Tanning causes skin cancer, 5 sunburnsskin increases skin cancer risk by 80%

Update: February 2019

If a person aged 15-20 years has received multiple solar
burns (more than 5), in his later life the risk of cancer
skin increases by 80%. Такой результат был получен в ходе
a study conducted by american dermatologists in which
About 110 thousand American women participated.

The fact that in recent decades, tan is considered harmful
most and even that abuse is fraught with development
dangerous skin cancer too many people know. But how tall is such
risk, were able to establish the American scientists of Rhode Island Clinic and
Brown University, studying this issue for 20 years. AT
the study involved light-skinned women, fair-haired,
redheads, with a large number of moles, with sensitive

AT течение 20 лет участницы исследования каждые 2 года записывали
in spec. questionnaire all the facts of your tan and getting solar
burns (as highly susceptible to this). AT него записывалось
the manifestation and degree of burn – just redness, burns, blisters, and
also other features of your lifestyle – visiting the solarium,
smoking, alcohol abuse, diabetes mellitus or
obesity, etc.

Загар причина рака кожиThe risk of developing melanoma (causes,
symptoms) is largely determined on the basis of age, skin phototype,
human lifestyle.


For example, the development of melanoma is greatly influenced by
the fact that a person is prone to completeness loves and abuses
sunbathing or solarium.

After examining all the questionnaires and comparing the data, medical experts
made the following conclusions that women with fair skin, large
number of moles and sensitive skin risk of melanoma is 20 times
higher than that of African-American women.

And also found that in the presence of more than 5 episodes of solar
burns in adolescence, risk of squamous cell carcinoma
skin and basal cell carcinoma is increased by 68%, and by 80%
increases the risk of melanoma.

Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer, rapidly
developing and having a very poor prognosis, high
mortality rate. Moreover, although the study included only
women (as lovers of tanning beds and a beautiful tan), such
statistics are disappointing and for men because skin cancer
equally often affects both men and women (see signs and
symptoms of skin cancer).

Forecast for 2014 for the diagnosis of skin cancer in the United States
next cancer society – will be diagnosed with cancer
у 76 тысяч американцев и для 12,7% из них, то есть для 9,7
thousand people – this diagnosis will be fatal. Therefore parents
should be as careful as possible to protect the child from
sunburn, use sunglasses, creams from
sunburn with SPF marking and index РРD, it would be ideal
refuse to deliberately get a tan, try to avoid
direct sunlight.

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