Teething in infants: symptoms, termsteething of milk teeth

Update: December 2018

  • Decreased appetite in the baby, up to a complete rejection of
    power supply
  • Swelling of the gums, swelling in the area of ​​eruption
  • Sleep disturbance, increased capriciousness, irritability
  • Actively raising the baby’s thrust, grab, bite and gnaw,
    what comes across – due to itching in the gum area
  • Increased salivation

Increased drooling in turn causes a series of
additional symptoms that can also be judged on
the possibility of teeth in infants:

  • cough and hoarseness, especially when lying down, as the main
    due to excessive salivation, because of its excessive
    hit in the throat;
  • appearance of irritation and rash near the mouth, on the chin, in
    breast area – this symptom appears due to rubbing
    baby saliva handles and their abundant runoff from the mouth;
  • slight weakening of the stool (diarrhea), as a result
    saliva ingestion with food;
  • a runny nose due to saliva in the middle ear.

Symptom of irritability, excessive moodiness and sharp
mood swings – is almost the main sign for
any baby and caused by the following reasons:

  • pain from teeth breaking through tissue
    gum surfaces;
  • itching and discomfort that can also spread to
    nearby areas – cheeks, ears, nose, baby constantly pulls his
    face, and the cams constantly pulls into his mouth.

Рвота и понос при прорезывании of teeth  – достаточно редкое
a phenomenon that can only be caused by the fact that the child has swallowed
saliva. If these signs often recur, while
high temperature, this reaction is in no way associated with
teething. In this case, we are most likely talking about
viral infection causing gastrointestinal disorders
different etiologies (rotaviruses, astroviruses, noroviruses,
caliciviruses and adenoviruses, called intestinal,
gastric flu). This condition requires mandatory
pediatric examination.

Unwell due to fever. With teething
the teeth of the baby’s temperature may be elevated, but not more
38-38.5 degrees. This parameter is a reaction to inflamed
parts of the baby’s mouth mucosa, and since its area is too small,
consequently, the temperature drops should be insignificant.
Normally, many children behave as usual, and the usual 36.6
return for 2-3 days.

Unfortunately, the symptoms of the onset of the appearance of milk teeth are similar.
with many infectious diseases whose microorganisms
It is during this period that they breed favorably and actively.
disguised as teething signs. Therefore, if
several of the listed symptoms appear immediately
It is necessary to self-medicate, urgently call a pediatrician.

How to help the child with teething?

The elimination of negative phenomena accompanying the kid who
crawling teeth – the task is not quite simple. However, there is a mass
recommendations and tips to help your family survive this
a period less painful and without any consequences.

So how to facilitate teething baby? First
turn, should provide the baby with all the necessary
�“Rodent helpers” that massage the gums, thereby
soothing baby.

  • All kinds of teethers, with liquid or helium
    inside the filling which is designed specifically for
    cooling effect of the gum area. The downside is that these items
    periodically have to clean the refrigerator, and the cold is known
    temporarily relieves pain and itching.
  • Soothers or bottles. The mechanism of action also helps
    meet the chewable needs of the child.

Note that the constant chewing or sucking of various items
irregular shapes can become the germ of the formation of the wrong
bite. Therefore, you should choose a dummy with a special
orthodontic form of high quality material (latex,
silicone). Strictly monitor their cleanliness and storage.

  • Brush-fingertip – this tool in recent years has become
    especially popular among young mothers, because it is not only
    helps to massage the gums, soothe the baby, but also cares for
    oral cavity. In addition, it is possible to assess the degree of the state of the gums – than
    the stronger the child bites, the closer the time of the appearance of the next
  • Massaging gums with gauze soaked in cold
    water This method simultaneously relieves itching in the gums and clears
    oral cavity from various microbes. The massage should be gentle
    gentle, with the exception of sharp sloppy movements.

Medicinal methods of dealing with the symptoms of eruption
of teeth

Of course, most measures are ineffective, so
образом, при прорезывании of teeth у детей – лекарства являются одним
of high performance aids. Pharmaceuticals
offers many specialized gels, ointments and other
means of local action. Consider among them the most widely
used in pediatrics and tested by time. Many
these drugs contain lidocaine, which in pediatrics
should be used with caution.



(160-200 rub.) – gel or drops based on lidocaine and chamomile
pharmacy, has anesthetic properties. A maximum of 3 is applied.
once a day, allergic reactions are possible.

Baby doctor first teeth

(140-170 rub.) – hypoallergenic vegetable gel
origin, has a weak analgesic effect, has
anti-inflammatory effect. Means absolutely
safe to use for infants, which is undeniable


(220-300 rub.) – the gel consists of choline salicylate components
(anti-inflammatory effect) and adhesive backing that helps
therapeutic properties of the gel to act more effectively. maybe
use up to 2-3 times per day.


(220-300 rub.) Means based on lidocaine, has more
a weak effect of pain relief, it tastes sweetish and threatens
the appearance of an allergic reaction. Gel is used at the age of 5
months up to 6 times a day with an interval between doses of 20-30


(about 200 rub.) – adhesive-based gel, effective at
open wounds on the gums.

Homeopathy – Dantinorm baby

It is a homeopathic remedy whose ingredients act
on teething symptoms in babies in the complex:

  • anti-inflammatory effect
  • pain reduction
  • struggle with digestive disorders

Unlike gels, this solution is applied inside and
has a longer lasting effect.

Regarding the use of such a tool as Kamistad, which
Now available in pharmacies in Russia, it is contraindicated for children under 12 years old,
Previously was Kamistad Baby, whose composition is safe for kids and
It could be applied to children from 3 months. So what to use
Kamistad gel in infants can not.

The use of any drug to relieve painful
sensations during teething, requires expert advice,
familiarization and strict compliance with instructions. Should be considered
influence of many factors, as well as individual characteristics
organism your karapuza.

Main conclusions:

Neither before, after or teething, should not be given to children.
nothing sweetened or containing sugar. The reason is obvious –
development of caries due to lack of security and cleansing
milk teeth.

  • You can reduce the signs of inflammation and protect your gums with
    wiping the infant’s oral mucosa with solutions based on
    medicinal plants (for example, chamomile). They are easy to use, and
    they can even be given to drink to a child.
  • Do not forget about the existence of safe toothpastes for the most
    small marked “0+”. They will surely help clear the first
    your karapuz teeth, and when ingested absolutely

Any child, especially in infancy needs to be surrounded
love and affection. Many babies who have teeth climb, it happens
just enough to soak up in the arms of your mother and just feel her
presence is near. So do not be afraid to spoil your toddler
boldly take it on your hands, apply more often than usual to your chest,
play with him and spend maximum time together. Believe me then
the teeth will be painless, and about these days you will
remember with a smile on his face.

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