Teach your baby to roll over in 3 – 4 months:simple acting exercises (+ video)

учим ребенка переворачиваться

Most recently, the baby was not available most of the movements.
Но вот ему минуло 3 месяца, и он стал пытаться
reach for toys. Now the crumbs do not lie in one position, and
he wants to turn on his side, trying to roll over on his back
stomach. Each child has these moments individually.

Normally, children begin to roll over on the side in 4 months,
then this skill months to 5 smoothly turns into turning
from the back to the tummy. By the end of the fifth – the beginning of the sixth
месяца многие малыши уже могут переворачиваться и обратно
— с живота на спину.

Статья: Когда ребенок начинает
roll over?

If the pediatrician determines that the child’s development is appropriate
standards of age indicators, then you can not worry that the crumb
something to miss or not learn. Gradually, the child will gain all
inherent skills.

If in six months the baby does not know how and does not try
roll over then you need to consult with
a specialist.
The doctor will examine the child, will exclude
neurological disorders and will advise a range of exercises, massage and
other procedures that will help your baby catch up.

We learn and we help the child to turn over – preparation

Here are exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back, neck, abdomen and
preparing them for new movements, for babies from three months:

  1. Alternately bend and unbend the baby’s legs by type
    exercise “bike”.
  2. Give the child the thumbs of your hands to grip. Breed
    handles to the side, and then reduce, collecting them on the baby’s chest.
  3. Also give your baby a finger to grip and pull it up.
    gradually by the handles to yourself. Over time, the baby will reach out for
    by hands.
  4. Spread the crumbs on the tummy. This can be done as early as 1 month.
    life, starting from the 1st minute and gradually increasing the time to 10
    minutes Exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of the neck, holding

Video on how to strengthen the muscles of the back and


It is better to start gymnastics after a preliminary massage (massage
to kid). Длительность выполнения упражнений 15 minutes

When the child begins to confidently hold his head, lean on
pens, will become more active and curious, you can begin to teach him
roll over.

Как помочь ребенку roll over?

To make learning easier and more interesting, provide
baby conditions for this:

  • child should be placed on a solid, not bending
  • create a goal for the baby in the form of a bright toy to which he wants
    reach out;
  • the child must be positive;
  • it is better to perform gymnastics naked, parallel tempering

How to teach a child roll over video

Correctional gymnastics for babies will help the baby learn
перевороту со спины на stomach.

Exercises for turning from back to belly:

  1. Lay the child on the back. Interest him with a toy, bringing
    over the child up and down at a distance of 30 cm. When you see
    that the baby is trying to get it, put the toy in some
    away from the child, but so that he could not grab her.
    Now that the baby is trying to roll over on its side, to the side
    toys, you can slightly push it. Perhaps this will be
    enough for the child to turn over.
  2. The child is laid on his back, bend one leg in the knee
    joint and move aside the coup so that the knee
    in contact with the surface on which the baby lies. Baby by
    inertia will begin to pull the handle in this direction. Help him give
    your finger to grip, but do not pull. Let the baby pull himself up
    in the right direction.
  3. The baby is lying down again, give him your hand to grab, and the second
    support the heels so that the child’s feet rest on it.
    In the presence of support in the legs, the baby will be more comfortable to roll over with
    back on the tummy.
  4. Put the crumb on the flank, and themselves are located behind him, and
    create a support for the baby so that he does not turn back on his back.
    Put a toy in front of the child. This exercise also strengthens
    skill lying on your side.
  5. The kid is back on his side, you hold him by the shoulder and at the same time
    With your other hand, lead the pelvis in the direction of the coup. Then do
    on the contrary: fix the pelvis, and pull the shoulder and handle to the side
    coup. The purpose of the exercise is to stimulate desire.
    roll over

A photo:

ребенок на спине
ребенок перевернулся на бок
ребенок на боку
ребенок перевернулся со спины на живот
ребенок на животике

Упражнения для переворота с живота на спину:

  1. Baby is lying on his stomach, you are in the back. Hold in front of
    baby toy. Pull the baby’s right hand forward so that he
    able to reach for a toy and then slowly pull it over
    kid and left. The child will turn over for a toy.
  2. When the baby is lying on the tummy, bend the left leg and take it away.
    for the right. The kid will try to stand up on the handles and roll over with
    tummy back. If it does not work out – help, slightly pulling
    hand. Make sure that the crumb does not hit the head during a sharp
  3. Raise the baby lying on the tummy for a while so that
    he pushed his hands off the surface. This can be done from the 1st
    of the month.

Not forget to do the exercises on both sides and
the same number of times for even muscle development
apparatus on the right and left. Give each exercise up to 3 minutes,
a couple of times a day.

Training for coups video №2

The child will quickly begin to roll over and learn
other skills if in addition to gymnastics to carry out the following

  • массаж (укрепит мышцы, снимет физиологический
    tone, tones the nervous system);
  • пальчиковый массаж (положительное влияние на
    the whole body, especially thinking and speech skills);
  • плавание (укрепление суставов и мышц,
    forms on the posture, the development of the vestibular apparatus, beneficial
    effect on emotional background, immunity stimulation);
  • закаливание (укрепляет иммунитет, можно
    carry out in parallel with the gym or massage. ABOUT
  • фитбол – прекрасный тренажер для всего
    muscle apparatus. Such gymnastics is based on reflex
    movement of the baby. You can start to engage in 2 weeks. Exists
    whole fitball exercise system that includes exercises for
    Rollover Skill Development. ABOUT фитболе >>>

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