Teach the child to order in the house, or howraise an assistant

By ignoring the child’s request to collect toys, you can
hear the words:

– Well, bummer! All in dad … Yes, genes are not a finger
crush it.

Parents often shift failures in raising a child to
the nature of the baby and blame the “poor quality” genes. What are these genes and
why are they to blame? And maybe it’s different?

The child is not an adult! Due to imperfect psyche and undeveloped
Willpower children require a special approach. Trick and small
tricks can do better than orders,
reproaches and punishments. Итак, как приучить ребенка к порядку в

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  • 1 8 commandments for parents
  • 2 Teach order
    • 2.1 Tricky ways for the little lazy
  • 3 Educate assistant
    • 3.1 10 steps how to teach a child to order
    • 3.2 Parents note!
  • 4 How to teach your child to do homework
  • 5 Психолог Дмитрий Карпачев

how приучить ребенка к порядку

8 commandments for parents

No tricks and methods will help to accustom to order.
little slut if adults don’t follow the following

  1. Required: Show a personal example.
    Small children love to imitate adults. Parents for them sample
    behavior. It’s impossible to teach a child to clean things behind them if
    mom and dad themselves do not maintain order. To instill baby
    habit, it must first be brought up in the parents.
  2. Be consistent. Do not concessions.
    Regretting the child, and allowing him one, another time not to remove for
    himself, he will understand that mother can be persuaded. And such
    persuasion agreements will become the norm: “And then can you?”, “Let’s remove
  3. Do not forget to praise. Praise is a powerful incentive.
    It is quite difficult to inculcate habit without it Sometimes it costs only
    thank the baby so that he has a strong desire
    �”to help”.
  4. Educate regularly. Can not be fixed
    habit, doing this on a case by case basis. The child does not understand
    why yesterday it was possible, but today it is already impossible. In other words – not
    be lazy! Teach your baby to order daily.
  5. Never: Do not force and do not punish
    Violent methods to cultivate the habit
    is impossible. It is formed voluntarily. Forcing and
    obliging to clean the house, you will repel any desire of the child
    to help.
  6. Do not do for him. Baby should not see
    that others can clean the room instead. Otherwise he will understand
    what to do yourself is optional. Even when the pussy is tired or sick,
    it is better to postpone cleaning, but in no case do not clean instead
  7. Do not shout at the child. No need to make of it
    neurasthenic. Screams and scandals are unlikely to achieve positive
    effect. The child will become afraid and clean up the room with you. But how
    only parents beyond the threshold – things will “decompose” where
  8. Do not criticize or scold for failure. Kid
    I tried, I wanted to help … It happens to everyone … Support the little one.
    Say what another time will definitely work out. It is impossible for him
    disappointed. Otherwise, the next time will refuse in every way
    to help.

Teach order

ребенок помогает по дому

Most often parents are disturbed by the mess in the baby’s room. Only
bring order, after 30 minutes it was gone. But on this
the mess does not end. After winning children’s arrogant toys
begin to occupy other rooms. Say “STOP!” Lawlessness,

Tricky ways for the little lazy

Toys, it’s time to go home.

Build houses for toys and children’s objects. Desirable
to dwellings were bright and colorful. Kidу будет гораздо
It is more interesting to send toys home than direct “serious”
order in the room.

Machines can be made of cardboard garage. Glue it color
paper, cut the gate and come up with a sign. Puppet convenient to clean
in the house-wardrobe, where the shelves are cots. Sew there dolls
pillows and blankets. Outside the door of the locker, too, need to transform:
to draw a window and a roof, clouds, the sun.

Small items practical to store in boxes, houses. Glue
motley paper, label windows and make cardboard
triangular roof.

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Let’s play.

  1. Option 1. “Who is faster?”. Such entertainment will not refuse
    not a single child. Offer your baby a competition. By command
    an adult and a child collect scattered toys in boxes. Who
    quicker to collect – he won.
  2. Option 2, “decompose correctly!”. The meaning of the game to sort
    items on one basis. For example, in one box are soft
    toys, in the other – solid, small – large, wooden –
    metallic, red – blue, etc.

ребенок с пылесосом

Fabulous cleaning.

To bring order to the room will help characters from fairy tales.
Suggest the child to reincarnate in a fabulous hero. Girl,
wearing wings, turns into a fairy of order or a children’s sorceress
rooms A boy can become a cleaning robot or with the help of
toys (rocket police officer, assistant truck) to carry
subjects in places. Playfully baby with pleasure will clean in the nursery
and put things in order in my mother’s bedroom, in the living room and in other

A train. Adult – dispatcher.

He coordinates the actions of the baby. The child portrays the train,
which the drives around the room and listens attentively to what he says
dispatcher To the words “Robot Station” (dolls, trucks,
cubes) baby collects named objects and takes them to places.
Thus cleans the entire room.

Announced general cleaning!

Going to bring a cardinal order in the apartment, do not forget
about the baby. All tenants take part! Solemnly announce
the beginning of the event. Distribute the amount of work and turn on energetic
music Even more interesting if for each cleaning the participants will
accumulate points and then exchange them for a prize. Pre
Agree on how many points you need to collect.

The history of toys.

Finding once again scattered toys, hide the most
favorite ones After some time, the child will notice the loss. Tell that
the story of a fairy-tale country where toys live
offended, forgotten, not cleaned in the houses. Now his favorites are gone
there to look for a new home. You can write them a letter, ask
return. However, you need to promise, henceforth, to remove them on your

Educate assistant

  • Little “Pomogayka.” Attach your baby to
    any feasible job for him daily. Going to the store,
    grab the bag and for the child. Will help carry purchases. Ask for
    bring a bag, wash a cup, a toy. Wet rag, let
    wipes dust from accessible places. Together vacuum the carpet.
    Thank little helper, and in any case not
    redo work child in his presence. Otherwise he will think
    that mom did not like, disappointed and in the future will not
    to help;
  • A little duty. Come up for crumbs
    small but constant task. For example, I will change the watering bottle
    feed the hamster or make sure that there is no dust in certain
    places. Depending on age, it may hang small
    things after washing, lay out products arriving from the store or
    вымытые ложки и кастрюли на places. Duty raises in children
    responsibility and makes you feel necessary and useful;
  • Ritual. Great way to keep order in
    room – this is to introduce custom. For example, before you go
    for a walk, lunch or go to bed – the baby needs to tidy up
    the room. First, the ritual is supported by the parents and the child. With time
    adult care is reduced, and the cleaning ceremony is fully transmitted
    the youngest member of the family. He gets used and after a while
    independently brings order, it is necessary only to remind him that soon
    for a walk, or lunch is ready.

10 steps how to teach a child to order

Parents note!

  • Teach from an early age. The smaller
    child, the easier it is to fix the habit. Kid привыкает убирать за
    by myself. Order in the room for him becomes the norm. It will protect
    you in the future from the unnecessary: ​​”I do not want”, “tired”, “later”;
  • On the positive. Turning to the child, turn on
    bright positive emotions. Children get a good mood, and
    then it is easier to negotiate with them. The work will go faster, more fun and
    more interesting;
  • Choose the right time. Make a mess
    the room is much easier than to fix it. Tired, sleepy
    the child is not an assistant. Take time to clean before baby
    tired or wants to sleep;
  • Keep your baby’s interest. In other words,
    do not discourage the young assistant’s aspirations from an early age. how
    You can often hear: “Do not touch! You’re still small! “,” Put on
    a place. I’ll clean it myself! ” It is from these words that desire begins to fade.
    ребенка to help. Let him be small, clumsy, no matter what he pours …
    Help him, support, but do not prohibit!
  • Teach gradually. Attracting baby to
    cleaning, do not overdo it. Children should not be overworked. Until
    the child is small, his parents help him. The older child, the less
    participation of adults;
  • Do not demand and do not wait for the perfect cleaning.
    It is impossible to immediately learn to quickly and accurately clean. To
    to hone their skills, the child needs time and practice. At first
    pores enough that the baby just lay things in places.
    Gradually learn to fold neatly, arrange nicely;
  • Do not accustom to reward. Otherwise
    future, even for a small job, you will be required to pay.
    Sweetie or cartoon as a reward can be
    exceptional cases. Reward for cleaning up the room
    should become praise.

Kidам нравится копировать и помогать взрослым. Need to
just in time to notice their aspirations and support

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how приучить ребенка к домашней работе

Психолог Дмитрий Карпачев

how приучить ребенка убирать игрушки? Just want to say that
you will not like my answer. I will explain it, justify why so
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