Temperament of the child depends on the postpartumdepressed

Update: February 2019

Dr. Stephanie Parade, who led a new study on
the study of the psychology of new mothers and its effects on
a newborn, says: depression after giving birth can
largely determine the characteristics of the temperament of the baby. Job
held in collaboration with scientists from the University Medical School
Brown (USA, Rhode Island) and was spotted by Wiley magazine.

As you know, our temperament is individual and is the most important
basis for the development of man as a person. It reflects the work
higher nervous structures but so far nobody has been able to accurately
determine the mechanisms of formation of temperament. New research
could help a little more to understand this problem.

For the experiment, Stephanie Parade selected a group of women
in the last weeks of gestation, and
established monitoring of their condition. Scientists wondered how
women will manifest themselves after delivery. Namely,
evaluated the state of the psyche, emotions, manifestation of attention to
newborn, family relationships. Observation continued at
for 30 months. Terms of “evaluation” were 8 and 15 months from
start the experiment. In addition, Stephanie watched in parallel

As a result, scientists were able to understand:

  1. In case of proper attention and interest of the mother
    ребенком даже при наличии послеродовой depressed дети обладали
    moderate temperament (could restrain excessive emotions
    learned to calmly interact with other children).
  2. Women who have not overcome depression and put it above their
    newborns, raised children with a rather difficult character.

The results of the work of American researchers can be considered
significantly significant, because the analysis was carried out taking into account the influence
all family members on the development of babies. Parade pays attention:
postpartum women need reliable support so that
быстрее преодолеть проявления depressed и наслаждаться радостью

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