Teethers – types of teethers,tips on choosing

Когда у ребенка режутся зубки не просто приходится не
только самому крохе из-за сильного зуда десен, но и всем
to households, since children become very capricious, sleep badly
at night, do not release the cams from the mouth. Unpleasant sensations from
cutting teeth helps to brighten up special anesthetic gels and
special teethers for teeth. Also
прорезыватели помогают формировать правильный прикус, улучшают
и развивают мелкую моторику рук и подготавливают ребенка к
chewing process.

Прорезыватели для зубов

Основное назначение прорезывателей – массаж дёсен. Massage
helps reduce gum discomfort and causes rush
blood to the massaged area, accelerating the process of spitting teeth.
Despite the fact that the teethers have one goal, they themselves
differ among themselves. Different types of teethers are designed
for different ages and can serve as different additional

If you are going to buy your baby a teether, then
You certainly need to think about the comfort and health of your beloved child. A business
in that a poor substandard product is likely to cause
у ребенка аллергию, а неудачно подобранная модель будет просто
lie idle. How to avoid such mistakes when choosing? Below you
You will learn about some important nuances.

What are the teethers

Материал. Teethers are produced from
silicone, latex, can be from plastic, thermoplastic rubber,
wooden. Latex are considered the softest, and all because
they are more elastic. However, the minus of such a product is that it
wear out faster. Pay attention to hard
изделие не способствовало формированию неправильного прикуса —
it must have an anatomical shape.

Назначение. Manufacturers consider that teeth have
ребенка режутся последовательно, и выпускают прорезыватели
different species that are required for a particular stage of growth
teeth and their location:

  • Stage # 1 – the product relieves pain when the front ones appear
    lower teeth;
  • Stage number 2 – the product is intended for the upper front
  • Stage 3 – lateral and distant teeth;
  • Universal. Suitable in all cases.

For the smallest (up to 3 months) there are teethers,
helping to massage the gums and cut through the upper and lower teeth
(incisors). From 4 to 6 months – options for the eruption of premolars.
From half a year – for back teeth (molars).

There are also universal species that fulfill all
the above functions. In any case, on the packaging
products can always read the corresponding

Article about teething first teeth
— http://razvitie-krohi.ru/razvitie-rebenka-do-goda/u-rebenka-rezhutsya-pervyie-zubyi.html

Безопасность. Choosing the right one for your baby
model always pay attention to its unduly hard parts, so
how they can cause injury. Do not take too bright with
�“Acidic” shade teethers – dyes in their composition can
be of poor quality and lead to poisoning or allergic
reactions due to its toxicity. Of course, the product must be
durable, so that the baby could not bite off a part of it and swallow it.

Shape and size. Do not purchase too large
или маленькие прорезыватели для зубов, поскольку  они неудобны
for a child and he will simply give up on them. Both shape and size
products must be suitable for baby’s mouth, in addition,
teether should lie well on the gums. Concerning
pimples, bumps and other irregularities, it is quite normal
– a child usually “scratches” their teeth. Usually the teether is made in
ring shape or other geometric shapes. Often manufacturers
seeking to attract the attention of children, create products in the form of animals
or fruit.

Also существуют насадки с крошечной щеткой, которые родители
надевают на палец  и массируют ими десна baby Besides,
the market offers teethers with filler (plain water or
a special gel), due to which pain symptoms and
swelling is reduced, and battery-powered options with gum stimulation
– when turned on, the device starts to vibrate, which leads to
improve blood microcirculation in the gums.

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  • Silicone / latex. Classic
    teethers for teeth. They can be в виде любых
    геометрических фигурок. Предназначены для того, чтобы
    ребенок «чесал» о нее свои воспаленные gums. Silicone
    Teethers for teeth are very soft, so they are best
    Suitable for babies 3 – 5 months, that is, when teeth
    just starting to cut. Silicone features are such that
    dust is very easy to adhere to this material;
    animals and various small household trash. This means that parents
    you need to follow the purity of silicone with increased zeal
  • Fingertip with a brush. Mom puts on
    the product is on your finger and massaging toddler
    gums.  Teethers-nozzles, by the way, like
    not all kids, despite the fact that their fingers are
    with pleasure;
  • Rattles-teethers and
    teething toys.
    Variants of such teethers
    great variety. The teether in this case is
    element of a rattle, plastic or even a soft toy. how
    Usually, these items are made of soft plastic or rubber,
    may have a different texture for an additional massage effect.
    The calculation in this case is that children love to pull all their
    toys. Attempting to combine business with pleasure is often
    successful. Such teethers are suitable for babies over half a year,
    who are already confidently manipulating objects;
  • Охлаждающие с водой или гелем. Such
    teethers made of rubber and filled with distilled
    water or special gel. They may have the appearance of abstract
    figures or animals. how правило, всегда имеется ручка, чтобы
    It was convenient for the child to keep this useful toy. Before giving
    teether baby, it needs to be cooled. For this he must
    lie in the main chamber of the refrigerator for no more than an hour. Chill slightly
    pain relief gums. The contents of such a teether are safe for
    baby, so you can not worry about that crumb bite
    rubber. Because of the filler, such teethers are quite heavy,
    therefore suitable for older children. Famous brands – Nuby,
    Avent, Bright Starts, Nuk;
  • С вибрацией. It looks like a normal rubber
    teether, but if you slightly bite it – vibration is included.
    These teethers are equipped with a simple mechanism and a battery.
    Vibration enhances the massage effect of the teether, and kids
    the process itself is interesting;
  • Teether teats They can be
    made of plastic, rubber, silicone. The point is that according to your
    These teethers look like pacifiers. The nipple itself,
    intended for biting, can have different relief protrusions,
    may be bulk or flat. Such teethers are suitable for
    babies who are “friends” with a pacifier;
  • Teether books. Book allows
    take baby and scratch your teeth :)

Photo gallery (clickable)

насадка на палец
с жидкостью охлаждающий
пластиковый с погремушкой
с вибрацией

Комаровский о прорезывателях

Recommendations for selection and use

  1. The teether should be safe for the baby. Warranty
    security in this case will be credible
    manufacturer that complies with all requirements for the production of children’s
  2. Choose a teether based on age and capacity.
    crumbs. Regardless of the type of teether, it must be
    �”Commensurate” with the child: it is easy to fit in his pen and mouth.
    Besides, малышу должно быть понятно, что делать с этим
    subject, and it is interesting to “use” them. So, for a three-month
    Crumbs A complicated toy with teethers may not yet be available,
    and for a year old, a simple rattle-teether is no longer
  3. Try different models of teethers within age
    baby You can never say in advance which teether
    like your little one.
  4. Do not forget about the rules of hygiene and regularly handle
  5. Do not be discouraged if all your newfangled teethers are
    baby prefers his finger or any other toy. The most
    the main thing is that the child can get relief in the period

Not always parents can even teach a child to gnaw
teethers Некоторые предлагают детям сушки, жесткие
vegetables, for example carrots. Если ребенок ещё не получает
prikorm, use food in order teething is undesirable. AT
after all, you can just temporarily increase your cleanliness control.
all the toys and pens baby: let him bite any rattle or your

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