Teach baby to swim and dive: how and whenbegin classes with newborns at home in the bath. Many videosinstructions

Most modern parents are addicted to early
developmental techniques, including training newborns
children swimming. What is this – fashionable hobby or necessary
condition for the harmonious development of the baby? Is it necessary to teach
babies swim, when to start and how to do it, so as not to
harm children’s health? In our article we will try
answer these and other questions.

The content of the article

  • 1 How is swimming good for babies?
    • 1.1 Rules for swimming with babies
  • 2 How to conduct baby swimming lessons?
    • 2.1 Basic exercises in the bath
    • 2.2 Attention, diving!
  • 3 Contraindications to classes
  • 4 Video: Learn to dive | Basic rules and tips
  • 5 Подборка видео instructions по грудничковому плаванию
  • 6 Глазами мамы: Как научить малыша нырять и плавать

учим новороденного плавать

How is swimming good for babies?

From birth, children are already able to swim: they can delay
breathing underwater and happily splashing in the bathroom.
This is due to innate reflexes – before the baby is born.
in my mother’s belly was in a liquid medium. Approximately to
in three or four months, this innate reaction is fading away, and teaching the baby
stay afloat will have much later.

However, the essence of such activities with a newborn is not that
to make him a future Olympic champion. More often
pediatricians suggest that baby swimming brings
неоценимую пользу.

  1. Regular water treatments teach children to calmly relate to
    temperature drops. Thanks to hardening strengthens the immune system,
    which reduces the likelihood of colds, contributes to
    dynamic physical development and helps prevent
    various health problems.
  2. The result of systematic training is the formation of
    correct, beautiful posture, strong muscular corset for
    children’s spine.
  3. Water exercises are much more effective for improvement.
    motor system than massage and stroking. They strengthen or
    on the contrary, they relax the muscles of the back, arms, legs and neck. By the way
    young swimmers earlier begin to crawl, get up on their feet and
    (что умеет ребенок в 1 год).
  4. ATо время купания, когда у ребенка немного затруднено
    breathing and the body lacks oxygen, children’s body
    additionally allocates red blood cells (red blood cells), which
    promotes the growth of hemoglobin levels.
  5. Плавание и ныряние положительно воздействует на
    lungs and cardiovascular system helps to stimulate
    blood supply to the organs and normalize blood pressure.
  6. When a child dives, flowing water clears the maxillaries
    sinus And this is the prevention of rhinitis in the newborn. Also
    the children’s spout is washed, all bacteria and dust particles are removed
    and possible allergens.
  7. In the water, the child calms down, gets rid of fears. Also
    water treatments strengthen the bond between mother and baby, giving
    time baby swimming, you can better understand the language
    his body and gestures that will allow you to quickly find mutual understanding
    with her baby
  8. Ребенок, наученный с рождения плавать, не будет бояться
    open reservoirs.

Another undoubted advantage – many kids, swim and
having dived, they quickly fall asleep and do not disturb the young mom almost all
night. What, you see, is important!


Ознакомьтесь со статьей: что делать если
ребенок боится купаться в ванной и полезная статья
how to bathe newborns

Swimming rules with the baby

правила грудничкового плавания

Teaching a newborn to swim will not amount to a special
labor, if you follow the basic recommendations.

Optimal age

Begin training should be from three to four weeks. First, to
this moment heals the umbilical wound. Secondly, the child
gaining weight, gradually adapting to the new reality.
Finally, infant reflexes (swimming and breathing) are not yet
faded out.

Bath preparation

All procedures should be carried out in the usual for the crumbs.
setting. Wash your bath before normal diving.
soap, and once a week wash it with soda, not forgetting carefully
rinse. Be careful with the solution of potassium permanganate and herbal
decoctions – the child can swallow liquid. After receiving
basic swimming skills you can go to more
professional lessons in the pool.

Water temperature

Perform first exercises at an average temperature of 35 ° C.
Little by little it can be reduced, but remember – to little children up to three
months you can not swim in the water, whose temperature is below 32 ° C. To
create ideal conditions, watch out for childish behavior:

  • if the baby cries when diving for a few minutes,
    the water is too cold for him;
  • if he whimpers first and then falls silent and actively
    floundering hands and feet, you picked the best
  • if it is too relaxed and passive, the bath is too

ПОДРОБНО: Оптимальная температура воды для
bathing newborn baby

While bathing, water gradually cools down but take your time
bring it to its original temperature. This is what
the meaning of the procedure is the hardening of babies.

How to conduct classes on baby swimming?

Water procedures should be performed approximately one hour after
food intake: the baby was not hungry yet, and the milk had already been digested.
Another important point – only deal with children who have slept.
in order to avoid tears and whims.

It is enough to bend over the bath while holding the baby in the water
hard – and goes back and shoulders. Try doing it while sitting
on the chair. The floor in the bathroom must cover with rubber
rug, so it was not so slippery. Take clean with you
diaper – with it you can wipe the newborn after the swim. AT
she can also wrap the baby before bringing it in
the nursery. ATпрочем, если в квартире нет сквозняков, врачи рекомендуют
a little wet skin crumbs, not wiping dry, and take it to
crib naked. This is another effective method of tempering.

So, everything is ready for bathing – the bath is filled with a little warm
little water, and your child is in a great mood. Touch it first
his hand to the water surface, then immerse in her feet
baby Lower the crumbs vertically, without stopping talking
in a confident, calm voice.

AT грудничковом плавании применяют два вида поддержек: под
chin and under the head. AT первом случае младенец лежит на воде
belly down, and you hold his head so that the children
chin was on your palm. In the second variant, the child
lies on his back, and you pick up his head by the back of his head.
Try both positions and choose the one that pleases your child




Basic exercises in the bath

(в конце статьи много видео instructions о том какие
Exercises can be done with a newborn in the bath)

If you think that water treatments at home –
uninteresting event, then you are mistaken. Of course, in infants
will not be able to perform complex somersaults under the guidance of
instructor, but a few simple manipulations you can spend
on their own.


Совет: Для собственного успокоения
get an inflatable “rescue” circle or cap with foam.
They look pretty nice and help the baby to be
on the surface of the water, even without mom’s support.


  • Shocks and turns

Bring the baby’s feet to the walls of the bath. Feeling the support, he
will start from the side and try to swim. On this
stage, your help is minimal – you just need to support the crumbs,
which will turn from back to tummy.

  • Splashing

The child is lying on his stomach, completely immersed in some water, and you
Hold his head by the chin. Show him how unusual
look like scattering circles if a little
splash around.

  • �”We are sailing behind the ship”

Starting position, as in the previous lesson. Place in front of
a tiny toy for swimming and try to get it, speaking at
this: “Look, our boat is floating. Let’s catch her up. ”
It is necessary to gradually increase the speed and length of the “distance”.

  • «ATосьмерка»

When the baby learns to move in a straight line, try
go to the next lesson. It can be performed on the back and on
tummy �“Draw” the child number 8, individually selecting
the speed of the job.

плавание восьмерка

  • �”Swing”

Turn the baby over on the belly, holding the head by the back of the head and
chin so that it stays above the water. Imitate swimming
back and forth and up-down (plunging and lifting), making smooth

ATнимание, ныряем!

Perhaps the most difficult element of infant swimming is
diving. And it is not complicated for children, but for parents because of fear,
that their beloved child choke. However, a child from birth
able to hold his breath, he only needs to remind about it.

ребенок ныряет

Before dipping the baby with his head, you should prepare.
Say the key word “We dive!” And blow the baby in the face. is he
immediately close your eyes and hold your breath. Repeat exercise 10

Then the task is a bit more complicated: after the stipulated phrase
It is necessary to blow and splash on the face with water. Have you mastered this stage?
Go, in fact, to complete immersion. Try to do
first dives when your little swimmer is in good
mood and had a little swim. Say a friend
command and lower it not very deep for a couple of seconds. Later time
dives can be increased to five to six seconds.

Contraindications to classes

Before starting a systematic water treatment
consult with your pediatrician. is he объяснит, подходит ли
This occupation for your offspring, and will reveal possible restrictions.
Swimming is contraindicated in the following deviations in health:

  • disorders of the musculoskeletal system, which require
    limb fixation;
  • congenital heart disease;
  • purulent dermatitis;
  • colds and viral diseases (after the course of treatment you can
    to swim);
  • neurological disorders that are accompanied by

Remember that you can not insist and force children to swim,
swim and dive especially. Such efforts will not add crumbs
health, on the contrary, will lead to psychological problems.

So baby swimming is extremely exciting and extremely
useful event. The child is immersed in the familiar to him.
environment, develops the muscular system, strengthens the immune system and learns
the world. Kids who started swimming from the first days of life
better adapted to the conditions of kindergarten and school. Is not it
good reason to go swimming with your child?

ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: Обзор популярных
methods of early child development with video consultations and

— http://razvitie-krohi.ru/razvitie-rebenka-do-goda/metodiki-rannego-razvitiya-detey.html

P.S. You can search the Internet for two books.
авторов Никиты Янущанец и З.П. Firsov “Swim earlier,
than to walk “and download for free.

ATидео: Учимся нырять | Basic rules and tips

Подборка видео instructions по грудничковому плаванию

Глазами мамы: Как научить малыша нырять и плавать

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