Teen’s headache: no obvious reasonsheadache

Update: October 2018

When a small child’s head hurts, it scares and forces
consult a doctor. But if this symptom is seen in a teenager,
the situation is changing. An adult remembers that he himself
periodically there are headaches – and nothing alive. Besides,
many say that headaches in transitional age are a phenomenon
normal, caused by hormonal changes.

Why a headache in adolescence quickens

�”Transitional” age is a serious test for a teenager. AT
this age, his hormonal background changes dramatically, and while
the body is trying to reorganize and get used to it, “out
get out “all the problems that he was able to compensate.
Therefore, at the age of 9 to 14 years old, if the child had:

  • chronic diseases;
  • violations of the vessels – rather, of innate nature;
  • genetic features

they all “raise their heads” – and the head starts to hurt more often.

Tension headache

Это – причина 73% случаев headache у подростков. Her can
cause not obvious, at first glance, reasons:

  • long sitting at the table or at the computer – when the neck
    is in a tense state;
  • uncomfortable head position during sleep;
  • frequent stress;
  • conflict situations.

Именно при headache напряжения подросток жалуется, что
every day a headache: the breaks are so short that almost
invisible. The pain begins right in the morning, feels like pressing,
localized in the forehead, temples, not amplified by physical
loads. AT течение дня она может изменять свою локализацию и

Scoliosis of the cervical spine

This disease also often debuts in adolescence –
due to the fact that active growth of the bones of the skeleton, and
they did not have time to become condensed. And then the teenager starts lying down
read, go to concerts or other events where necessary
pull and tilt the neck – and the spine in the cervical region
bent. Blood circulation in the brain deteriorates and appears


Это основная причина headache у девочки подростка. Have
boys migraine also happens, but since adolescence she
becomes less frequent.

AT основе мигрени – наследственная патология в каком-то участке
vessel in the brain. It can be suspected if at least one
the parent suffered from this pathology. Manifest disease
scary enough: it’s a very bad headache that
increases with physical exertion, light, loud sounds, smell
gasoline, drinking coffee, chocolate.

The pain is most often localized in one half of the head; some
her forms can be accompanied by speech disorders, disorders
vision, paresis of the limbs, vomiting. ATсе это очень похоже на
meningitis or subarachnoid hemorrhage. Distinguishes Migraine

  • no temperature increase;
  • the disappearance of focal symptoms on the background of the disappearance of the head
  • the absence of any changes in the interictal period.

Long fasting period

If a teenager did not eat on time, his headache may develop.
pain. The reasons for this may be 2:

  1. uncritical decrease in blood sugar – as a sign of disease
    pancreas or liver;
  2. migraine.

Chronic diseases of ENT organs

AT качестве причин, почему у подростка болит голова, могут
perform chronic and acute:

  • sinusitis;
  • frontal disease;
  • tonsillitis;
  • ethmoiditis

In acute diseases, headache is accompanied by other
symptoms: fever, sore throat, runny nose. With
chronic – pain may be the only symptom.


Lack of sleep due to changes in chronotype

Most children are “larks”. But to teen
many of them start rebuilding into an owl, and they
constantly not getting enough sleep. Why this happens is unknown.


Hormone reorganization of adolescence can lead to
vegetative-vascular dystonia, which sometimes causes an increase
blood pressure. AT результате гипертонии и появляются
headaches (most often the back of the head starts to hurt).

Other causes of hypertension are kidney disease,
adrenal glands, brain. Sometimes elevated pressure can
be caused by the use of large quantities of salt, energy,

Heart rhythm disorder

When the heart is malfunctioning (irregularly) in the brain
not enough blood is coming. And in response to hypoxia
появляется headache.

Please note: teenage rhythm disturbance is not necessary
will feel. Only extrasystoles are felt (like heart sinking
or, conversely, a sharp blow) and an increase in heart rate. More
severe arrhythmias can not feel.

Haveхудшение зрения

When visual acuity decreases, the teenager begins
look closely: to the board, to the numbers of public transport, to
persons familiar. AT этом случае причиной headache является
overstrain of the oculomotor muscles.

Changes in intracranial pressure

When the head feels sick and sore, it can be both a boost and
decrease intracranial pressure. ATо многих cases they arise
на фоне интоксикации на фоне ОРATИ, приема каких-то препаратов,
bad habits. But the reasons for this can be acute
brain disease such as meningitis or
subarachnoid hemorrhage. Therefore nausea and headache,
even without temperature, even if it passed, requires examination
at the neuropathologist.

Appearance of a bad habit

And smoking, and alcohol, and most drugs, when a teenager
их только пробует, могут вызывать головную pain. It happens by
for the reason that some of them have a direct impact on
brain vessels, others cause

Poisoning in the home with toxic substances, use
some products and supplements

The head in the forehead can ache when breathing air with a sharp
the smell. As a rule, it is saturated with toxic substances. This is new
furniture and household appliances, new building materials and carpet
products, not high-quality clothes, toys made of
токсических материалов и красителей, some канцтовары, изделия
из пластика с резким the smell. That is, if a teenager is long
time is in a poorly ventilated room with materials
emit a sharp toxic smell, he may have a headache.
Also, the use of certain foods can cause headache
pain: foods with food additives (flavor enhancers,
ароматизаторы), орехи, шоколад, сыр, coffee.

Psychotraumatic situation

Adolescent headaches can start due to severe stress:
fear, harassment at school, conflict with teachers, surprise from meeting
with drunk. Such pains also need attention, because if they are not
eliminate, they can “result” in depression, asthenia, neurotic

How to treat a teen headache

Как видите, причин headache много – здесь не перечислено и
half. Each of them has its own examination and its own
treatment. Therefore, deciding what to do can only

Before his visit, you need to ensure the child a healthy way.

  • adequate sleep;
  • obtaining useful proteins, vitamins and trace elements with
  • walks in the fresh air, not a rest at the computer;
  • parental support during traumatic situations or
    getting bad grades.

Thus, do not write off a teenager’s headache on
hormones. Refer to a neurologist, cardiologist, pediatrician,
rule out all terrible reasons and do not forget about loving your
to matured fumes!

Автор: Кривега Мария Салаватовна врач-реаниматолог

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