Taste of bitterness in the mouth – causes, treatment

Update: December 2018

The taste of bitterness in the mouth bothers so many people, especially with
age when a person has already formed several chronic
diseases. In most cases, this symptom accompanies
chronic diseases of the liver, gallbladder, bile ducts.
It is necessary to carefully consider this unpleasant feeling
if the person begins to constantly bother the bitterness in the mouth.

The cause should first be sought in the pathological
changes in the organs of the gastrointestinal tract – from the oral cavity
to the intestines, since other causes of bitterness in
mouth usually short-term, occur after taking any
drugs or fatty, smoked food. ABOUT
that can cause bitterness in the mouth, the reasons for its appearance, we
will tell in this article.

When and how often does bitterness occur in the mouth?

ABOUTт того когда появляется горечь во рту можно предположить, чем
This symptom is caused by:

  • Bitterness in the mouth in the morning – the reason most likely lies in the problems
    with liver and gall bladder.
  • Bitterness in the mouth during exertion – if it is also
    accompanied by heaviness in the right side, maybe a bell
    liver diseases.
  • Bitterness appears after any meal – disease
    stomach, duodenum, gallbladder, some
    liver pathology.
  • Bitterness in mouth only after drinking too heavy, oily
    food, after overeating – diseases of the gallbladder, biliary
    ducts, liver.
  • Constant bitterness in the mouth – a possible cause is
    cancer of the gastrointestinal tract,
    gallstone disease, cholecystitis, endocrine or mental
  • Short-term bitterness in the mouth – during a stressful situation
    or the use of drugs that affect
    liver and digestive tract.
  • Bitterness in mouth appears the day after consuming
    pine nuts from China and lasts for several more days

These are rancid, non-quality, processed nuts that
shipped to Russia from China, their use is simply dangerous for

Правда о кедровых орешках – по свойствам они не являются
choleretic, then why the use of Chinese nuts causes
bitterness in the mouth and heartburn?

ABOUTчищенные кедровые орехи, повсеместно продаются в России как
domestic, in fact it is artificially grown in China
nuts have a bitter rancid taste. After using them
almost everyone experiences mild nausea, bitterness in the mouth, pain in the liver.
Of course, these symptoms disappear in 2-3 days, but intoxication and
signs of a little poisoning make you think that this
products are dangerous to health, natural freshly cleaned cedar
Nuts are not choleretic, do not show aggressive
последствий для health Then what is the cause of toxic action
of this product, which is freely sold on our counters

  • Chinese pine nuts have a very low purchase price, and
    Russian suppliers are willing to purchase them, then selling them as
  • ABOUTчищенные орехи, тем более кедровые, нельзя хранить более 1
    months, and on the packaging of peeled nuts it is written that to store them
    possible within 6 months. The bitterness that may appear in
    nuts as a result of such long-term storage is the oxidation
    fat, rancid, which causes an increased load on the gall
    bladder, liver, pancreas. Все  виды орехов
    susceptible to such oxidation, but to varying degrees, hazelnuts are the most
    стойкий, а кедровые орехи – самые слабые, окисляются очень
  • Еще одно условие – хранить орехи следует в заводской упаковке,
    in a dry place, at a temperature not higher than 20C and humidity not higher
    70%, away from substances that emit strong odors. These conditions
    unrealistic to perform with export shipments from China.
  • Moreover, they are used in China to kill
    dose of chemicals that, when consumed with a product other than a strong one
    bitterness in the mouth causes in children poisoning or allergic
  • In Belarus, Chinese pesticides have long been banned
    pine nuts, in Europe due to massive poisoning decreased its
    supplies, one Russia takes a toxic nutty blow on itself.
    A cheap nut is not only not useful, it is just dangerous for

После кедровых орехов появилась горечь во рту – что

  • It is better not to use them at all, but if this happens, then
    drink as much liquid as possible. Bitterness in the cavity
    mouth increases, but passes faster, because
    liquid rather toxins, harmful chemical
  • Receiving cholagogue will only increase bitterness, therefore not
    пейте никаких лекарств, кроме сорбентов – Полисорб, Энтеросгель,
    Polyphepan, Smecta, Filtrum STI they will help in alleviating the symptoms
  • If within a few days after pine nuts do not
    проходит горечь во рту – причина может быть в том, что орешки
    exacerbated the existing problems with the digestive tract. To find out what it is
    disease, you should contact your gastroenterologist.Горечь во рту причины

Diseases a symptom of which is bitterness in the mouth

The first reason for the bitterness in the mouth should be sought in
нарушении функций желчного пузыря, поскольку горький привкус – это
The classic symptom of bile discharge into the esophagus. To determine
why this happens, you need to conduct a comprehensive study
and liver, and biliary tract, and duodenum, and

  • In diseases of the biliary tract and liver bitterness in the mouth
    is a very prominent symptom.

The liver in the body performs many important functions, one
из которых – выработка желчи, которая по желчным протокам достигает
gallbladder accumulates there, and when required enters the
duodenum. Due to various disabilities
liver, gallstones, motility disorders
желчевыводящих путей – происходит застой желчи. Crowded
the gall then dramatically throws out the bile, while from the sharp
contractions of the stomach and duodenum, the bile enters and
esophagus, and in the oral cavity, which causes bitterness.

  • Cholecystitis

when the gallbladder becomes inflamed, such
bitter taste in the mouth. In addition, with acute
a person’s cholecystitis is worried about pain in the right hypochondrium, vomiting
bile, dry mouth, fever, jaundice
skin integument. Иногда пациента может беспокоить диспепсия – понос
or constipation, thick yellow tongue on the tongue, insomnia, increased
irritability, metallic taste in the mouth.

  • Liver diseases

Any malfunction of the liver can affect the production of bile and
violations of its progress in the body. Not rarely increased load
the liver does not show any symptoms. And the absence of pain in
the area of ​​the liver, the lack of its increase, normal not icteric
цвет кожи – еще не указывает на то, что печень не перегружена и
copes with its functions. Since only in the case of her
increases, pain receptors give signals and a person starts it

  • Bitterness in the mouth for diseases of the stomach and intestines has only
    secondary importance

Most diseases of the gastrointestinal tract can
accompanied by a violation of the outflow of bile, because in the body all
interconnected. Therefore, with diseases of the stomach, gastritis, ulcers,
with diseases of the duodenum-duodenitis, with
inflammation of the colon or small intestine, with pancreatitis also in
smack FGS helps to identify a specific disease and
determines in which direction the treatment should be carried out.

Bitterness in the mouth, not related to diseases of the organs

Bitterness can occur with oral diseases. At any
inflammatory process in the mouth: dystrophic gum disease,
inflammation of the circulatory tissues, with unsuccessfully selected
metal or plastic crowns, prostheses, for violations
иннервации языка, при стоматите у взрослых и детей – возможно
the occurrence of bitterness in the mouth.

Hormonal disorders, diseases of the endocrine system, like
usually also causes a feeling of bitterness. When hyperthyroidism, when
the thyroid gland secretes an increased amount of secretion, and
on the contrary, when hypothyroidism, when it is not enough, also occurs
increased adrenaline and norepinephrine. Who in their
queue have an impact on muscle spasms of the biliary tract. This
the process leads to biliary dyskinesia, and as a result
to the appearance of a bitter taste.

Такое явление как нарушение вкусовых ощущений – дисгевзия –
appears in humans for some reason, and many
tastes are perceived as unpleasant, and most often bitter.


ABOUTтравления организма различными тяжелыми металлами – медью,
lead, mercury, with such intoxication may occur
bitter aftertaste.

After taking virtually any antibiotic, antihistamine
средств – таблеток от аллергии, противогрибковых препаратов в
tablets, any medications that affect the liver, as one of
possible side effects appear and taste bitterness, heartburn or
pain in the right hypochondrium. Even the use of natural
medicinal herbs or oils, can trigger such a symptom
for example, St. John’s wort, pine-forest uterus, sea buckthorn oil, etc.

Persons who smoke a lot, as well as those who are able to
chronic stress or depression suffer from various
unpleasant taste in the mouth.

Bitter mouth during pregnancy

During pregnancy in the body of a woman occur so much
strong changes, both hormonal and physiological, that
appearance of any unusual taste or other strange symptom
should be perceived as normal. 1 trimester increase
progesterone has a relaxing effect on the valve
separating the esophagus and stomach, so acid and bile can
penetrate the esophagus, causing taste bitterness, nausea, vomiting.

In the later stages of heartburn, bitter taste delivered to a woman
very strong discomfort, this is due to the growth of the fetus and its
pressure on the gallbladder, stomach, this symptom pursues
pregnant woman until the birth. To reduce the frequency and
the intensity of this unpleasant manifestation, the woman should
придерживаться определенной диеты – исключить жаренные и жирные
foods, coffee, sour and spicy foods should be eaten often and
little by little, avoid taking fluid during meals, and drink only in
breaks between meals.

Bitterness in the mouth

In all cases when bitterness occurs in the mouth, as
this is usually the bell of the start of organ malfunction
digestion. To самому человеку проверить свою печень, ее
состояние, можно провести такое незамысловатое исследование –
eat boiled beets, can be in a salad, it does not matter, but
after 20 minutes, drink a glass of liquid, water or tea. After that
how to go to the toilet, pay attention to the color of urine, if she
red color, this is due to its congestion or
even the presence of pathology in its functioning.

If bitterness haunts you for a long time,
regularly every morning for several days or weeks to
find out the reason, you should first contact the therapist, who
can refer you to a gastroenterologist, neurologist,
endocrinologist. To избавиться от горечи во рту, лечение должно
be prescribed only by a doctor taking into account the diagnosis.

In any case, if you follow the diet,
comply with the temporary mode of eating, do not abuse alcohol
and stop smoking, clear toxins from the intestines, try to be
stress-resistant, positive person, you can significantly improve
health status regardless of your diagnosis. Here is
several recommendations, maybe using them will help you
soften unpleasant symptoms, taste in mouth:

  • Flaxseed Kissel

If bitterness in the mouth after eating most often occurs, then
take kissel from flaxseed. To prepare it, take
1 tablespoon of seeds, pound them, pour 200 ml of boiling water on it,
cool and drink 0.5 glass in the evening and in the morning for 4-5

  • Sedatives, stress management

If bitterness arises against the background of stress, then it is advisable
take a variety of natural sedatives – infusion
valerian, motherwort, peony, etc.

  • Fruit and Chewing Gum

Not as a treatment for bitterness in the mouth, but simply to relieve
unpleasant taste can be chewed cloves, cinnamon. To reduce
the intensity of such an unpleasant taste can be when used
цитрусовых – лимонов, апельсинов, мандаринов, помела,

  • Freshly squeezed juices

ABOUTчень полезны свежевыжатые овощные соки – морковный,
картофельный, сок сельдерея, петрушки, а также фруктовые –
orange, tangerine, it is important that the juices are natural,
just squeezed. It increases salivation and is beneficial.
affects the general condition as it is high
fortified natural products.

  • ABOUTбильное питье

ABOUTбильное питье даже простой чистой воды способствует лучшему
cleanse the body of toxins, toxins that load the liver and
the whole body should drink at least 2 to 2.5 liters of water or
напитков ежедневно – отваров мяты, шиповника, калины,

  • ABOUTчищение организма

Важное условие для снижения горечи во рту – очищение организма,
in particular the intestines, for this you can use different
enterosorbents, as well as to prevent the occurrence of constipation, to monitor
ensuring that there is a regular chair. This is possible with the right

  • Diet food

Try to avoid eating fried, fatty foods,
smoked products, store semi-finished products, stuffed with chemicalized
products, limit the use of sweets, confectionery,
бобовых, не кушайте на ночь, это нагружает органы digestion и
leads to stagnation of food. Eat often and slowly, better for breakfast
all there is a banal rolled oats or buckwheat porridge, in the daily ration
there should be enough vegetables, fruits, preferably local, not
import, and also sour-milk products, grain bread.

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