Teach your child to walk: 10 tips

10 basic tips to help teach a child yourself
walk: Lie down on your tummy, Practice turning over, Encourage
movement, go on a journey, Help to strengthen the muscles of the legs,
Be a companion, Forget about walkers, Choose interesting
place to walk, do not compare, choose the right shoes …

Your child grows, develops, is already crawling, and
каждый родитель ждет того момента когда их малыш начнет ходить
on the legs, make the first step. Many parents are trying their
крохе помочь пойти и пытаются научить baby ходить
yourself as quickly as possible. Let’s figure out when to start.
preparation.  We offer you 10 simple tips
which we hope will help you.

The content of the article

  • 1 Getting started
  • 2 First steps
    • 2.1 ATидео №1: Как научить baby ходить
      on your own?
  • 3 Trouble Walking
    • 3.1 Video # 2: The child refuses to walk on his own
    • 3.2 Learning to walk: video number 3:
    • 3.3 Interview with a physician on physical therapy (video №4)
  • 4 Updated:

учим baby ходить

Мы уже писали подробную статью когда дети начинают
walk, we advise you to read (to have a common

The beginning of time

№1 We lie on the tummy

Long before your baby takes its first steps when
he is only a few weeks old, you can start cooking
muscle for the upcoming work. Make sure the child is holding in
Day 10 minutes on the tummy, either immediately or throughout the day. it
action will help strengthen the neck and back muscles of the infant.
(Читаем: Как правильно выкладывать baby на

№2 Practice turning

Get ready for some tumbling while changing diapers!
Ребенок начнет переворачиваться с боку на бок и пытаться
вернуться назад уже в два — четыре месяцев от роду. Encourage
his coups holding the toy first over him and then
moving her to the side to the limit. it поможет малышу развивать
the muscles of the neck, back, legs and arms, prepare for the next step: the ability
sit. (Читаем: Когда ребенок начинает
roll over | Teach your baby to roll over in 3 – 4 months:
simple acting exercises (+ video)).

№3 We encourage movement

From about 4 months of age, the child tries
sit with support or in pillows, and at 6 months he is able
сидеть  on their own. Help him to sit down, gently pulling
by the handles. Stimulate the baby to turn in different directions,
lean, sit using a toy, leaving it out of reach,
strengthening his muscles and coordination.

№4 Going on a trip

удерживайте малыша за руки и ходите вместе с ним

From six to ten months, baby will learn to crawl by doing
lunging forward for the subject that caught his attention. Take advantage of
this and place the attractive objects for him away,
encouraging movement. Take a little trip to your home,
using your child’s new-found mobility. Article about
the initial period of crawling.

№5 Help strengthen the muscles of the legs

Your curious tot will soon begin to rise, relying on different
objects like furniture, your foot or anything else in order
keep balance. Usually children cope with this task in seven
– twelve months. Help strengthen their leg muscles by allowing
hold on to you, jump on your lap. Also teach your baby to bend.
knees so he knows how to get back to the floor.

The first steps

№6 Be a companion

When a child gains strength and is already well worth it, he begins
move around the house, holding on to furniture and other objects. Now
good time to go back to the “cruise” when it has reached new
heights To teach a child to walk well, support him
hold his hands and walk with him. it также идеальное
time to give him a pushing toy, like a stroller
for a doll that will help him go on his own or a car with

When the child began to walk along the support - offer him безопасную машинку с pen. Малыш будет шагать за ней, держась by the handles.

When the child began to walk along the support – offer him
безопасную машинку с pen. The baby will walk behind her, holding

№7 Забудьте про ходунки

it не нужно, и даже вредно, приучать малыша к ходункам. They
can delay the development of the child in the ability to walk, because they narrow
his hips and pelvis. In addition, walkers are sometimes dangerous, babies can
roll to the heater, stove, ladder or pool while
in them. It seems that this design can make life easier for mom. But
this is not true. We must constantly observe whether something has happened. 
Try to use the fixed table to play your games.

  • ходунки

    We recommend to read the article about
    (Споры «ЗА» и «ПРОТИAT» ходунков)
  • Также можете заодно почитать и о прыгунках
    use jumpers or not

№8 Choose interesting places to walk

Finally, the moment you have been waiting for has come:
ребенок отпустил стены, мебель, руки и сделал первые шаги
on their own. Most kids make their first
steps nine to thirteen months and begin to walk confidently
between fourteen and fifteen months of life.
when he goes get ready to see new amazing moments:
how he kicks the ball or scrambles up the stairs.

ATидео №1: Как научить baby ходить on your own?

Топ, топ, топает малыш…The first steps — очень не
light … it looks touchingly crumb, which, waving from the legs to
leg, makes its first steps. Walking is another small
discoveries in the life of a child.

№9 Do not compare

Not all children are the same. Some succeed earlier, others –
later. The time it takes a child to reach a certain
milestones may depend on various reasons such as body weight
or even character. Although it is not easy, try not
разочаровываться и не расстраиваться, если ваш ребенок отстает
from other children. Keep in mind that deadlines are
approximate, not carved in stone.

№10 Choose the right shoes

Go buy the first pair of walking shoes at the end of the day,
when the leg is a little more than the first half. Let baby
will dress and stand in a new shoe. Make sure it is spacious for him
does not press. Let him go around the store a bit, check to see if
irritation, red spots on the legs. If there are stains, try
larger size. Shoes must be strictly according to age, have
firm high heel, elastic sole with arch support, comfortable
clasp. Details on the correct selection of children’s shoes.

At home you can walk without shoes, it is useful, tempers. If a
afraid that the baby will slip, buy socks with rubberized
outsole. They, к тому же, предупредят плоскостопие.

Trouble walking

If a ребенок при хождении очень часто падает, постоянно хочет
walking only holding your hand, then one of the possible reasons
there may be poor eyesight, we recommend to consult

We read additional tips on the topic
развития вашего baby.


Бывает ребенок при хождении наступает не на всю
foot, and on tiptoe, many parents do not understand why their
кроха ходит на носочках, поэтому ознакомьтесь со
— причины и что делать?

Updated: Еще одна популярная
проблема, это когда ребенок боится самостоятельно ходить,
so read what he is afraid of and what should be done in this
— ссылка на статью

Video # 2: A child refuses to walk on his own

Video answer to the question:

�”Hello! Daughter began to walk at 11 months, without
support a few steps did, then slightly fell and flatly
refuses to walk independently, only by the handle, and
barely hold on to a finger, or lean on furniture, etc. AT
one year passed inspection, everything is fine, the orthopedic neurologist looked,
a little valgus feet, passed a course of massage – no changes,
run-rush for the handle. It is worth contacting a neurologist or
a psychologist, or do not touch the child, how will it go, so will it? ATозможно
There are some special psychological techniques or games to
overcome this fear? Thanks in advance for your reply. ”

Thesis conclusion:

  1. Do not rush the child.
  2. Develop an interest in walking.
  3. Find an example to follow.
  4. Hold it right.
  5. The rejection of the “walker”.
  6. Walking without shoes.

ATажно! We also read: Children grow very
quickly. Уже через несколько месяцев ваш ребенок перестанет
lie in the crib, begin to crawl, then walk, learn new ones
territory first in his room and then in the whole house, therefore
It is very important to secure a home for the child. How to do it right
read in this article – how to secure a house for a small

Learning to walk: video number 3:

Very useful video. Highly recommend to

Interview with a doctor on physical therapy (video №4)

The first children’s steps. ATо сколько ребенок должен начать
to walk? Отвечает ATарвара ATладимировна:

Patience you, wisdom and happiness!

Читаем далее: что умеет ребенок в год (основные



  1. Не торопить своего baby. ATсе средние показатели — условный
    reference point. Therefore, even in 14-15 months, still do not walk alone
    для некоторых вполне нормально. The main task of parents on
    the initial stage – wait until the child is ripe for the development of a new
    skill. Haste can negatively affect the formation of feet,
    muscles, joints.
  2. Create a favorable, safe environment: remove all that
    can cause harm, eliminate sharp corners, hide cords, and
    especially sensitively follow the baby.
  3. Проводить физ preparation. No special exercise
    would need. Just need time to step by step to train all
    muscle groups from birth. ATыкладывать на живот, стимулировать
    turning over. Next, the child must sit down from the position
    lying down. And, of course, crawling has a big role. Parent task
    всячески поощрять двигательную активность baby. For example,
    attracting him with toys, forcing him to crawl around the room. And jumping
    on parental knees that kids love so much – great
    упражнение для укрепления ножек. (How to make a newborn
    baby сильнее: 4 базовых упражнения для развития у малыша силы и
  4. Massage develops muscles well and relieves tension in them.
    at the same time. You can contact a specialist, and you can do it
    on their own.
  5. Encourage walking. You can show interesting toys, and
    after putting it on the table, for example, so that you could get it
    would just stand up. When trying to baby already do the first
    The steps of the toy can miraculously move from the table to the sofa,
    as soon as the baby approaches her. Good to be on the street more often.
    where you can watch the other children who already know how to walk. With
    This carriage is best left at home. It is convenient to use
    special “reins”. But только тогда, когда ребенок уже начинает
    walk ATажно следить, чтобы корпус baby не нагибался вперед или
    to the side.
  6. Encourage. Praise for success, the smile of mom and dad – the best
    reward. Do not forget the gentle and enthusiastic words.
    The child deserves it for his first steps.

О чем стоит помнить обучая baby ходить:

  • It is better to start walking barefoot. it приводит к правильному
    foot formation. И попутно закаляет baby Well or dress
    носочки с прорезиненной outsole.
  • For walking on the street, you should buy high-quality and comfortable
    shoes with a tight back and make sure that it does not rub
  • No need to be seduced by walkers. Children often after a walker
    for a long time go on socks. And do refuse in a timely manner
    learn walking skills.
  • ATо время обучения не нужно держать baby за подмышки.
    Correct for the brush, for the forearm or even for the hood.
  • And, most importantly, be patient. Не стоит подгонять baby под
    standard frames. But нужно быть помощником ему во всем, как только
    he himself will be ready for new discoveries.

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