяется

  • Через несколько минут после рождения ребенка температура
    body is about 38 degrees;
  • After 5-6 hours, the temperature decreases, but during the first
    few weeks of life remains unstable. In many ways she
    depends on the temperature of the room where the baby is;
  • During the first five to six months of life
    у новорожденного ребенка температура в 37 градусов
    not considered a disease.

Статья: Какая нормальная температура тела
should be at the baby

Of great importance is the method of measuring temperature in
newborn baby. Measure the temperature of an ordinary thermometer is not so
simply. Optimal use:

  1. Thermometer-teat, which makes it possible to measure
    the temperature of even a sleeping child, not nerving him.
  2. Ear thermometer (it measures the temperature in the ear canal and
    provides a very fast result).
  3. Rectally. The child may lie on his stomach
    knees in adults, as well as on the side. Thermometer tip need
    смазать кремом и аккуратно ввести его в попу малыша. During
    performing this procedure, the child must remain motionless,
    his buttocks need to squeeze, legs and handles gently hold,
    to avoid active movements.

A very detailed article on how to measure temperature.
and the choice of thermometers
— http://razvitie-krohi.ru/uhod-za-rebenkom/kak-novorozhdennomu-rebenku-pomerit-temperaturu-gde-luchshe-izmeryat-i-kakim-termometrom.html

What to do

On the temperature of a small child great value
render external factors:

  • The temperature of the room strongly influences the body temperature of the baby.
    If it is stuffy, hot – enough to air, so that the crumb does not
  • No need to bundle up a child, put too much clothing on him.
    Excessive warm clothing on the child contributes to its overheating. Same
    refers to cases of illness of the child: muffle the baby at a temperature
    even a little above the norm is impossible;
  • The body temperature of a sleeping child will always be lower than
    a child who does not sleep and is actively moving. This is
    the main difference between this state of the baby from the heat,
    the cause of which was a viral disease;
  • The body temperature of an infant may be higher during

If the temperature is elevated, you need to call the doctor and get
consultation, as well as monitor the behavior of the baby. If so
the child looks sick (sluggish, no appetite, naughty, bad
asleep), you need to seek medical advice immediately.

What to do, если заболел грудничок? At such a tender age
you can’t give anything, but most drugs have a long
list of contraindications and side effects. Parents in
confusion: really, to cure a crumb, you need to give it
such terrible drugs? Now there is a simple solution:
Oscillococcinum. It is designed taking into account the characteristics of the child.
organism. It can be given from birth, the drug does not have
side effects and brings maximum benefit.


Температура тела у новорожденного 37 ºC это вполне

BUT, if you see that the child is sluggish, contact your pediatrician.


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